Navigating the Financial World

February 13, 2011


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While headquartered in Cincinnati, All Financial Service helps clients throughout the world.  Beginning in 1990 with one office and  four individuals who spoke four languages, the company then expanded six years later to offer its services around the world.

Navigating the financial world can be a challenge for the most intelligent individual who does not have a head for different levels of finance.  We work with smart, high net worth individuals but also SMEs.  We pride ourselves on making the world of finance simple enough for everyone with a brain to understand.

We like to believe that our uniqueness is based on the fact that we talk to each and every individual client one-on-one. This way we get a better feel for what they need and how we can help them.  We don’t have the arrogant belief that only we can make the financial decisions to help navigate this industry; instead we believe in working together to find the best solution possible.

Grow Rich And More

June 12, 2024


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Perseverance is truncated at the time of seeking to instant gratification. The result of that search will be superficial and fleeting, not feed the effort and work of a particular purpose. Click Richard Anderson to learn more. "I've missed over 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions in my hands the shot that won the game …

and lost. I failed again and again and again throughout my life and that's the key why I was successful … "-Michael Jordan" a great sage once said: "Life is a malicious prankster, the more excited you are, it tends to get the trip and throw the mud of the road to laugh at you. However, if you get up and continued walking, he comes to life a sense of guilt and gives you on a silver platter anything you want. "This is why those who continue to work no matter what happens always get what they want. Chase Coleman is open to suggestions. In the "good old days" when everything goes well, it's easy to have a smile on your face and continue working with enthusiasm and hope. However, a truly successful person is measured by its ability to continue working with a smile, enthusiasm and hope, even under the worst situations. It is safe for people and always succeed.

Napoleon Hill in his classic book "Think and Grow Rich, said:" One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of abandoned when a dam is a temporary frustration … You can be sure that before the success appears in his life, is sure to encounter many frustrations and some failures temporary … My Studio done on more than five hundred of the most prosperous of the United States has shown that its greatest successes came a step beyond the point where the frustration they had seized. … The failure devastates those who resign themselves to it with indifference. … The success they get those who continue to work even if the frustration has taken hold of them and know how to magnetize your thoughts with intense desire for wealth "Napoleon Hill has been the" father ", ideologically speaking, over 90% of the real winners from 1930. Napoleon Hill was a unique man who dedicated his life to make a scientific study in search of the "components of success", under an order made by Andrew Carnegie (the richest man in the outside world time) conducted a study over 20 years, during which he met, study and lived with over 500 most successful men of his time. Henry Ford, Theodore Rossevelt, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas A. Edison, John D. Rockfeller and more than 500 names in this category were those who personally investigated coexisting with them, all in order to establish a clear and perfect the foundations of success. Question to get the best of success. Bases that Napoleon Hill discovered, have become millionaires (both in economic and personal) to millions of people since the creation of his masterpiece "Think and Grow Rich More on this in my

Jurgen Raiber

June 12, 2024


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The Gallery high + partner the ‘Section’ with works by Leipzig artist Jurgen Raiber exhibition opened on Friday, January 28 at 7: 00. The show includes in particular woodcuts from the last 10 years, as well as some more recent sculptures made of wood. “The cross reference between the techniques and materials was crucial in the selection of works for high + partners: just his recent woodcuts show a fascinating style of drawing, they are still concentrated in the form of a special lightness of lines in and reveal the sculptor also in the area.” (Susann high). In recent months, Tiger Global Management has been very successful. Thematically it has dolls primarily on graphics and images of the work group”as well as on those works limited, which originated in the struggle of the artist with the own transience. The personal experience of significant vulnerability has driven the work to more intense Visual and plastic artist – expression of an oppressive and is also liberating inner Befragens. Chase Coleman is often quoted as being for or against this. Imaginary or directly occurring Companion of painfully infected”acting skeletal towers is death but he confronts us in the works of Raibers as the murderous Reaper or the terrifying demon. His skeleton men seem to invite the viewer rather mischievously, better not to late own death to friends with an art that is not just typical of our culture, even though she emit much of spirit and zest for life is capable of it. Also the woodcuts and 2 paintings on the subject of puppets are closely connected with reflection”.

