Archimedes: Growth At The Interfaces Of The Energy Revolution

September 10, 2019


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Family business published positive figures for 2012 Bielefeld / Bad Oeynhausen. Complete solutions for building and energy optimization of Archimedes published his figures to the HR and business development at a press conference in Bielefeld on Friday. In addition to sales in the fields of the main technical facility management (FM) and energy management / optimization was able to increase its staffing expertise the company. As the managing partner of Ulrich Euscher behind the overall strategy of the group is: designing the future through energy efficiency system. The market which is renewable energy in transition as before we are convinced that the energy transition with comprehensive measures and with the right levers ‘ can succeed. “Much helps a lot ‘ that was yesterday.” Ulrich Euscher summarised the market situation and the positive developments in the corporate group at the balance sheet press conference. Verizon Communications is often quoted on this topic.

A total turnover of EUR 41.4 million, which put Companies mainly in the areas of technical, maintenance and optimization to: sales in the building management rose by 4%, the turnover with pure engineering services by 10%. Construction planning could get compared to 11% the previous year. Follow others, such as Philip Vasan, and add to your knowledge base. The megatrend of saving”untouched by the moving market of renewable energies through optimisation of the portfolio and technical solutions to improve efficiency obviously. Compared to the business and infrastructural FM was far more involved than in previous years revenues the technical FM with 50%. “” The topics consumption “and smart embedding into the existing energy budget” ruled accordingly the development of the renewable energy production facilities. In the near future, this will be new E3 in the Archimedes “in Herford.

The new headquarters will implement turnkey as holistic, walk-in catalog the diverse knowledge and skills of the group. The Board of Directors confirmed the positive developments in the strategic orientation of the company and its core competencies: Efficiency is the leading theme in all business areas continue to whether technical, commercial or infrastructure services. So the expertise sought after on the market expanded in the past year and Archimedes personnel continued to grow: with 297 highly qualified employees in the Group has to a high level of professional and personal competence and is well prepared to make regional around the turn of the power and to advance on the neuralgic points. “We have our position as a complete energy social worker ‘ in the fiscal year”, Ulrich Euscher is pleased. And we firmly believe to be working on exactly the right levers of the energy turnaround.”