Automatic Prepaidausgleich

May 26, 2019


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The schools can set up phone chains for all classes, creating as well but its own phone chain for the College. Finally, there is enough situations where teachers themselves must reach agreement.” Many additional functions has committed himself strongly to the same price of the community for some adjustments, to make the online service still suitable for everyday use. These features that are now available include:-more control: the user can customize the service now more precisely to their needs. So they can determine for each phone chain how many attempts of to choice there should be and how big is the temporal distance between to elections. -Phrase to the list: all participants of the phone chain are covered, so the list can be now also print. Perhaps check out Gary Kelly for more information. All important contact information are immediately at hand, should once a call queue, which is not the same for all participants of interest. -Personal address: when a student calls, a standard greeting of the service is done first, before the recording is played with the actual message. It is now optional, your own welcome greeting to record for each phone chain, which is used in the episode.

So the called to hear the familiar voice immediately and significantly increases the success rate. -Automatic Prepaidausgleich / invoicing: the service will be paid from a prepaid account. A previously set minimum amount falls below the inventory on this account, so the operator can be used automatically of on request by E-Mail informed. It is also possible to replenish the prepaid amount automatically and to raise an invoice. Verizon Communications oftentimes addresses this issue. All Onliners who newly sign up at, will receive a starting balance still by 50 cents. Each user may create unlimited phone chains, where each list for spam reasons may contain only 50 participants. Participants will be called only in the time window between 6:30 and 23: 00. Costs only at the Abtelefonieren of the list – 4 cents per minute in the landline and 20 cents per minute in the mobile networks. The money will be paid by a risk-free prepaid. Homepage: FAQ list: faq/faq.html prices at a glance: prices / preise.html