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April 23, 2018


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Travel arrangements – well-planned and even better recovering Frankfurt (Oder) – in many provinces is currently again: the autumn holidays are on the doorstep. And with them the travel time, ushering in relatively soon after the summer vacation, again. But so great anticipation for the relaxing vacation days may be advance a lot of organization is to deal with and it needs to be quite be nerve wracking. Who wants to start as relaxed on holiday eating is therefore best with a vacation checklist. So nothing in oblivion, what could prove to be on the day of departure as a stumbling block device.

On the holiday check-list is everything like device from the everyday hustle and bustle behind. At the top are listed the points that require a certain lead time and undoubtedly include the travel vaccinations. There are special vaccination recommendations for the destination, that go beyond the standard vaccinations? Inform the attending physician or the Tropical Institute. Also the necessary travel documents should not only an hour prior to departure be gathered, but be kept close at hand. These points have been clarified, further questions follow: how it looks with the burglary of the House or apartment? Who empties the mailbox or take packets receive? Are the pets served well during the absence? This tiresome points have been clarified, it goes to the case packing. Here, too, a precise planning and not indiscriminate handle in the wardrobe that is especially true for travelling with young talent, which is usually very difficult, to pick the favorite clothes for the next week is recommended. Not to mention the favorite toy.

It makes sense to make a preselection of the children then choose from that, what with the holiday. Important travel accessories of all fellow travelers about the favorite stuffed animal, the laptop, documents, or other essential things are incidentally in hand luggage! Despite all due care, the baggage device sometimes go astray and that can cause some inconvenience at the resort a difficulty which can be prevented with cleverly packed suitcases and well thought-out hand luggage. A little tip for those who are afraid to forget important points on the checklist of the holiday: there are also online completed checklists to download. And all that in the spirit have worked out already the holiday check-list, but are looking for more suitable destination, can look confidently at. There there no longer are wonderful destinations and all kinds of interesting facts about the country and people tips for vacation planning, but. About Web start service thanks to many years of experience has become Marco Molkenthin with the launch of its Web service as competent Internet service provider established, which so far has accompanied numerous small and large online projects. Whether development and programming or Web hosting and server housing WebStart service is from the first idea up to the last click a reliable partner. And more questions arise after the completion of the project, Web start continues to service and advice available in the spirit one long-term cooperation.

South Bank

March 16, 2018


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Today is the triumphal arch for London as well as for visitors a true tourist attraction and a great addition for an unforgettable day trip. Visitors can enjoy a magnificent view of the Royal Parks of London and the houses of Parliament from the balconies at the spectacular bronze sculpture. The views of the household Cavalry on their way to the and also invites to watch by the changing of the guard. Quadriga Gallery in addition to the new exhibition on the history of the Wellington arch, this London landmark houses an additional exhibition space the Quadriga Gallery. The Gallery hosts a number of exhibitions that explore the history and heritage of England. 2Nd February 2014, the exhibition is “almost lost – London’s buildings loved & loathed”.

Jewel Tower of almost 650 years old jewel tower is a fascinating tourist attraction in the heart of Westminster. The tower was built in 1365 to house the treasures of Edward III and was known as ‘King’s Privy Wardrobe’. It is one of only two buildings of the medieval palace of Westminster, the fire of 1834 have survived. The Tower has a ribbed Vault from the 14th century with ornate ceiling carvings. A new exhibition on the three floors of the Tower light towers and the changing roles in the course of the centuries the history of the jewel and includes a model of the ‘lost’ medieval Westminster Palace, replicas of valuable objects, including a court from the 18th century.

Winchester Palace the remains of Winchester Palace located In the London Innenbezirk Southwark once one of the largest and most important buildings of the entire medieval London. Built at the beginning of the 13th century as the residence of the powerful Bishop of Winchester, the former outstanding and spacious residence is only a ruin with a few walls of the Knights Hall. Although almost completely destroyed by the fire of 1814, the remaining ruins hinted the former splendour of the Palace, which stood alongside the South Bank of the Thames. Visitors can the sprawling site, which also has a number other buildings to admire as a prison, a brewery and a slaughterhouse included, discover and the stunning architecture of the remaining walls including a magnificent rose window on the west gable. These and other historical attractions of London are only a short drive from the Dover station, where the ferry to England from France.