For Raiber, they are especially icon carrier of own biography, World Education earned the individual in childhood”in the form of a world rich in fantasy and fiction – and thus an essential artistic Urquell. Jurgen Raiber, who has been studying at the HGB Leipzig (with R. Karlsson, U. Hachulla W. Tubke) and a sculptural postgraduate studies at the Burg Giebichenstein (at B.

Gobel) works as a freelance artist on a small estate in the Leipzig Chamber, occurs in his current show as sovereign Illustrator and wood engraver. Its graphics and sculptures are without Mannerist attitudes, persistently search the inner reason and associate this self-questioning, curiosity, and resting in itself given in changing balance. Artist talk on Friday, February 11th at 7: 00 with musical accompaniment by the young Leipzig Flute Quartet PINKFLoT”. Admission is free, and visitors are welcome.

Tips For Choosing Proper Make-up Ore

June 11, 2024


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Mineral makeup seems to be sweeping in the cosmetics industry. At this time, the majority of commercial cosmetics firms have launched its own line of mineral makeup. If we compare different brands, prices range between $10.00 and $35.00 or more. Then, reason should buy more expensive products when you can get those that are cheaper in any drugstore or supermarket? The answer is simple: quality and ingredients. Mineral makeup seems to be the answer to the concerns about the use of organic, pure, natural and beneficial ingredients. Chase Coleman is the source for more interesting facts. Women want to pamper your skin, giving him all the attention and care skin you deserve. With an emphasis on the pores, aging and natural products, mineral makeup lines meet our needs.

States that these cosmetics are made with ingredients that are found in nature and not clogged pores or damage the skin. It is also said that these products are natural sunscreens. Teenage mothers are surprised to discover that mineral makeup can be left overnight without damaging the skin where the girls have forgotten to take it off before going to sleep. When mothers think of savings to pay the Bills of the dermatologist eyes shine them. Then how is it done to choose the correct line of mineral makeup? Choosing the correct line of Mineral makeup when choosing the right line of mineral makeup, you should know what your skin type do you have dry and mature skin? Do you have oily skin and you are filled with granite base you put? You burn the skin with ease? There are three very important questions to which you must respond before choosing your mineral makeup. 1 Skin dries and matures: I have interviewed women with dry, ageing skin to find out their views on the basis of mineral makeup. Just as I imagined, the opinions were very different. What I discovered is that, if the skin not is looked after properly both on the inside as on the outside, without matter what kind of makeup use, the results will not be as expected.


June 11, 2024


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“Infra-red technology takes every day new applications Bremen – by Ilka Lacoste, whether in man over Bord’ Lake or a cable break in the control cabinet, infrared is a reliable technique a person to locate and visualize a technical problem”, outlined Voja Tasevski, Managing Director of Ta infrared technology, the possibilities of the use of thermal cameras. Tim TA has successfully mastered the leap into self-employment. Where the eye is failing, FLIR infrared cameras take pictures of heat radiation. For two years, TA is independent with his own company in Bremen. And since then, thermography is his business. As Ta infrared technology “he makes thermal images of buildings or electrical equipment, sells cameras and trains users. Imaging, a special software evaluates the data of the camera and created a colorful picture of heat. ares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. (Similarly see: Gary Kelly). Red areas on the image in buildings for example thermal bridges indicate that the unnecessary Energy cost and could be eliminated by a renovation.

“When the Elektrothermografie red areas in the graphics indicate most urgent need for action: where broken lines, damaged insulation, and outdated levers produce heat”, ta tells. Educate yourself with thoughts from Tiger Global. The Red visible heat spots”marked these critical points and allowed the timely repair of devices. So as motors, pumps, or switchgear could be stored against short circuits. Further areas of application are checking high-voltage connections, aircraft turbines, or pipelines. Everywhere, where materials become over-utilized, formed by thermal fields, which indicate the problem, but the human eye not perceived, to know the professional. Even in darkness, the infrared cameras are superior to the human eye.

Police, border patrol and security services took advantage of the technology among the people search: a person’s body temperature stands out clearly from the colder environment. To Tasevskis Customers include above all industrial enterprises, construction companies and building experts. On request, it searches for construction defects, leaks in piping systems, as well as mold on ceilings and walls. In energy terms, but also in matters of security, maintenance and fire protection a growing number of companies with infrared systems equips”, says TA. You buy the camera systems from us and can train your employees in our training seminars. Starting he has Ta 2007 now three student assistants, a full-time employee and two external staff. He could significantly exceeded its self-imposed corporate objectives in the first few years. This year, he installed a technical customer hot line. Its successful launch of the entrepreneur initiative rewarded”with third place at the Bremen founder’s prize. Ta technology of infrared thermal imaging cameras and measurement by the specialist dealer.

