A Society In Pieces

October 29, 2020


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What will happen at the end of this decade when a lot of young people close to age 40 still have worked ever and without the possibility of getting a job? Nobody talks about this when he discusses how, when and at what price will leave an economic crisis that many people has not affected him or in obliquely. After four decades of progress and welfare State, we find ourselves before a social fracture without precedent. Spain, with a prolonged 20% of unemployment rate, is the maximum paradigm what some theorists call the three-thirds society. The first of them, the one of the lucky ones, compose it, grosso mode, not just those executives who are still awarding bonus as if such a thing. In it also are workers with steady employment and salary updates and the beneficiaries of early retirement to price of gold. They are, in short, those happy mortals who continue filling out bars and restaurants despite the anti-tobacco law and causing long queues of traffic on weekends. The second third, the anxieties and balances to make ends meet, integrate it officials with reduced wages, pensioners with frozen assets and employees under threat of dismissal.

And mocking unemployed, workers in precarious and meager wage and unemployed young people belong to the third and last block. The worst thing is that before these situations were temporary and reversible. Now they are endemic and enduring. The crisis, therefore, is not equal for all. And hypothetical output from it will continue leaving a third of people in the lurch and another in the uncertainty of a relapse..