ARGENTINA: The Criminalization Of Communications

December 28, 2017


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THE CONVERGENCE OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS OR THE JUDGE MAY MARSHALL victimization can not become the institute of “amicus curiae” of what is holding some considerations unilaterally as protected – temporarily, thankfully – in some courts. Where technology is imposed requiring protection which does not kill or hurt and that. People essentially like and buy .- This reality, which has attended the construction of the basement of the essential concept of profit as a business teaching institute in the world and what the traffic law in this matter continues and involves coexisting – even at the pushing – with the efforts of enforcing other rights, but the issue of so-called Convergence in Telecommunications is claiming an effort to return to some sources .- In the contemporary legal doctrine-we all remember – called “power police “to the legislative authority to regulate the extent and limits of individual rights enshrined expressly or implicitly recognized in the Constitution of a State .- The term (“police power”) is a creation of American jurisprudence and was employed for the first time in 1837 by Judge Marshall, president of the Supreme Court of the United States. UU. In North America in the Brown case v / Maryland “to refer to the power for the legislature to regulate, in each case, the scope of individual rights .- The subsequent case law has further clarified (with the onset of then Fourteenth Amendment) the concept that now seems is to be repealed, and has been sustained even to our current legislation that the first concept can not be limited and promoted extended to all the regulations designed to promote the prosperity, health, and security of the people .- This concept has been extended so-called “broad and planary approach” and is currently prevails in the enforcement of derehos and guarantees, finding an echo in our Constitution in Article 14 that has enshrined the exercise of rights subordinating the laws regulating regulate the exercise and also with the latest legal axiology constitutional reform has been nurtured with international treaties, including the denominator is the International Radio Regulations of the International Telecommunication Union. – That Regulation, complements the National Radio Regulations, in force since 1933.