Balearic Credit

January 12, 2014


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The banco de credito balear is a subsidiaries registered in bag by the popular Bank Group, which is a set of banks formed among others by the above mentioned Bank of Balearic credit, Spanish banco popular, banco de Andalucia, banco de castilla, banco de Galicia, banco de vasconia, banco popular hipotecario, so this set of entities Bank comprise the grupo banco popular. Returning to the theme of the banco de credito balear, we should clarify that this Bank has not always had the denomination of banco de credito balear, this at the time of be founded had the name of Balearic credit, its founding took place on February 9, 1872, apparently the banco de credito balear took that name was awarded him in a start since this is found in the Balearic Islands, in 1874 the Balearic piggy bank step to integrate with the Balearic Islands Bank, merger with which the denomination of the Balearic piggy bank, simply is now called Balearic credit then, however still does not end the process of shaping what today is known as the banco de credito balear, already in 1893 and 95 merges with the Majorcan banks and Majorcan change respectively and after this merger in the year of 1967 has definitely taken the name of banco de credito balear, although in the community of the island of Balearic Islands is known as is credit, since then began to form close trade ties with banco popular group and at the end of the same decade step one gives the Group’s subsidiaries. The banco de credito balear is domiciled in Spain 1 Palma de Mallorca Spain plaza, and offer an excellent service to all financial aspects that you as a person or his company could require. Among its extensive portfolio of services we highlight the following: service of financing: the banco de credito balear provides different types of credits to rates of financing fairly low, compared with other banks in the financial sector, between different loans and grants the banco de credito balear we have: mortgage credit. Personal credit bonus. Permanent credit. Leasing Renting.

Financing of studies. Additionally, has the as required credit for free investment is that you can you allocate for what it deems pertinent – service of saving and investment. The banco de credito balear has a wide range of options for a suitable savings among these you have including the option of making savings in foreign currency (American dollars). Insurance service. The banco de credito balear offers all types of insurance for any type of risk, including the most common ones: life, health, home, auto, business, travel and payment protection. Multi-channel operation. The banco de credito balear multi-channel operation, is very complete offering the coverage via the Internet through your Internet banking, the ability to communicate via telephone and make transactions swiftly and also offers mobile banking service to make transactions or check the movements through its mobile phone.