Temtron = Temperature And Electronics!

March 26, 2019


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Temtron, made from temperature and Electronics offers know-how and components in these areas. Temperature and electronics! The company founded in 2000, knows a good with two divisions. This uses the customers looking for a complete solution in terms of technical heating processes with infrared heat. The Electronics Division In the electronics sector will be offered standard components and create custom solutions. As standard components of measuring and control technology as digital indicator, controller, data logger and accessories offered by temtron. These are available in many versions for almost all tasks fit.

However, standard can not be used. Here, custom electronics solutions are used. Together with the customer, the requirements are included in the specifications. All services, from development, construction, to production of tested devices are carried out jointly with a partner company. Hear other arguments on the topic with Kevin Plank. This is often economically feasible for small quantities. Versatile infrared infrared heat is impossible to imagine from technical thermal processes. Compared to furnace designs with convection or convection, the heat is more efficiently used.

Infrared generate the heat where it is needed. Different product characteristics require customized infrared. The required absorption, the necessary power density and the technical feasibility are important factors of the application. The company advises the application, selecting the appropriate wavelengths and offers the right solution. The long-standing Know-How in the measuring and control technology enables a total solution from a partner company in combination. For more information, Esther of reus