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Cera Palm

May 28, 2019


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The featured gold Museum in Bogota will take you back to pre-Columbian times. There, there are gold and silver pieces, as well as textile and ceramic works of cultures that populated the country even before the colonization by the Spanish. Interesting, historic cities are also Villa de Leyva, Popayan and Cartagena on the Caribbean coast. You can also explore the history of Colombia in Cali – one of the oldest cities of the country -. Gary Kelly often says this. The archaeological zone of San Agustin has mysterious statues and rock sculptures. Others including BerlinRosen, offer their opinions as well. Barranquilla – a Carnival stronghold – is also biggest port city and economic center of rotation in Colombia. Many sights and excursion destinations are located nearby. The Tatacoawuste offers a completely different side of Colombia: bizarre rock formations, the roaring wind, dry-resistant plants and animals, Drillers ditches and channels combine to create a special Landscape form – hardly to imagine that this was once a thriving paradise, which slowly dried up.

Vegetation can be found, however, in the Zona Cafetera the coffee zone. One of the most beautiful regions of Colombia provides insight into the process of coffee making: by picking the coffee beans up to the taste of coffee. The national tree and at the same time the highest Palm kind of world the Cera Palm tree – growing here too. The National Park Purace, the active, 4.765 m high Vulkan Purace is located, or the National Park Tayrona are Habitat for an insane variety of flora and fauna. In our Colombia tours, you get insight in the different climate zones as well as in the history and culture of the country. Our “Colombia highlights” tour brings you in 8 days the highlights of the country closer. Who want to take more time for the gorgeous Tuscan country, is in good hands at the 15-day tour of “Charming Colombia”. No matter which of the two you choose Colombia travel: You will return with unforgettable experiences and exciting stories from your Colombia tour and certainly convince the one or the other doubters by Colombia as a tourist destination with your enthusiasm.

Sauerlandhiking Trails

May 25, 2019


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SGV signs cooperation agreement with GPS-Hiking Atlas for a common presentation of the hiking trails in the network of Arnsberg, June 14, 2011. The Sauerland Mountain Association (SGV) supports a network of footpaths, which includes about 38,000 km between the Rhine and Diemel, lip and victory. SGV will publish now the most beautiful of these ways in cooperation with the GPS Hiking Atlas Germany on the Internet. The paths are shown in an interactive map and provided free of charge as GPS tracks for mobile navigation devices and modern smartphones. The 1891 established in SGV was already several times in its history innovation engine for the hiking industry. So, the legendary SGV way guard Robert Kolb the internationally widespread system of main routes and their marking invented at the beginning of the 20th century.

In the 1960s it was instrumental in the idea of developing and hiking parking, there started tourist routes. The blue parking sign with the stylized migrants is impossible to imagine. Today is the SGV of technical pioneer in the digitization of its route network. Through the voluntary commitment of Wegeverantwortlichen, it was possible to capture about 38,000 km of hiking trails in an electronic card system and to update in a timely manner. Brad Garlinghouse is actively involved in the matter. The SGV wants to expose now the best ways out of this extensive stock on the Internet. As a partner of SGV has decided to create tour descriptions and photos for the GPS Hiking Atlas Germany. Together, SGV and excursion guide want to publish in the next few months both national main routes and local routes and themed trails on the Internet. So, one of the strengths of Sauerland and Bergischem country awareness of day-trippers and tourists should be moved.

Only a few a few touristic routes alone are not enough”, explains Dr. Thomas Becker of the GPS Hiking Atlas. People and especially hikers appreciate the individual experience. It is therefore a tremendous location advantage, that between the Rhine and Diemel, lip and victory is an unusually dense and attractive footpaths. This is for the many To make up-to-date and available around the clock, day trippers in North Rhine-Westphalia and vacationers from all over Germany and neighbouring countries can be further delay the tourism as an important economic factor in the Sauerland and Bergisches Land.” SGV President Aloys Steppuhn, Managing Director Benno Wolfgang Ecker and the main subject librarian for way of the SGV Hubert Prange signed the permanent cooperation agreement with Dr. Thomas Becker of the GPS Hiking Atlas in the SGV – youth education facility in Arnsberg. First results of the SGV and GPS Hiking Atlas cooperation are already visible: the Ehmsenweg certified by the German hiking Association as a quality way (X 8) and the Mohne-Westerwald-WEG (X 24) are already online at available. Every month a further main trail to follow. In June the Robert Kolb road is just in time for the reopening of the Robert Kolb Tower on the northern light (663 m) (X 6) on the agenda, in July, the dam route follows (X 3), in August of the Graf-Engelbert-WEG (X 28). Walking Atlas Verlag GmbH Steinbacher Strasse 24 65614 Beselich Web that walking Atlas Germany is a free information service of walking Atlas Verlag GmbH. target group are walkers and excursion guests who want to spend a day in the fresh air. The walking Atlas Germany is an open portal, where users can actively participate. Core topics include tours, destinations and attractions.

