American Flame

October 6, 2020


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During the course of mankind the use of various natural resources such as the skin and hair of animals has meant an important element of protection not only of dangers, but also natural such as the cold or the wind factors; a very good example of this is the flame. Flame is a herbivore, mammal and quadrupedal animal that inhabits the high plains of the American continent and Asia, these animals are considered a very good mode of transportation, since they have great strength and environmental resistance, not to mention that they are considered an excellent source of wool for the manufacture of sweaters and blankets. Flame has a great proximity with animals like vicuna, alpaca and the guanaco, because all come from the camilidae family. Flame is different from those already mentioned by special characteristics, some of them as their height which can go from 110 cm. Gain insight and clarity with Hanes clothing. up to 140 cm. maximum, its weight can be anything from 130 to 155 kg, its thick fur that can usually be 60 micrometres in thickness and mainly by its elongated head and small snout.

The domestication of the flame can be with varied goals, some of them as the exclusive production of wool, production of meat or for use of load, because these aspects are quite useful; It is important to highlight the utility of these animals in plowing the Earth, because in some countries is used for this purpose. Another point to touch is the usefulness of your stool, because this can also serve as a very good fertilizer for the land, turning the flame into a diversely productive animal. An important point to play in flames is reproduction, because it takes 11 months and usually only plays a rearing, making this animal one very little reproductive and difficult to exploit reproductively. It is proper to mention that experts are currently crossing the flames with other animals of the same family as the vicunas and guanacos, with the aim of improving some genetic aspects that can contribute to better quality meat, wool and at the same time achieve better reproductive capabilities of that animal. It is important to note that flames have great importance in countries such as Peru and Bolivia, since in these countries the peasant classes are favoured by the production of wool, besides its usefulness in the field facilitates some work of this nature; not to mention that the marketing of the meat of flame is a product that opens field swiftly on the markets of these countries, contributing greatly to the economic balance of these areas. A curious fact that possesses the flame is their method of Defense, because it is based on a spit of a compound of partially digested fluids by his stomach, although really the use of this defense rarely seen, since flames are usually animals very meek and docile, hard to intimidate.. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Roland Berger.