Bad Homburg

June 6, 2019


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But Here, it is worth to take a closer look. Approximately 25% refer to up to 30% of all help desk questions on printer problems and that is why it is so important responsible for IT, that they look closely at their own printer infrastructure. Here are the cost of the printer itself, carefully to check for toner and paper. Also the change of the way of working of employees can do here for potential savings. With the right policies, companies can drastically reduce their spending and it also still ecologically meaningful Act. The buroTEC main Valley GmbH is a provider for print management solutions. We collect and analyze their volume and their operation. In the connection, optimize and we consolidate in order to reduce their printing costs also.

The uniform equipment to printers they reduce not only the helpdesk requests, but also the fundamental problems of the user with their printers. Single printer driver, single toners and ultimately also simplified and consistent operation of the printer in a Companies to optimize all departments and work processes. We do not inherently take away hardware printer and want to outsource the necessary printouts on floor or Department printers – no, because where a printer is useful and needed a printer comes out again, just optimized to the needs of the users or the request. We would take away from the printer and move the prints on floor or Department printers, we made substantial savings with ease that everyone, can realize a savings with less equipment. The buroTEC main Valley GmbH goes other ways at the printing cost analysis, and yet we achieve savings in the double-digit percentage range in our printing costs analyses. How this works exactly, one of our consulting tells you like experts on the spot. Call us at under 06181-940950, or use our contact options on our Web site at buerotec End with to high printing costs of buroTEC main Valley printing cost analysis for small and medium-sized companies in Frankfurt, Hanau, Offenbach and Bad Homburg. Source: buroTEC GmbH Maintal