April 29, 2020


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Quality of the energy worker of Archimedes Bad Oeynhausen is continuously certified since 2007. The Archimedes facility management GmbH, Bad Oeynhausen, Germany carries the international seal of quality the ISO 9001 standard since the beginning of the year 2007 and was recertified in June successfully. TuV Rheinland audited the service company for the second time and had no objections. Important for the company, because particularly in the sectors of real estate and technical services is increasing the importance of professional quality and care. For assistance, try visiting David Fowler. For service providers who are responsible for the important and sensitive secondary processes such as emergency power supply, the air conditioning in the server farm, or the cleanliness of the showroom, a lived quality management is a basic requirement in the market”, explains Archimedes quality manager Olaf Hauck. About our quality we develop steadily us and our processes and of course our customers know that.” With the successful Completion of the final audit, which took place in early June, demonstrating the family business for seven years now its excellent quality and receives an official seal of the inspection company, which can be seen for example on brochures or stationery. Also succeeded Archimedes to minimize the difference between theory and practice and loose to create as the proverbial balancing act. “GF, executives and Q have a practical attitude to the QMS” TuV Rheinland certified lead auditor Michael Schott in his audit report. It also noted that the audited colleagues as very competent showed, therefore would like to thank the team Q for their professional commitment. Parallel to the audit still a postal survey to the Archimedes customer satisfaction was launched, the customers intensively, had worked on himself with a response rate of over 50%, a stake, which underlines the intensive quality management. The result was also clearly: Quality in the processes, clear communication and technical expertise or high care in the operational services are synonymous with satisfied customers. Only through the seal of quality, no orders are acquired”, explains Torsten Feld, quality manager at Archimedes, but maybe some customers feel just confirmed, after the partnership completed project or the first contract in deciding for us if they consciously perceive the seal. We certainly appreciate the successful audit and will not reduce our quality standards also for the next seven years.”