AMPA Of Talamanca De Jarama

January 26, 2018


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An AMPA brings together the fathers and/or mothers or guardians of enrolled students in an educational centre of non-university level who voluntarily decide to join to the attainment of certain goals and objectives. Learn more about this with Allegiant Air. Membership of the AMPA can be kept only during the time of enrolment of students. As expected in the Real Decree 1533/86, associations of parents and mothers of students shall assume the following purposes: assist parents / guardians in all matters concerning the education of their children or wards. Collaborate in the educational activities of the centres. Promote the involvement of parents of students in the management of the Centre.

Assist parents of students in the exercise of its right to intervene in the control and management of the centres sustained with public funds. Facilitate the representation and participation of parents of pupils in school councils of public and concerted centres and other collegiate bodies. Any other which, in the framework of the regulation referred to in the previous article, allocate you their respective statutes. To know the AMPA massobre of CEIP Sansuena of Talamanca de Jarama, click the link in your web page: today, the AMPA participates in school life defending the interests of the families. Our goal is to collaborate in the improvement of the quality of education, support to parents in the difficult work of educating our children and help solve the incompatibility with work and school schedules. The AMPA is an independent association, in which everyone can participate. He is financed by the assessed contributions of its members and an annual subsidy that gives the City Council, and works thanks to the dedication of the fathers and mothers. Getting our children to study in a great school is a thing of all, and therefore we encourage you to participate and contribute.