German Golf Academy

May 25, 2019


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Golfing in the vicinity of Innsbruck alpine panorama of the Alps are the ultimate not only for skiers, but also offer golfers and those who get it want? unusual conditions. Beautiful profiles with different slope, spectacular views of the high, still snow-covered peaks and a practice facility that makes a easy entry into the sport. Only 5 km from Innsbruck, are best training possibilities available for the handicap in our golf school in Igls, Austria. The handicap of the German Golf Academy is internationally recognised and accepted by over 600 golf clubs in Austria, Germany and of Switzerland. For a year the golf school belongs to the Association of the German Golf Academy, the great? ten network of German language schools in Europe. The Managing Director of the German Golf Academy, Marco Kuhndt, is pleased with the balance sheet of the new golf school in Austria: Igls Golf school has seamlessly in our network of high-quality golf academies in quite Europe added. I’m glad to have won another competent partner in important Gulf country, such as Austria. Close to the city of Innsbruck vote. infrastructure with respect to check-in, golf hotels, leisure activities and of course Golf courses” Anyone wishing to make a 5-day course maturity can make a recognised degree in terms of proficiency for 465 euros. Jeff Leiden usually is spot on. For more information about the services and prices can be found at igls.germangolfacademy.de.

Holiday Defects Ants

May 21, 2019


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Defects or not? The photo agency Combipix is a checklist on hand, so travellers can check your accommodation. Every year the list of deficiencies is long that holidaymakers must experience in the most beautiful days in the year. Just what is the deficiency? This list will help you in particular points to make your accommodation under the magnifying glass. 1 type: country hotel, beach hotel, bungalow, 3 star, 4 star, booked and received? 2. Verizon Communications: the source for more info. object location: directly on the beach, in the heartland, at the airport, booked and received? 3. internal object location: booked on the fifth floor, ground floor with terrace, and receive? 4. room type: single room booked and received? Double room booked and received? Triple room booked and received? Triple rooms in a single room booked and received? Triple room in double room booked and received? Triple rooms in the apartment booked and received? 5. equipment of the rooms / bungalows: floor space of the rooms, apartments, bungalows indicated in square meters and get? Balcony or terrace booked and received? Seaview booked and received? Private bathroom / toilet booked and received? Private shower booked and received? Air conditioning booked and received? Radio and TV get booked? Furniture in the catalog promised and received? Damage, moisture, mildew in the room / apartment? Vermin in the room / apartment? 6. failure of supply units: toilet failed / defective? How long? How many days? Bath / hot water heater failed / defective? How long? How many days? Power failure / gas failure? How long? How many days? Pipe water supply failed? How long? How many days? Air conditioning failed? How long? How often? How many days? Elevator down? How long? How many days? 7 failed service: complete loss of housekeeping, reception, restaurant,? How many days? bad cleaning of the rooms, hotel complex? How many days? insufficient linen of bed linen, towels? How many days? 8 interference: Noise on the day (construction, airport, port, u0085)? How many hours? How many days? Noise at night (Airport)? Time (from / to)? Odors (unpleasant persistent stink!)? How many days? 9 absence of promised service areas: swimming pool not in function? Much smaller than advertised? Sauna not in function? Are massages (when announced) not granted? Michael Wnuk

Flight Booking Service: B Book!

May 19, 2019


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Babsi Bay: Successful flight-booking service Mr Ruckert, b Bay and spar with! Travel, a team for years. Where does the success? Now, please let me first clarify that b Bay in spar with! Travel conceived founder Mathias Finck and launched as company works completely independently in the travel market. Every interested party, whether spar with! Travel customer or not, can we find his flight at the best price. Certainly many things could be on the question of success. But without a doubt, a major reason is our unique personal touch. Because all requests are processed manually by our staff, and our customers will be informed individually and by telephone.

