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Internet Information Services

December 9, 2019


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The names of the backup is not can contain any characters, only letters and numbers. 4. Click OK to quickly back up the administrative settings in the metabase. 5. Backup name and its date and time listed in the dialog Previous Backups.

6. Click Close, and then exit IIS Manager. 7. To restore the metabase backup, right-click the computer name in the IIS Manager, select All Tasks, and then click Backup / Restore Configuration. Under Previousbackups, select the name of the file you want, and click Restore. If to enter a password, enter your password.

Create a Metabase Backup script. In IIS 6.0, you can run the file VBScript, Iisback.vbs, to create the metabase backup. Note: You must have administrator privileges to perform this problem. 1. At the command prompt, type cd% Systemroot% System32. Iisback.vbs is in this directory. 2. To use the metabase backup, use the following syntax: Syntax: IIsBack / s / u / p / backup / b / v / e / overwrite 3. For example, you can execute the following script: Cscript.exe iisback.vbs / s / u Administrator / p / backup / b NewBackup0606202 metabase history feature by default, the metabase history feature is enabled in IIS 6.0. The default value is the amount set MaxHistoryFiles 10. Metabase History feature automatically tracks changes in the metabase is written to disk automatically tracks changes to the metabase that are written to disk. When the metabase is written to disk, IIS marks the new Metabase.xml file with the version number and saves a copy of the file in the folder history. Each story is marked with a unique file version number, which will be available for the metabase rollback and recovery processes. A pair of history files consist of MetBase.xml and MBSchema.xml files named with the same principal and minor version number, and stored in history folder. These copies can see only users in the group 'Administrators'. You can find the history folder in the following folder:% Systemroot% system32inetsrvhistory you can roll back the metabase from history files. To do this, follow these steps: 1. In IIS Manager, click the icon Computer's Internet Information Services. 2. Click Action, select All Tasks, and then click Backup / Restore Configuration. 3. In Previousbackups, click one of the files automatically copy the list and then click Restore. Source

Federal Registration Service

December 9, 2019


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Land and cottages are located on the garden or home are the property of the citizen. As documentary evidence of such rights advocate testimony to the ownership of land and a certificate of ownership to the newly created garden cottage or house. Such documents may be obtained from the Federal Registration Service. Based on the law on dacha amnesty expected implementation of the simplified procedure of legalization of immovable property situated in the territory of gardening and dacha cooperative, as well as land plots allocated for individual housing Construction () and ancillary facilities (LPH) in the border settlements. Swarmed by offers, Larry Ellison is currently assessing future choices. We remind you that the law loses its force on 1 January 2010. After this date, apply different rules for registration suburban real estate.

Registration of ownership of the buildings, located near her house suggests the following procedure. The first recorded ownership of the allotment, and only then the ownership of the buildings located on it. Directly to the owner may apply for registration separately, and in one package. We hope that you have read our article "Registration of the land" and represents how to register the land in the public register. We assume that the certificate of ownership to the land order is in you. Further questions arise: do the project so the dacha, on the garden house, whether you want to pass the harmonization of government agencies (SES, fire inspection and etc.) According to the law of the Federal Law 93 of 20.06.2006 years in order to facilitate the acquisition of registration certificate for the ownership of the chalet and garden houses, garages and other objects of immovable property in respect of which, in accordance with Russian law does not need to receive building permits.

Enough to provide the registration service documents such as: Application on state registration of property rights. A document confirming payment of the fee (original and copy) A document certifying the identity of the applicant.

Prayer Service For The Health

December 8, 2019


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Orders require the Holy Land Prayer for the health of public prayer – is a special worship service at which ask the Lord, the Theotokos, the saints to send down the grace and thank God for the receipt of goods. In the temple, prayers are made before Liturgy and after it, and after morning and evening. Philip Vasan is likely to agree. Public prayers are performed during temple festivals, the New Year, before teaching the young men, natural disasters, in the invasion of foreigners, during epidemics, in dearth, etc. Other prayers belong to a private Worship, and committed to the requests and needs of individual believers. Often during these prayer services is a small blessing of water. Note to prayer begins with the instructions what the holy prayer ascends, writes about his health, he or repose. Then lists the names of those whom will ascend moleben. When you submit a note on prayer, tell the attendant, if you are ordering sanctification of waters prayer – in this case committed a small blessing of water, which then distributed the faithful – or normal, without Blessing of the Waters.