Philharmonic Orchestra

March 11, 2018


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Tradition, modernity and unique nature of Luxembourg is the land of diversity and contrasts. Although the capital of the Grand Duchy has only 100,000 inhabitants, people from over 150 countries abound here. You all know to appreciate the advantages of the more than thousand year old fortress city and enjoy. Not for nothing it is called the green heart of Europe: green spaces that invite to walks or bike rides are a third. The old town around the Cathedral the UNESCO for many years to the world cultural heritage. While the imposing remains of the former fortifications are admired around the “Bock” rock, stands out from Europe – and financial district with its outstanding contemporary buildings including the much acclaimed Philharmonic Orchestra and the light-filled Museum of modern art (Mudam). Despite its stunning modernization in recent decades, Luxembourg has always remained a metropolis in the human scale.

You can easily stroll through the shopping streets, located on settle a shaded terrace on a glass of wine and go later in one of the numerous restaurants everything from home-style cuisine is offered to star menus. And because multilingualism is a virtue of the Luxemburgish rider, one feels necessarily quite as at home… Diversity and contrasts continue beyond the city’s borders. In just a few minutes, it is with the car in one of the four values to visit regions of the country. Deep, wooded valleys and windy high plateau characterize the Ardennes in the North.

Views of a magnificent scenery await visitors, two nature parks known for their local, organic products, as well as numerous medieval castles and fortresses. The Mullerthal, known as the locals lovingly small Luxembourg Switzerland attracts with its impressive rock formations. Demanding hikers come here with security at their own expense. Also a visit to the Abbey town of Echternach, which is considered the oldest village of the country and its international is recommended Reputation owes a high-profile Music Festival and the eponymous dancing procession on Whit Tuesday. To the East lies the Mosel region with its mild micro-climate and the vineyards. Along the River with the Federal Republic is advisable a bike ride; It is also to discover the wine route with its medieval villages, where gourmets not only full-bodied cremant and white wines, but also tasty dishes of the local cuisine can be enjoyed, as the typical Friture (small fried River fish). The “land of the Red Earth” in the South is named after the brilliant iron ore, which long provided for the prosperity of the country. In the industrial wasteland reconquered by nature, the visitor can wander extensively or take a trip with a historic train.

Winter Holidays

March 10, 2018


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Winter vacation is time travel, the new winter catalogs are here! Special risks of travel in the winter months especially for the winter months are vacations planned and booked, that virtually require the appropriate travel insurance, because they bring very specific risks, which may have even more serious financial impact than in the summer. In the winter months, telescope in the non-European countries are booked prefers. You want to escape the dreary, gray winter, and in the distance looking blue sky and warm sun. For the travel insurance has impact in many ways! The average price is considerably more expensive due to the flying units and the longer routes, the travel insurance worth therefore as annual travel insurance twice. In non-European destinations such as the popular winter Mexico, Caribbean or Dominican Republic the statutory health insurance does not pay, medical care is often provided in the contiguous United States at huge prices. One Health insurance is therefore vital. Hibernate, but surely! That over-winter in warmer climes is very popular especially for seniors. A three-month stay in the Canary Islands or in Turkey is within the financial possibilities and the sun warms many cold niggles.

In short, spend the winter in the Sun is all the rage, know that the German-speaking clinics set for this clientele and hospitals in the most popular destinations. Patients will find the suitable supply even dialysis. Without health insurance, a long term vacation is financial Roulette, the age-related ailments is all now for us a known size. Eyes up at telescope the weather is cloudy and grey, there you look quickly at the travel portals on the Internet and with a mouse click, the insanely cheap travel bargains is booked to Zanzibar. The target is now not the Zanzibar on Sylt but an idyllic island in the Indian Ocean off the East African coast.