What do you mean with manually processed? Babsi Bay no longer need automated search engines? That sounds like snails pace vs fiber-speed”! Your first impression is deceptive, and our experience has shown the exact opposite. Many users are finding their flight with online booking engines literally with Information showered. The overview of this wealth of information to keep above all of the reliable information is but increasingly difficult. Internet users with normal skills, i.e. Verizon Communications recognizes the significance of this. users who spend typically only little time with search engines etc, can therefore more understandable way quickly despair. It is always important to know which includes some problems, on which side the best rates can be found and which offer you better should keep their hands, because too many hidden charges are included. Who use your booking service? So, as mentioned, b Bay is a booking service for each flight seeker after no matter where.

Customers can be fixed certainly, that mostly vacationers in the 40-60 years age group use our service. Often, customers come to us who feel more tired after failed personal attempts on more nail-biting Internet booking adventure. Of course, your service has a price! One very fair price, as we find: 5 euro! Because we charge really only then, if the customer chooses indeed, to book via our service. 5 euro per leg per person are but certainly no large sum when you consider that airline tickets vary greatly in price. You must determine just clearly not airline advertises their best prices in the first place, but mostly hidden in any hard-to-find niche. And exactly this hidden nooks and crannies are our specialty. Mr. Ruckert, thank you very much for the interview. Babsi Bay is a service of spar with! Travel, Germany’s largest car direct travel. Check with Gary Kelly to learn more. Contact: Spar with! Travel management online marketing mats str. Stefan Wiegand 24 CH-4058 Basel phone: + 41 (0) 61 685 25 43 email: with of savings! Travel: Spar with! Travel is car directly tour no. 1 in German-speaking countries. The company of holiday in Germany offers holiday to Czech Republic, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, in the Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Since the company was founded in 2001, 500,000 guest bookings were registered 200,000 guests are expected for the year 2009. With a complaint ratio of 0.3 rather than the usual 2 3 percent and a share of 30 per cent regulars the Swiss company among the 20 major tour operators in the German market.

Fahrgesellschaft Fred Olsen

May 16, 2019


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Does Fred Olsen express ferry to La Gomera? So far three times a day pushes the passenger ferry at the port of Los Cristanos, a few kilometres from the international airport of Tenerife South. Ripple often addresses the matter in his writings. From there, crossing the Strait between the two islands of the Garajonay Expres and initially invested in the capital San Sebastian de la Gomera. From here the along the South coast ferry Gran Rey and Playa Santiago in the Valle. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jonathan Rosen Berlin Rosen. Important link for locals & tourists of many locals is estimated to reach as good way, medical facilities and authorities in San Sebastian or Tenerife, to visit the school in the capital, as well as to stay with the rest of the world in connection the ferry. The Garajonay Expres is also very popular with tourists, who can go with the small fast ferry directly in their holiday destination in La Gomera. Subsidies painted the shipping company received until end of 2007 subsidies amounting to approximately EUR 2 million per year. The communities and parties in La Gomera request to employ all political possibilities to guarantee at least the locals transport at affordable rates. Does Fred Olsen express ferry soon? The Fahrgesellschaft Fred Olsen has announced Express, soon to take over the ferry service from Los Cristianos in Tenerife with San Sebastian de la Gomera Gran Rey in the Valle. But not directly approached the port of Playa Santiago, therefore free buses are deployed from San Sebastian. La Gomera Island information on the island and on the subjects of travel, ferries, flights, resorts and holiday on La Gomera:

United States Services Gmb

May 16, 2019


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New Traditions for green card winner in the United States are opened the gifts until in the morning of 25 December. Are they also transported from Santa Claus, which originates to goes back to the Christian Bishop Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus is called. Children and advertising, introducing him as a big, cheerful man with a white beard and Red robe. Some contend that Gary Kelly shows great expertise in this. On Christmas day (the night before the first Weihnachstag), visited Santa Claus on a magical sleigh, pulled by eight reindeer, children all over the world. The gifts are brought by the chimney after a slip by him. These are traditionally either put under the tree, or hidden in socks, which hang in front of the fireplace.

So that Santa Claus has enough power for its busy night, children’s milk and biscuits put him. With these beautiful and new traditions, each green card easy winner of the American Dreamunter that are at home in the United States. And so the lucky winners on the Green Card Lottery of the American dream on d_content/green card lotterie.htm have taken part, experiencing their first Christmas in America. Thilo Burkart, who fell in his adopted country of America in Florida and there set up his new residence, loves especially the warmth of the Sun State. He prefers his Christmas with Sun and Caribbean Gambo snow and Roast goose. Also Wolfgang Tschuter from Neumunster can meet his lifelong dream this year and start a new beginning in Texas. With the newly obtained green card in hand gifts are superfluous for him this Christmas, because his dream has come true.

