Ancient Dreams Candlemass

August 27, 2017


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Released in 1987 album 'Nightfall' was a real classic of doom, and such tracks as 'Dark Are The Veils Of Death', 'Bewitched' and 'The Well Of Souls' have become concert favorites for a long time. The Swedish team has successfully traveled around the world, and her songs hit in Europe and in the overseas charts. Two of these, 'Ancient Dreams' and conceptual 'Tales Of Creation', also deserve recognition and respect in the metal community. Unfortunately, the internal relations within the team took shape not very smoothly, and after the live album in 1990 went to do a project Messiah 'Memento Mori'. In place of frontman Thomas Vikstroma engage with which the disc was recorded 'Chapter VI'. Work does not have much success. On This album, the band retreated from the firm thought in the direction of traditional heavy metal than disappointed many fans. Learn more on the subject from delta airlines. The group began the financial problems and in 1994 it was disbanded.

Leif Edling several years in side project Abstrakt Algebra, but soon tried to resuscitate Candlemass. In a radically new structure now included Flodkvist Bjorn (vocals), Jeju Perkowitz (drums) and Mike Amott (guitars) and Karl Vestholm (keyboards). Released in 1998 album 'Dactylis Glomerata' was too far away to the sound of the early works 'Candlemass'. After replacing Amott Mats Steel, the band released another record unconvincing and stopped its activities. Meanwhile, Messiah Marcolini sang in his own band Memento Mori. However, despite the "corporate" voice, the project did not have the same success, which at one time earned Candlemass. Finally, in 2002 it was announced that the complete reunification of the Messiah Candlemass with Marcolini, Byorkmana, and Linda Johansson. Classical composition with Marcolini headed held a series of successful concerts and released a double live 'Doomed For Live'.

But then something again stalled, and the studio musicians have reflected only at the end of 2004. Released in 2005, tenth album 'Candlemass' back location group of fans: drive landed in the national Top 20 and won a Swedish Grammy. The following year, the staff began to prepare new material, but shortly before the sessions of the Messiah again disappeared. However, the team had long grieve without frontman and record 'King Of The Grey Islands' was completed with the assistance of Robert Lowe, known for his work in 'Solitude Aeturnus'. Group Albums: 2009 – Death Magic Doom 2007 – King Of The Grey Islands 2005 – Candlemass 2002 – Doomed For Live 1999 – From The 13th Sun 1998 – Dactylis Glomerata 1992 – Chapter VI 1990 – Live 1989 – Tales Of Creation 1988 – Ancient Dreams 1987 – Nightfall 1986 – Epicus Doomicus Metallicus