You can order the commemoration of the living or the dead for a month to six months for a year. In some temples and monasteries are taken note of eternal remembrance. If you submit a custom note, the names written in notes, uttered in supplication shortly after the reading of the Gospel. At the end of the Gospel begins augmented (Ie enhanced) Litany – a common cry to God three times, "Lord, have mercy!" / Deacon calls: "let us say (that is, yes we say, let's pray, to speak) from the whey whole soul and with all of our thoughts let us say". " In two petitions, we strongly Please Lord hear our prayer and have mercy upon us: "O Lord, the Almighty, God of our fathers, we pray (that is, pray to Thee), hearken and have mercy. – God forgive us … "All are in the church are asked about the Patriarch, the Bishop, the svyaschennosluzhebnom brotherhood (the parable of the church) and on the whole "our brethren in Christ,"

Transport Services

December 7, 2019


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The consequence of increasing competition in the market of transport services is to increase customers’ requirements. The purpose of transport companies is the provision of services, quality and volume of which correspond to the expectations customers, particularly in the global crisis. In the Russian market, no doubt, low price and high quality transport services are still the most important criteria for choosing the forwarding service. Today, however, consumers are increasingly paying attention to additional criteria such as delivery times, quality of information support of the implementation process the order for shipping. Suggest ways to improve processes to organize the transport of goods (comment Ground Logistics). – Reduce cycle-Order Delivery.

Managers of marketing departments are interested in to quickly deliver the goods from supplier to warehouse and from warehouse buyer. Oracle spoke with conviction. Depot – an expensive unit, its performance and volumes can increase to infinity. Increase in number of vehicles is a natural consequence of reducing the cycle-Order Delivery. On Order cycle time, supply affects the average order size and number of applications. Than the bulk order, the shorter the cycle, decreases the number of points on the transport route, reducing the cost of shipping the goods.

Composition customers affects the flexibility of order-delivery cycle. Retail banking is easier to create a more flexible delivery schedule. Corporate clients are more stringent within the schedule of delivery, although the risk of failure order decreases sharply. – The standard unit shipment and service. Standard shipping unit (car, container, pallet, factory packaging, etc.) affect the ratio of the level of service, price transportation and warehousing of cargo handling. Containers generally do not require storage processing and reduce the cycle time of delivery. Less volume unit places the goods extend the cycle-Order Delivery. – Zonal division the city. Necessary to divide the territory of the city into zones of location (parking) of freight transport, which can shorten the time of delivery of the car under load. – Regulation orders for cargo transportation to clients. Regulatory Approval process and adoption of an order for cargo transportation will make the process more sustainable, will solve the problems with unplanned orders, customers will act in accordance with adopted rules of procedure and any exceptions to the rules borne by the customer, ie, Order a transport company will take on a comfortable schedule. Here, Phil Vasan expresses very clear opinions on the subject. It must also build a process of harmonization orders. On acceptance of an order affects the status of the client (ABC-classifier client), the status of the manager from the client (Standard, vip – has great influence on decision-making in their corporate environment). – Algorithm development cost records. Algorithm for forming the cost accounting records for cargo includes the steps: 1. Transportation Department accepts applications for transportation from the customer. 2. Route planning, the inclusion of the order in routing. Calculation of rates and ratios for trucking. 3. By ripped off or met with violations of deliveries conducted an internal investigation. Calculation of penalties. 4. The distribution of other costs on route sheets. 5. Formation cost route sheet. 6. Closure of the route sheet. – Automate the whole process of organization of cargo will reduce planning time and calculate the cost of delivery, evaluate the actual cost of shipping. Automating the process of the relationship of the transport company and the client will increase the efficiency of order processing and decision making.

