The Truth About Daily Maintenance Of The Vehicle

March 22, 2018


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All of us do not like to carry out daily inspection and maintenance of their cars, but often forget that this is directly related to our security. Observe the actions described below minimum and if your car will be all order. 1. Check the tire pressures, as well as the state of the mirrors and the readability of the plate. 2. It is important to check the work of lighting and light signaling devices.

Check out how the brush Wiper and whether there is water in the tank cleaner. Does the sound? It is also important to check the steering free play. 3. Shut control check of the dashboard and the brake pedal, check, the Thus, you find out what drives the brake system leakage. Before you start moving, note whether there is any leakage of oil and coolant on the pavement under the car. Their presence may indicate not pipeline leak car. When you return from your trip – check the oil level in the crankcase with a probe. Always remember – in case of serious fault is always better to trust your car service car repair professionals vehicle. All the above steps can be performed if not before every ride, at least once every 500 – 700 kilometers.