The trip is last minute booked and goes also last minute 10 days off, to lead a sensible vaccine Advisory and yellow fever vaccination or an appropriate malaria prophylaxis in the way little time. We have fever, nocturnal snakes and water that should be boiled-off malaria and dengue at the sight of the white beaches of blue sea bays, not in the head, it should not be also a health insurance in baggage but in any case already! The arrival and departure facilities are very limited travel cancellation insurance for holiday packages in the coveted during the Christmas and new year’s Eve holiday. Many hoteliers have a minimum stay from 10 to 14 days, including Christmas and new year’s Eve. The elaborate holiday menus and arrangements accordingly increase the travel price and the applicable cancellation season always refers to just that price. Doubly annoying when that dirty weather shortly before the start of the holidays your travel ability with fever and flu on home stay is. No menu but up to 80% cancellation charges for it! Therefore the important note here too one Travel insurance cancellation costs takes the horror!

Condor Celebrates First Flights

February 20, 2018


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Cuban Santa Clara for the first time in the program of the holiday airline Frankfurt, 11 November 2013 Dr. Michael Kerkloh, Chairman of the Board of Flughafen Munchen GmbH, and Achim Lameyer, head of foreign sales of Condor Flugdienst GmbH, gave today officially announced the launch of the new connection from Munich (MUC) to Santa Clara (SNU). There was double cause for celebration by the simultaneous maiden flight to Montego Bay (MBJ), Jamaica. Condor is the only airline in Europe, non-stop flying to Santa Clara. The fork flight route from Munich to Santa Clara, then Montego Bay back to Munich. After short speeches, the link was officially opened by the band average before the first flight cake was cut. In their holiday destination, a dance group agreed a passengers on the Caribbean rhythms. Achim Lameyer said at the event: Condor offers a great selection of interesting holiday destinations, Caribbean islands such as Cuba, Montego Bay, or the Dominican Republic their guests from Munich and Cancun in Mexico about exotic destinations such as Mauritius, the Indian Goa and Mombasa.

Munich is important for Condor due to economic advantages over the previously only German departure port for the long haul in Frankfurt. We hope that our offer on the long haul remains well assumes that we can position ourselves successfully also in the long term.” Airport Managing Director Dr. Michael Kerkloh is pleased with the increased commitment of airline: the decision of Condor for our airport reveals once again that our partners place great confidence in Munich on the airline side. They do that quite rightly I am firmly convinced, that the Condor will be a great response with its new long-haul capacity in Munich on the medium it does anyway for a long time.” See footage of Condor and the first flight event newsroom Santa Clara, after landing the machine in Santa Clara, welcome the guests with cocktails and typical music were Cuba welcomed by the Tourism Office of Cuba.

Park Service

January 18, 2018


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Assuming they developed Founder park their concept with the vision, in Kiel or Park in Warnemunde is to become an experience for cruise ship tourists. And indeed: it did the makers and have risen due to the quality of their service and the friendliness of the number one of the Park Service in Kiel and Warnemunde. The parking and sea “offer a nutshell: parking and sea” offers low-cost parking completed Park Indoor as well as outdoor pitches on the secured grounds in Rostock and Kiel – with camera surveillance and security. The concept is aimed exclusively at cruise tourists. Therefore, the parking spaces are different when opened in a public parking garage only to the starting times of the luxury liner. This means for the cruise ship tourists: Park Judders, dents or even accident flight are excluded. While the tourists enjoy the Lake, the car is protected from wind, water and waves. Parking and sea”be the Crusaders with own comfortable and air-conditioned shuttle buses from the parking and Sea “locations directly to the cruise terminal of the vessel and of course at the end of the journey for the parking lot brought back.

