Animal Kingdom

November 2, 2017


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This enables E.g. with – yawn people automatically to copy behaviors, if our conversation partner first yawns. Note: The human genetics leads to the individual development (ontogeny) thanks to the psycho-soma-connection in humans. Psychological developments affect the somatic non-verbal communication. This eliminates the usual animals objective communication skills! Animals and plants (species, classes and races) are entirely genetically determined and equipped with specially functioning sense organs. The types differ: animals and plants are Funktions-(Nahrungs-)Spezialisten.

People (mammals) are generalists. The communication takes place between people: verbal and non-verbal, between humans and animals, non-verbal: tones/sounds, movements, colors, shapes, smells, touching between animals non-verbal: smell (pheromone trail). (Warning)Smells colors, forms, movements (waggle dance), lute, touching between animals and plants: Colors, forms, movements, taste between plants: notice smells, colors, forms, movements (growth): cooperative animals (herds, Pack: wolves) and individual hunters (foxes) are comparable E.g. for foraging successfully otherwise they are long since extinct! Wild animals live individually, except for the breeding season, or in packs and herds. Fish, birds, horses, elephants, wolves, horses, cows, chickens, sheep: Elders and gender as changing herds head characteristic: of? up to? loners are specialized for tasks without King indoor formic acid, termite and bee families (Queens), etc.: reptiles, male elephants etc Pack: females and young (elephants), etc. A direct easy transfer of patterns and behavior of the Animal Kingdom (ecology: fauna and flora) on our global industries Division of labor and Markets (economy) is not possible: animals are only in the real physical drive range: loot – and friend-enemy patterns, instinct led, determined goal-oriented. People work in terms of objective subjective real-material: objects, effectiveness (what?) and efficiency (how?), IDE(e)ALE and idols. People also work in terms of symbolic objective: money, medals, our societies operate according to international political, traditional and religious rules. People work because of genetic determinants (Physiology) and to social and psychological issues. People are social beings.