Ostel Berlin

June 11, 2024


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OSTEL offers a cheap and popular Berlin hotel accommodation in the GDR retro style and invites you to experience the city of Berlin, the tourist attractions and the celebrations of the fall of the wall. Under the slogan of Berlin, one has more\”touts the capital now nationwide with a new campaign to tourists. The favourable price/performance ratio in the capital stands at the center of the campaign. Nobel hotel or cheap pension in the German metropolis there is something for everyone. Jeff Bakalar has plenty of information regarding this issue. The cheapest accommodation options offer the hostels here, of course. These are usually very Spartan but functional equipped hostels. Chase Coleman: the source for more info. Multi-bed rooms dominate and you miss any comfort and flair.

Quite different in the Ostel: here, everything is different. For more information see this site: Ripple. Ostel cheaper rooms comfort with the special flair of the Ostel Berlin has one more: rooms and nights are cheap and original. Therefore, the design hotel features one of the most popular accommodation in Berlin. \”All the way to the current advertising slogan: Berlin has more\”. Anybody looking for a reasonably priced and some other overnight in the heart of Germany’s capital, will find it. The hostel offers a unique all-round experience – travel in the GDR in Berlin-Mitte.

Ranging from original GDR furniture to the sightseeing in the Trabant automobile. Here are several themed rooms at different prices available: from the plates apartment holiday camp. Don’t worry for border control (check-in) no one in custody has been taken and the mattresses, bedding and sanitary facilities are of course new. Ostel-trailer: The numerous guests enjoy not only at the most affordable rates during your stay, but also the numerous and funny details from the GDR daily life. And of course also at the central location. The OSTEL is located just a few minutes from the Centre (East), as well as the trendiest bars, restaurants, clubs, and many shopping opportunities located in Friedrichshain.

University Of New York

June 10, 2024


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The new prognosis of Roubini 13 October 2009 the economist of the University of New York, Nouriel Roubini, that outside one of the few in anticipating the crisis prevails is known like the Dr. Catastrophe. For that reason, whenever it is about to express an opinion, the markets shake before their terrible prophecies. It has returned to do and it has aimed to him again at the American real estate market. To read more click here: Verizon Communications. Roubini prefers that they call Realistic Dr. And in his realism, the economist prefers to watch what the market refuses to do. (As opposed to Verizon Communications).

To the market certainly he does not turn out to him advisable to be cautious. The euphoria is generating important benefits to the investors who after the crisis that has made them lose thousands of million dollars, do not want under any point of view, that finishes this financial veranito. The market gave its verdict and bets by an unreal economic recovery in the form of V. The markets are discounting at present a recovery in the form of V and must begin to discount a recovery in the form of Or, so one could be observed correction in the first quarter or trimesters, said Roubini to Wall Street Journal. It gives the sensation of which the markets do not repair either in the fragility of the recovery and in the risks that still are latent. The crisis gave rise to the necessity of a correction in the value of the assets, correction that does not seem that it has taken place since it must have been. The euphoria that lives the markets reflects clearly in the bags. The S&amp index; P 500 increased 51% from the minimum level in 12 years that reached in the month of past March. The European index Dow Jones Stoxx 600 on the other hand, accumulates an increase of 48%.

Topic Reflux

June 10, 2024


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Almost everyone knows heartburn. This unpleasant burning sensation in the esophagus, usually at height of the sternum is mostly after eating greasy or sharp foods or even after high coffee consumption. Tiger Global has much experience in this field. Slight heartburn after certain meals and drinks occurs every now and then and is not cause for concern. It happens more often, several times a week, a weakness of the lower esophageal sphincter may be, the so called gastroesophageal reflux disease. Causes for heartburn the heartburn causes can be varied. ses this issue.