Management Company: Management Services

December 4, 2019


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Without good governance will not bring profit real estate property, as everyone knows, is the best investment. Especially in a crisis era of constant change, where money can easily impaired, and prices soar to unimaginable heights of sky-high – so much so that the average businessman in a day does not even know whether to continue to do their work. The highest value in such circumstances becomes real estate. If she is getting cheaper, not necessarily what the owner loses anything – certainly cheaper band passes, and the price of real estate back to normal. But here is my "but." Whatever the real estate or was – she must need competent management, or use from such investments will never be. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Verizon. For such purposes, and there is just a management company, which consists of experienced managers, engineers and administrators who know how to make real estate a profitable business, not a dead stone, and are able to implement this knowledge into practice.

The fact that the property management demands a very serious approach. And the living, and Commercial property can come into disrepair and neglect, if she did not give their full attention. So the best option would be when it is a professional management company will take the decision survey questions and service of heating and ventilation systems for office buildings and other commercial real estate service multiple sensors, communications equipment, security systems and surveillance, as well as address issues such as cleaning and so on. After all, if you do not give these issues sufficient attention, and then commercial and residential building will lose its status as the owner – a significant portion of their income. Also do not forget about that nothing stands in one place – a businessman, once invested in real estate, and to incur further costs if it wants to remain successful. In buildings with different technical facilities and equipment always need something to upgrade or replace, in short – to invest. This makes it possible to attract new reliable tenants for commercial property, because the level of compliance with the building and its international standards of infrastructure defines people's desire to rent offices and other rooms in this building – all tend to the convenience and comfort. If the management company to competently and with knowledge of the specifics will undertake property management, corporate success will be guaranteed.

Site Services

December 4, 2019


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Submit your site to Internet directories – the second and main step in the promotion of the site. First of all registration site in directories need to increase the number of inbound links to your site and, consequently, higher ranking PR and TIC. The number of directories on the Internet is growing, but the quality of these directories often leaves much to be desired. It is necessary to understand what all the directories differ. – White directories – directories that do not require accommodation links to a directory on your site, but the number of directories on the Internet is small.

– Black directories – These directories require a link to the site without fail before the registration site. In the absence of references moderators directory does not publish information about the site. There are also gray folders, check that it is recommended to put a link, but do not need. If you put links to directories, then one of the villages you there the so-called ‘linkopomoyka’, which may complicate the relationship with search engines. Search engines, especially Yandex, lower your ranking and the order of Google, and sometimes they may be excluded from the search database, which is critical. In order not to create pages with lots of options – it just does not need to create. According to my observations only 10-20% of the moderators appear on the site to check the links directory.

To be effective registration site in directories best site to register manually. But this option even if free (if the internet – bezlimiten), but requires a lot of time and effort. Find directories can be through any search engine. Such method is fraught with as the influx of spam to your mailbox as you enter your e-mail at the registration stage, or viruses, rootkits. Many creators directory knowingly introduce into the shell directory malware. If you choose this method of registration please create a separate mailbox where letters will be sent with the information (completely unnecessary) the placement site in the directory. There is another way – registration of the site through registration services, in this case need only register for the service and payment services (from 100 to 1,000 rubles. on average, depending on the quality and quantity of services). In my opinion this is the most preferred practically does not take the time (registration takes about 5 minutes to 5 days) and relatively inexpensive. I think the best services and. On these services can be found with the package of services and select the appropriate option. As a freshman and find a professional turnkey solution that best fits the price and quality. An important tip: do not trust companies with virtually free offerings, such as – ‘registration site in 10000 directories for 50 rubles. ” Free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Free offers, as a rule will have no effect and will add only a headache to the creator site.

Program Of Affiliates

December 3, 2019


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After it has been united to a program of affiliates, there are several crucial steps that will have to take to achieve the success. If it does not take into account the presented/displayed measures next, their possibilities of success will be limited. Simply following these advice, you will be able to increase to his commissions of affiliate and power to make much money and to manage to have the style of life Internet. Much people exist who do not gain any dollar with the programs of affiliates, and this is because they do not count on the necessary information on this type of programs. In a question-answer forum Verizon was the first to reply. Generally, the best way to be successful with the programs of affiliates is to create a useful and rich Web site in content, and that this content counts on key words that has relation with their niche of market, and as complement to add his or its connections of affiliate. Then, which is the critical information that you must know on the programs of affiliates, and the steps that need to take so that you are successful with these programs? 1. It establishes his objective of how much it is what you want to win. You will need an objective clear to be able to work.

