November 28, 2019


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A program of affiliates consists of promoting a product or service of another person who owns a business by Internet, in exchange for acquiring a commission that this person will pay to him if she manages to sell the product, who you you promoted to him. The affiliate is identified by means of a connection or Link of affiliate. The Marketing of Affiliates is the form fastest and easy to make money from house, reason why it is only needed to promote the affiliate connection that provides the salesman of the product or service. They are more and more the people who are decided to distribute to products and services in Internet like affiliates. It is a way to make money that does not require any investment and very just a short time on the part of the affiliate. On the other hand, the retailers have seen the increase of benefits that can suppose installing an affiliation program, and every day they are plus which they are offering this option. The more outstanding /servicios products obtain more from 75% of their sales through affiliates. This means that any business in Internet that offers a system of affiliation can easily multiply its sales by 2 or 3.

This is a tendency that is going to follow in increase in the next years, since the number of Internet users has an exponential growth. She is one of the best ways to initiate an own business in Internet, because it is not needed to have an own product to sell and can begin immediately without needing being an expert. A business by Internet of this type can mean to him to make money for it realises which it, obtaining a relative financial freedom. Two types of products exist in the market, the digitalises (e-books, audio, video, software, etc) that are those that pays to higher commissions because the production cost is very low, and the physicists (electronic, books, magazines, etc) who pay low commissions much more. Nevertheless, it has been verified that enters a 30% and a 40% of the affiliate commissions are not received by that correspond. The robbery of commissions is making lose much money to the affiliates. And also it is a problem for which they have a program of affiliation, since their affiliates secure less sales, loses the interest, and stops promoting their products.