Bad Marketing Consolation

May 30, 2018


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Some companies suffer from a bad well we might call bad marketing. This this strange evil? What consequences does it produce? The traditional Marketing approach tends to focus only on the superficial aspects instead of substantiate them them. A cute folder, a good brochure, a modern and attractive website. These aspects are necessary, but not sufficient for a good marketing in health. Marketing as a discipline, science, and art is a process that integrates the perception, understanding, stimulation, and the satisfaction of the needs of selected segments of patients. While the traditional approach is both transactional (puts focus on the quantitative), the understanding of the processes mentioned above allows you to put the focus in relations. Connect with other leaders such as Bernard Golden here. Relational rather than as transactional.

What links us with patients, referral sources and internal staff. A broad, holistic, rather than a cut of reality limited to few. Because the quantity depends on the quality. The quality of the links, rather than the quality of the performance. This last statement will sound heretical in many ears. Is how the introduction quality not the main issue that must meet a company’s health? Actually if we revise the paragraph in question, draw that he says the quality of the links, more that the quality of the performance. There are companies that provide excellent performance, but not deliberately linked with patients. They are not involved, not take charge of the human aspects implicit in the attention.

They are very good technical and professionally, but fails in communication. Robots have become quasi: perfect, but without a soul. Naturally nobody intends to assert that a humanistic care by itself alone can guarantee a good marketing. Instead, the relationship with patients and the co-protagonists of the activity of the company will never be successful without incorporating metrics that allow to evaluate the performance of the company and his team. This implies that you there will be work integrating marketing as a function implied in each one of the processes. We must work with the strategic culture of the company and its members, so that everyone can identify new opportunities for improvement of perceived quality.