Particularly well: The search falls away to a taxi or a public means of transport. Even the ensures relaxation. Which also means: no long waits, no long footpaths for cruise ship tourists – with and without luggage. If you would like to know more about Gary Kelly , then click here. The staff parking and sea”carry the suitcase. The idea of service is our priority. Also individual solutions to special customer wishes, such as with the car itself up to the terminal or the vehicle itself until the Park Hall drive, offers parking and sea”.

The well trained and always friendly staff of the company also have the Nordic serenity. Hustle and bustle? Error display. This relaxed atmosphere gives holiday mood immediately. True to the company motto: your cruise starts at us without annoying parking lot search in Kiel or Warnemunde.

Messehotels.de: Refreshed By The Trade Fair Marathon

January 12, 2018


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The exhibition is the major event of the year in many industries there linked business contacts, but also the interest of the visitors often decides the success of a new product. Germany is worldwide the fair country number one, home to the world’s largest trade show – in Hanover – and holder of further superlatives. At one of the eleven large and many smaller trade fair locations meets regularly almost every industry, from the automatic farmers to the bicycle merchants, to (trade) public to introduce new products and services. The fair as most marketing tool is already the German export goods become the largest German trade fair companies product shows Meanwhile organizing around the globe. Many companies specialize in exhibition design, exhibition stand construction and service. The website Messehotels.de offers a reliable overview of the entire traveling circus”the large and small looking. So can visitors under the heading trade fair cities in Germany”an image by make their”fair city.

“The category mobility during trade fair periods” helps the individual organization of trips by the and to the hotel, to the fairgrounds and also upon arrival, whether by train or car. “” Special mention is the extremely useful link to the Expo-database “, can be found under the heading of trade fair planning for visitors”, which allows global to keep trade fair dates at a glance: this database measuring lists worldwide, which you can invoke arranged among others by industry, country or period. Also exhibitors see Messehotels.de addresses, links and literature tips on all topics related to the own trade fair stand. Who wonders whether the expenses for an exhibition stand at all profitable, finds the latest figures for the marketing effectiveness of a trade fair at the appropriate location. The decision is made templates for all incurred organisational processes help prepare. By the booking of the stand, the choice of exhibition stand construction company up to the mediation of a nice hostess and of catering services, which brings the biscuits to the coffee, all of the portal can be Messehotels.de in attack. Finally, Messehotels.de can of course also one: find the right trade fair accommodation. Whether you here more clicks on the Germany card or the button of one of the eleven top fair cities, is a matter of taste.

“Arrived at the search form, the search leaves hotel after the overnight categories” or private accommodation “continue; Here are other tools shortly before its completion, so that no later than the spring fairs a further specification of the offered accommodation will be possible, divided in Garni – or star hotels, hotel reviews included. Press contact BDP GmbH Mr. M. Karpenko Ebnatstrasse 152 CH-8200 Schaffhausen phone: + 49 (0) 180-320-522 8 E-Mail: Web page:


May 30, 2017


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Holiday is everyone happy. Online there is often the possibility of vacation portals a lot of money save Hallenberg, July 6, 2010 Berlin is always worth a visit. You know this phrase. But why is she worth it? What do you get offered? Where and how to find an accommodation in Berlin? Should it be a hotel right in the Centre, or rather an apartment located something quieter? May is a holiday house for the whole family on the outskirts of the city. Best, makes you a picture of the ideas in advance and so his search narrows down something. Confluence Investment Mgt describes an additional similar source. A large online portal to search for hotels, apartments or holiday homes is for example Holiday4You. Here, the selection for accommodations for Berlin is very large.

Clearly with pictures and further details to the city, the portal Holiday4You can supply quickly inclined vacationers with the requested information. Berlin has something to offer for everyone. Not only that, it is the largest city in Germany, it is also a metropolis in the heart of Europe. The lively bustle of the city offers countless Attractions for every visitor. If you like the hustle and bustle and the constant movement, should seek as central his accommodation. After just a few steps from the door of the hotels or apartments, one surrounds this city. Ideally go downtown without a car on Safari. A very well-developed public transport network brings everyone quickly from A to B.

