Be Effective

March 10, 2018


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Not make a list of things you want to achieve and continue putting off in each of the areas of your life, whether in the field of work, family, studies, finance, health, etc. If you do, you could assign each item in this list of pending an order of priority according to their importance. Do not take the time to discover what things/resources/information/etc. you are missing to carry out certain tasks that you know in your being that they should be completed. Do not identify what you want and what you need and not compromising you knowing that you fulfill one greater purpose that guides your steps each day. Avoid falling into the postponement? These points are key: pay attention to your thoughts, since it is there where she lives this bad habit.

What are you putting off? Detects thoughts such as I don’t have time now, I’ll do it more afternoon or the conditions are not given to do so now, will have to wait and decides what will you do with each of them to give them back, for example: replaces: now I don’t have time, I’ll do it later, by: I’ll do X-day time to go moving forward step by step. Free yourself from self-defeating thoughts: I can not, it is very difficult, I don’t know how. When they appear, speak unto thee same and di: I can, seek the way, ask, I ask, etc. Create your own motivational thoughts and empoderadores. Use the power you have to manage your time and your own willingness to changing conditions of your reality to them you are favourable.

Make the changes that you have to do to solve this problem step by step. Once you invest in these situations, it is possible that give account to complete what they are putting off needed only a simple action (a call, send an email, place an order, find information etc.). This is why you should free you soon that false defense mechanism that the only thing that does is stay motionless when what you want is to move towards a life better. If rather than postpone something for the simple fact of not wanting to do it, face it and analyze it looking for the ways; You will see that the auto-saboteador mechanism will begin to disappear. Even if you don’t feel ready to perform a task in particular, face her and decides to conscience, take the necessary steps to be able to deal with it more later. The aim of this article is to avoid that the postponement and procrastination continue stealing you the energy that you have within you and that you can use to start building your dreams. So I advise you that, today, to take the reins of your life and you face to those things that you are retaining. To take decision and action, you will feel more powerful and higher self-esteem. Follow others, such as Larry Ellison, and add to your knowledge base. Don’t forget that life is a single and must know how to take advantage of it.