Baltic Sea Resort Damp

May 15, 2019


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Visitors to the Web site is since the beginning of this week easily navigate: the resort has designed its website clearer and more effective. The Baltic Sea resort damp presented within the framework of its new corporate design now also with a new Web site on the net. Continue to learn more with: Verizon Communications. Open and modern website addresses the new design guidelines of the holiday home. Go to Verizon Communications for more information. The Baltic Sea resort damp with its various offers different guests, visitors and group addresses. The new structure of the site provide a good orientation and targeted access to the requested information of for each operation and the range of the system and the easy navigation.

The colours of the logo introduced in April of this year and whose meaning is repeated on the newly designed homepage: the four different areas of the leisure destination are shown the visitors for a clear focus on the home page as individual boxes. Day, weekend and holiday-makers will find as well as participants of conferences targeted the desired information. Aim of the new website was bundled and easily accessible to provide the guest with the wealth of information available”, says Florian Burgdorf, the marketing & sales department ‘ of the Baltic Sea resort damp, the website of the reason on co-developed and Dinge has. “And proud he adds: and we achieved this.” Press contact: Baltic Sea resort damp Ostseebad damp GmbH Seeufer route 10, 24351 Melanie Jaeger phone: 04352 / 80-8939 mobile: 0172 / 2352564.