Attracting Bio – Fair Clothing Of German Companies

March 15, 2019


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The trend to fair and organic clothing long ago organic products are no longer a rarity in the supermarket and slowly spilling over this wave in the clothing market. Some trend studies indicate, that environmentally-friendly and ethical criteria, as well as more equitable production and trading conditions increasingly will affect the purchasing decisions of consumers in the future. This concerns in particular the clothing market, as more and more consumers respond to the inhumane conditions under which most of our clothing is manufactured today. Because harmful chemicals, deadly pesticides and exploitative child labor are unfortunately no exceptions, but the sad rule in the textile industry. That on the cotton on which 25% of the world’s insecticides and 11% of all pesticides used and hears in illegal sweatshops absorbs, in which so-called “informally employed” seamstresses in the half dark and without adequate ventilation up to 14 hours a day the haze of highly toxic Pesticides and chemicals are exposed. Meanwhile, there are also German companies that offer a serious alternative to this. In cultivation is any use of pesticides, insecticides, gene-manipulated seeds and synthetic fertilizers is prohibited and in processing foregone on AZO dyes and heavy metals colors.

No child labour takes place in the entire textile chain, employees are paid fairly, work to secure machines and have the freedom to form trade unions. To meet these demands, these companies work exclusively with suppliers and producers, which extensively for biological and fair production are certified and controlled transparently and regularly by accredited agencies. Runs the certification mode from the bottom upwards, so, any supplier or any intermediary must present the certificates of his subcontractors, or the previous stage, it is possible to keep the entire supply chain from the production to the delivery in the eye. As a result Customers will enjoy not only the ecological and fair clothing, but also cotton farmers and textile workers, who now get a fair reward for their work.