Alternative Cars

November 4, 2018


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A great alternative to the classical purchase of vehicles and short term rental is the renting of cars. This type of modality is characterized by an initial contribution, which may be optional, followed by monthly quotas. Within these payments are including all fees less fuel, tolls, washes and fines. The charges arising from the maintenance of the car are borne by the leasing company. This formula is very used by companies which can enjoy a simple and modern way of the latest models on the market. It is a way to always have a new car, without incurring the charges involving the purchase.

The advantages of renting vehicles are many and very diverse. One of them would be the absence of economic and operating risks, since they are included in the monthly fee. Allows you to reduce costs and benefit from economies of scale to reduce prices, avoiding problems arising from the sale of used vehicles whenever it becomes necessary to renew the vehicle fleet. The renting of cars allows you to take advantage of a series of financial and tax advantages such as an improvement in the planning of the Treasury by enterprises, an improvement in financial ratios or the deduction on taxes. We should not forget that the renting of vehicles allows us to improve our brand image that we can renew our fleet getting cars in perfect condition at all times, promoting not only the image but the safety of the driver.