A pleasant tour, with can bus wonderful starting from Alexanderplatz with its world clock and the Tower, past at the Berlin Cathedral, the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag, continues at the Bellevue Palace and the victory column up to the Gedachtniskirche Church and Europa Center, plan. For night owls, the town offers everything the heart desires. Numerous clubs, bars and discos invite to the celebrations or cheerful sitting together. Closed, if at all, only in the early hours of the morning and also bus and train mostly all night drive through. You like it rather quietly or you travelled to Berlin, with the whole family suitable for a cottage on the outskirts of the city very well. Throughout the city, you will find incredible green. In the Grunewald or in the Spandau forest you can forget quickly that just around the corner the city is raging. A visit to Wannsee or the Muggelsee should schedule one as well in his visit to Berlin, as the mandatory photo before one of the city’s major landmarks. For accommodation and for which district you choose also, under berlin.htm you will find a wide range of hotels, apartments and holiday homes. Holiday4You began in 1997 with only 3 entries and has since vacationers around the world for hotels, apartments or apartments designed to a large portal, are looking for. The offer is complex and covers many regions of the world. Almost daily, new offers are added. This is certainly on the pricing policy of Holiday4You. At a maximum annual contribution of 35 for a provider, the portal in the future will continue to grow safely.

Tourism Association

November 30, 2015


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“as in the example of the new resulting Paseo” at the entrance to the urbanization siesta recognizes, apparently no financial commitment to big. The said sidewalk has everything you need as a real Paseo. Fit within the width at least to make also times side by side go a family of 7. Every few yards download park benches to the stay one, allow for the spectacular views of walls or a completely uninteresting look in the Barrens. A myriad of recycle bins (which are otherwise actually rather sparsely available in siesta – here they are concentrated) was erected and street lighting, the Avenida Espana worthy, finally also works, so it burns often during the day. All around a really successful thing. The pedestrian, who reached this walkway, truly rewarded for his troubles after he repeatedly had to seek for this road construction planning performance in real danger.

The Tourism Association speaks always of the island for winter tourism more attractive to make, since it would be been better, instead of once to build a cycle path this completely nonsensical (in this design) walkway but it is also good to finally attractive eye-catcher needs the lookout point already exists. You can learn the next intelligence evidence of road planners also have (literally). At the entrance after Sta.Eulalia a hill was built a few weeks ago across across the street, which in its dimensions certainly is unique in Europe and probably breaks all records. “Just completed, it had to be that if you wanted to avoid further demolished exhaust parts, this idiot Hill” needs a styling upgrade. So now happen is now the driveway on this ramp something slowed down. Therefore arises actually too much money back time that issue it by the EU? H. Froehlich for

Finally Get To See The Statue Of Liberty

October 29, 2014


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United Airlines to New York dream with many people of a horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park or a boat trip through the port with a visit to the statue of liberty. Who to New York wants a trip for years and finally want to see the American metropolis with their own eyes, has the opportunity to do now thanks to United Airlines. Since January, the airline offers direct flights from Frankfurt to twice a day. The online portal provides more details about the extended flight route between Frankfurt and Newark Airport. Due to the expansion of the usual flight path, there are every day equal to twice a direct flight from Frankfurt to New York now since January 3, 2012.

This connection is not only for business advantage, but offers greater flexibility for tourists. The machines of the type Boeing 757-200 can accommodate 175 passengers in economy class to first. Now, a machine from Frankfurt airport to the new non-stop flying at 8:45 in the morning York Newark Airport and lands at 12:00 o’clock local time in the United States. Who still fly back to Germany on the same day, has the opportunity to leave New York at 16:00 and land the next morning at 6:55 in Frankfurt. This early return is suitable according to Thorsten Lettnin, the Regional Director Central Europe United, especially for business travelers who fly only for an appointment in the American metropolis and then would fly directly back. The Newark Airport as a major hub with 300 destinations in the Americas is also excellent for appropriate connecting flights. More information: news.fluege.de/airline-news/… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann