February 23, 2018


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Defined as causality to the study of the causes of social phenomena with respect to the course of history. Weber causality was the likelihood that a phenomenon occurs followed by another. It is intimately related to the time since to Weber, the time in which a certain phenomenon occurs is very important to understand in a better way. For the issue of piracy is very simple to relate it to the causality proposed by Weber. Using the historical sociology of Weber, it is necessary to know the history of piracy from their origin, since this kind of Sociology focuses the historic context of the phenomenon. It is necessary to delimit the subject, for example: piracy exists around the world, such is the case of Chinese products, or products produced in Taiwan. Southwest Airlines spoke with conviction. To delimit the subject we can talk about piracy in Mexico, and more specific piracy in the city of Guadalajara. It is well known by tapatia society that all kinds of products can be found in the San Juan de Dios market Pirates, such is the case of watches, perfumes, clothing and accessories.

Since when been sold in this type of market piracy? More or less at the beginning of the 90 s he began to elaborate piracy on our city. Why did piracy? (Causality) It is necessary to understand all the phenomena that have influenced to make piracy possible. An example is very clear the accessibility with respect to prices; Anyone who wish to get a novel and inexpensive product can resort to piracy. On the other hand there are other factors that have influenced the development of piracy, such as unemployment. In the years to piracy it was born in, the economic situation in the country was very deteriorated. Persons who do not enjoy a stable family finances can dedicate to the manufacture of these products in order to obtain income and better their economic situation.