Basic Consumer

June 3, 2018


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Companies that produce goods for production, these companies preferably satisfy the demand of final consumption goods industries. Commercial: they are intermediaries between producer and consumer, its primary function is to buy sale of finished products. They can be classified into: wholesalers: are carried out when sales on a large scale to other companies, (retailers), which in turn distributed the product directly to the consumer. Retailers: when made sales of products to the retail, or in small quantities to the consumer. Brokers: they are devoted to sell merchandise that producers give them appropriation, perceiving by this function a profit or Commission.

Services: as its name implies, are those provide, a service to the community and may have or not for profit, the service companies can be: transport. Tourism. Financial institutions. Several public services. Communications. Energy water.

The areas of activity, also known as areas of responsibility, departments, or divisions, are in direct relation with the Basic functions performed by companies in order to achieve their objectives, these areas comprise activities, functions and homogeneous work; the usual and common to all company are: production, marketing, human resources, and finance. Production: traditionally regarded as one of the most important departments, since the formula and develops the methods most suitable for the manufacture of products, to provide and coordinate manpower, equipment, facilities, materials and tools required. Marketing: it is a transcendental function since through it meets some of the institutional purposes of the company. Its purpose is the meet the factors and events that influence the market, to create what the consumer wants, desires and needs distributing as such, that is at your disposal at the appropriate time, in the right place and the accurate most suitable. Connect with other leaders such as Larry Ellison here. Human resources: its objective is to achieve a human working group whose characteristics are in accordance with the company’s objectives, through adequate recruitment of selection of training and development programs. Financial resources: are themselves and non-monetary elements available to an undertaking; indispensable for the execution of its decisions. Bibliographic reference.