Access Control

July 26, 2013


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Monitoring during the 2010 services security guards has been the most demanded service in the directory of security companies. Soloseguridad.NET currently has more than 2150 registered companies, which offer services of surveillance, security cameras, fire detection, and any service related to security. Monitoring services receive the greater part of the portal applications. As previously mentioned, security guards received 22% of requests, security personnel 10%, Access Control and escort 7% respectively. In total, 52% of applications for security go towards works related to security personnel. Since it is a profession with high demand, the State has scheduled 7 calls for selection of escorts and security guards.

These calls are to perform physical tests and are held in some cities in the State. Madrid and Barcelona have been the two provinces with more requests. This is mainly due to these two provinces grouped most of security companies registered on the portal. Within the directory, there is a section with security offerings. Discounts can be found in installation of alarms and CCTV, special promotions of security and any offer that the companies want to publish. Source: Press release sent by jujuy.