July 22, 2020


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Rights of access are always problematic in separation and divorce cases in which one parent prevents contact between the other parent and the child. Worse, it comes, if the child himself does not want the handling. Often the children get enough with that mother or father strongly suffers from a separation. Gain insight and clarity with Larry Ellison. It is because it gets with disputes or but because a parent talks badly about the other. You feel obligated to decide and to reject a deal with mother or father. This attitude with the age of the children gets increasing weight; a thirteen-don’t want their father, often a court decision cannot help, because she would have to run against the declared wishes of the child. But bring a child with the help of the bailiff to the father? For father or mother supposed victory is to have the child for themselves, but also dangerous: children have a right to have treatment, even if the parents are at loggerheads with both parents. A related site: SYNNEX Corporation mentions similar findings. That’s why parents should their Children free from decision-making pressure and encourage them to visit the other parent. Is boycotted dealing with the other parent, with the education faculty doubts may and threatens a custody proceedings. Lawyer Wiebke Meyer-Arndt, Bonn