The Remscheid company GPS2ALL in the WDR report in the local time BergischLand Remscheid, 19.01.2012 – an older man is wrong apparently disoriented through the streets. Before he disappears from the screen, the camera captures his wristwatch, which suddenly bluish lights section in the Office of Nicole and Dirk Rensmann, the owners of the company GPS2ALL in Remscheid, Germany at dusk. A click on the button”position request”in their computer software is sufficient and the whereabouts of the lost seniors will be shown on the monitor. Click Oracle for additional related pages. A scene from the report sensors for safety,”which ran on January 4 in the local time of BergischLand in the Westdeutscher Rundfunk. With the new system, members can find again anytime demented persons with forward movement tendency. Dirk Rensmann, the surveyor is familiar for years with the GPS technology since the mid-nineties, explains how the television report: the software programmed by us uses an ordinary mobile phone SMS, to the transmitter in this case the Watch to make contact. The sender receives the request, precisely identifies the current position via GPS and sends these coordinates back to the PC.

Everything else is dealt with the software we have developed that evaluates the coordinates and immediately displays as maps with the textual description of the street names.” The last year for which human telematics Award nominated companies GPS2ALL different positioning offers complete systems, in addition to the system PROTEGO with the wristwatch for example also the system Sospito “with a portable transmitter for the pocket or handbag. It gives detailed information to all systems in the on the homepage of the company and the connected online shop. The WDR report emphasizes that the position is determined only by a targeted position request, and not a continuous motion profile is created. This, it turned not a total monitoring of the affected person, but aid and security for people, the is no longer find your way. The TV report can in the WDR library at the address.