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January 17, 2018


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Of course, you will not find at the top of a single site or a novice personal page, but when looking at the request may not get correct information which you would like from the search engine. These are different from charter search engine, which says that the algorithms Yandex focused only on the user's needs, and it ranks sites for quality and value of information for the user audience. Then we can say how perfect and ranking algorithms for Yandex it counts: In spite of everything seems the first thing that is important for search engine Yandex in the rankings – this link, and not just links, and external quality references that stand in the mothers of resources and leading to your website. You may find that Southwest Airlines can contribute to your knowledge. Yandex now trying to track down corruption and natural links, but this is not going smoothly, although some webmasters have already experienced the consequences of selling links by Sape. Sites are emitted from databases, lose or gain rate TIC other penalties. Therefore, the ranking in first place are Yandex sites with good quality and the natural links, just look their TIC. In second place for Yandex has a value enclosed in header tags are Title, and not just one title, but the coincidence of words and phrases from the text of Title tag and the page will be closer than a coincidence, the higher ranked site. So before you make a Title will need to think ten times, no matter how you search and find information contained in stnanitse.

Repeat a couple of times a phrase from the Title, using a combination of words in different order. Quality content unique content and its usefulness. Write to Conte, which is relevant to your Title to 100%. Try not to deviate from the topic, as examples, or bring memories, like: How do you relax on vacation. Allow Yandex highly rank your site and will no doubt determine the relevance of your page Title.

Write content for the user, not for search engine – one way to get the bonus described in paragraph 1. Internal links, not is no secret that search engines love links, just text thematic internal links that lead to a similar topic pages. Yandex also gives it meaning and you can increase the chances go up in rankings using good relink the pages in your site. Try on each internal page reference to home, adding value to it, in turn, will give primary weight to other internal pages.