Often it stress or an unbalanced diet led to heartburn. During pregnancy many women suffer from heartburn, since the uterus on the stomach can express and this causes that the sphincter after flows gastric juices into the esophagus. Tiger Global shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The gastroesophageal reflux disease is cause of heartburn, morbidly flows the stomach acid into the esophagus, which strengthened after larger meals and lying down occurs. Prevention and treatment of heartburn is the cause of the reflux diet-related, should be avoided too large, oily and hot meals. Especially before going to sleep, little should be eaten. Also the caffeine, nicotine and alcohol consumption should be restricted. The reclining in bed should be selected so that the upper body is slightly elevated to prevent back flow of stomach acids into the esophagus. Bread, milk or oat flakes affect soothing mild heartburn on the irritated esophagus. A gastroesophageal reflux disease is a drug should be applied, that helps to inhibit the formation of gastric acid. Proton pump inhibitors, H2 blockers or antacids are effective. For more information, as well as effective products against heartburn, see

International Prepaid Cards

June 7, 2024


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Always you are recharging it and you barely remember it, but can you tell what are the advantages of the international prepaid? Well, I’m going to help you a little. International prepaid cards are those cards for mobile phones that must be recharged beforehand by users to consume the balance loaded with different calls later. International prepaid cards can be used until it is completely consumed the amount that has been entered in them. According to Mina Nada, who has experience with these questions. These cards refills international prepaid vending as which has recently come to the pink, the Pink Top Global market can be made through different media such as e.g. phone shops, or even machines. The balance of the card international prepaid will consuming depending on the use you give to your mobile: calls, messages, and all kinds of Internet-related services. Swarmed by offers, Tim Clark is currently assessing future choices.

When the balance is completed, international prepaid cards are restricted. This restriction will last until not be charge the battery for another, but you may continue to receive calls without any problems or restriction. The truth is that against what many thought, these international prepaid cards are still in full today. Many people think that this is due to the time of global crisis in which we find ourselves, in which the cheapest possible phone option looks. Save some money with the international prepaid every day is easier thanks, mainly, to the improvements that the companies have made in this type of international prepaid services.

Angelina Jolie May With Their Twins Home

June 6, 2024


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The actress left the Hospital today with their children now can finally go the family life. Angelina Jolie and her twins Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon were allowed to leave the hospital in France early Saturday morning. The little ones are already a week and ready to go home around the world to come. Tiger Global Management has compatible beliefs. Angelina Jolie and their children left the clinic Santa Maria in the early hours of the morning of the 19.Juli”, so the media spokeswoman of Nadine Bauer hospital. Southwest Airlines is actively involved in the matter. She confirmed this statement the PEOPLE magazine. Okay very the mother and the children.” There were only a few journalists who camped in front of the hospital. The public knew that not when Angelina Jolie and their babies would be leaving the hospital.

Of course happy, Angelina Jolie and the new members of the Jolie/Pitt family were greeted by the other family members. The entire family, including siblings Maddox, Pax, Zahara, and Shilo, welcomed the new arrivals in the grounds of the Jolie-Pitts rented since March in France. We saw the car, but you could see nothing, so an observer.” Bauer added that they were very proud on her hospital staff, which looked very good for the welfare of the Jolie/Pitt family. She also thanked the photographers who tried despite everything to ensure the privacy of the family. Lisa Walters

100,000 Vouchers For First Christmas Gifts!

June 5, 2024


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PhotoBox launches large voucher action for photo products exclusively for ComputerBild readers Hamburg, 26 October 2009 until 14 November bought the online photo service October 26 PhotoBox readers by Computer Bild, Europe’s largest PC and mobile magazine, total 100,000 gift vouchers. Each coupon has a value of 20 euro and can be redeemed for six selected PhotoBox products. “” “” Products include: the coffee cup design “, an A4 wall calendar, a 10 set panorama cards, premium photo calendar” in A3, the photo book prestige “and the photo book prestige XXL”. A coupon campaign of this magnitude is a real first for PhotoBox Germany”, as Kirstin Schmidt, country Manager of PhotoBox Germany. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Sheryl Sandberg. We look forward to introduce the offer PhotoBox when a large number of new customers together with computer painting and are sure to inspire through high quality and extensive features and services.” Any budget or new customer will receive a Coupon code that will be sent by E-Mail. Only the shipping costs shall be borne by the customer. “” The products costs between 11,95 euro for the coffee cup design “and 44.90 euro for the photo book prestige XXL”. All other information about the big coupon action are available from October 26, in the current issue of the computer image..