Accounting Planning Group

February 11, 2018


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This meticulous, strategic work, lays ways beyond the agencies of publicity for planners. Today we are in a process of consolidation in clients, companies, means, producers that extends the scene and the possibilities much more there than we imagined years back. The marks, social manifestations After all, we handled marks. We work with them, looking for the effective form but of contact with its consumer. But exactly it is here where I want to pause a moment. We are before the death of awareness.

That is what I say to him to the clients, when they only watch hard numbers of knowledge and recognition of mark. That it is what does to a memorable mark? Adopted, beloved, loved and defended by the consumers? Its insertion like cultural manifestation. I only evolve myself of a commercial transaction. Linear. Basic. Predictable.

The mark must leave a track like social manifestation. A mark is the one that is listened to comment in a friendly birthday. That mark that mobilizes, that it identifies. That is generated when the mark has a point of view on which it mobilizes to the world beyond his position in the category. Here it is where this part of the work of planner. To observe, to analyze and to transform the information and events into raw material for the marks. It is necessary to produce identification. Each action of communication must be one clear identification with the world of the consumer. Redefining spaces the Schedule in Argentina is living a good moment without doubts. On year 2006 we founded APG (Accounting Planning Group) Argentina. That I organize to us, put to us in contact, it allowed us to generate contents exclusive them partners and to stop to us before the advertising market of forceful way. It was a evolution after several years where the Schedule was present in the agencies but it lacked to give a formal character to the profession.