How much you want to win per month? Also aid to visualize what we want to obtain with this objective. Go to Munear Ashton Kouzbari for more information. To pay its new car? A trip in a cruise? You must begin with a possible amount, and gradually increase this amount. 2. To find a niche that adapts you and its interests. Its company is a long term commitment, so it will have to become jumbled in a program of affiliates focused in a niche that interests to him. The Internet is full of information of programs of affiliates, therefore it will have to deliver an attack to make an investigation and to find the best niche to satisfy his interests.

Affiliate Programs

December 2, 2019


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Affiliate programs are undoubtedly the way easy, fast and economical to start earning money using the Internet, mainly for who does not have a web site. If you already have a web site receiving a good number of visits per month (3000 visits per month minimum) affiliate programs are a very good alternative since you can be generating income from the first month without any doubt. However if you are starting from scratch and do not have a personal web site, either by lack of time, well for not being interested in it, you will need to invest some money in advertising on other sites and to qualify for benefits of that investment, simply must choose a programme offering a product of interest and useful to people around the world such as any program that help, or let people win money (it is obvious that almost all people are interested in more money and that happens in any country in the world) affiliate programs are a good option to take the first steps in the world of e-business. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Gary Kelly on most websites. They are an excellent way to begin your preparation in the field of the promotion of Internet business. How do affiliate programs work? The model is very simple.

Let’s say that you have a web site whose theme is bullfighting. You know that some enterprise, which has a web site on the Internet, sells good books on this topic, so that you place a link or banner on the web site that you manage, to that company’s web. In this simple way you mean to visitors to the site of the alleged undertaking buy some books on bullfighting. When one of the visitors of the web site that you manage clicks on the link or banner of the company of bullfighting, and this person makes any purchase, then that company pays you a Commission for a percentage of the amount of the purchase, in this case you have earned a Commission per sale, but there are more kinds of commissions do that another way to earn you? In addition to the Commission per sale (1% to 60% depending on the product and program) You can also win by clicking: in this case you win for the simple fact of one of visitors to your website click on the banner or link that you placed on your web site, remain indifferent if you make a purchase or not.


December 1, 2019


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With so many different ways to make money online, it made me wonder, why people choose to start a business online, affiliate marketing. We are not only talking about a community that will make affiliate marketing, here and there, literally thousands of people start affiliate business every day. It is easy to join a subsidiary trading company. It is not necessary to invest money to start and does not have any specific qualification. Nobody is going to ask about their level of education or prior work experience. In general, no matter where you live, either because the internet allows that you can promote affiliate products worldwide. Therefore, a lot of people start their own business of affiliate marketing, due to how easy that is to enter. Some people are attracted by the affiliate marketing, since it has been proven a product as an affiliate web site and client after seeing with their own eyes how easy that is to sell affiliate products you decide to try through the sale of the product you have just purchased.

This is smart since you already know about the quality of the product and can transmit it to their own prospects. Certainly, the money is a primary reason why thousands of people start an affiliate marketing business every day. Some people to earn a little extra money to pay their bills for the month. Some affiliate entrepreneurs learn to earn good amount of money very quickly and begin to generate six or seven figures of ingresasos in a few years after beginning. There are so many success stories about great sellers affiliate starting with virtually nothing, which is encouraging to know that you can also do it online.

Information products are a popular way to make money with affiliate marketing and clickbank is a great affiliate program. Smart internet merchants know the value of the ventasa of information and decides to join Clickbank (have a link on the right) as a way to start with your own business. An advantage of this type of marketing is that you can immediately promote thousands of digital information products with a single identification. Promote information products is wise, because they are easy and quick to sell and run them. This makes them a temptation to buy for people. Noi there is baarcos involved by what can provide instant access to a product. Thousands of people buy information products and decided to turn around and decide to get into this business because of the high profit margins. Start a subsidiary of marketing is easy to do and the greats can give big gains. These are some reasons po every day thousands of people starting an affiliate marketing business.