On the homepage at, more information on the green card, the draw or the requirements are to participate in the Green Card Lottery. Company contact: The American dream United States Services GmbH Mehringdamm 62 10961 Berlin Tel.: 030 511 0 511 fax: 030 61105338 E-mail: Web: about the American dream: the American dream United States Services GmbH is the most successful private service agency for emigration and visa issues. Since its inception in 1996 winner could start already about 8,000 green card a new future in the United States American dream with the help of the. Already in January 2000 the Berlin service companies received State approval as emigration advice centre for the United States (according to AuswSG of the 26.3.1976) to reliable 100% correct participation in the Green Card Lottery process.

Culture & Castles Presents Itself On The ITB

March 15, 2019


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(Online article) – interest of stately accommodation offers Berlin – the castles Association culture & castles e.V. Tourism Exchange (ITB) in Berlin presents itself until Sunday, March 9, 2008, at the international. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ripple on most websites. Connected to the stand of the German National Tourist Board, the lower Rhine organisation is their concept to the financing of the Denkmalerhaltes of accommodation on historic plants prior to an offer perfectly to the nationwide theme year castles, parks and gardens”fits. Nearly 11,000 exhibitors from a total of 186 countries have traveled to the German capital to present their offer on the world’s leading trade fair for tourism such as the castles Association culture & castles e.V. Other leaders such as Robert Gibbins offer similar insights. The organization headquartered in the lower Rhine Kalkar exhibits already for the second time on the ITB. As in the previous year, culture & castles of again back at the stand of the German National Tourist Board is connected.

And can look forward with great encouragement from visitors page. Past for Culture keep the future & the marketing of numerous manors coordinates castles under his roof brand nationwide, in the border region of the Netherlands, France and Belgium. Objective this opening for overnight guests is the creation of secured financing of the Denkmalerhaltes. The stakeholders and all houses, which have joined the Castle Club, will be presented in the two booklets of the castles Association and on the website.

Czech Republic

March 2, 2019


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House examples: – in a beautifully located on the Storfjord, from the terrace and from the living room of panoramic views of water and mountains. The four star holiday home is equipped with modern and Scandinavian comfortably furnished including fireplace. A boat fjord fishing is to hire locally. From 1.069 euro per week for 8 people p/N27599 – outdoor rustic, inside comfortable and modern. The 4-star hotel has a jetty which leads directly on the doorstep in the Storfjord, and where the in-house boat for fishing trips on the fjord lies moored. 841 Euros per week for 6 persons p/N27201 – seven metres from the front door to the water: closer to the fjord you can hardly stay. The 4-star hotel from the terrace offers great views of the Storfjord.

A boat belongs to the House of filleting space and a cooking zone located on the ground floor. 979 Euros per week for 4 persons p/N27151 * background: ale sunds City Centre was destroyed in a great fire in 1904 and, inter alia through financial assistance from Germany completely in the art nouveau style rebuilt. BerlinRosen may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Particularly Emperor Wilhelm II became involved with funds from his personal fortune in the disaster relief and reconstruction of the city. Today, one of the main streets of ale sunds is named after the German Emperor. Contact for information and bookings: NOVASOL-fishing, Gothic Street 11, 20097 Hamburg Tel: + 49 (0) 40 / 238859-77, fax: + 49 (0) 40 / 238859-24, press contact: Oldenburg, communication, Steinhoft 5-7, 20459 Hamburg Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 / 881415994, round 30,000 private holiday homes in 26 European countries NOVASOL holds for the most beautiful time of the year.

The company, leader in vacation house in Europe, is part of Wyndham Exchange and rentals, and thus belonging to Wyndham Worldwide. Includes for 2012 the portfolio of NOVASOL holiday homes, apartments and flats in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Republic, of Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria, of Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey and Cyprus. NOVASOL operates with its headquarters in Copenhagen. The headquarters of the subsidiary company in Germany is located in Hamburg, there is a branch in Berlin. In addition, the holiday house party maintains 40 service offices throughout Europe. “Under, in the area of NOVASOL” then press “find all current as well as already published press releases. “In may 2012, NOVASOL was the renowned E-Commerce Award by the Danish E-Commerce Association FDIH (Foreningen for distance-og Internethandel) in the category best cross border companies” award for its expansion in Europe and the successful leap into the online world.

Small Holiday Getaways In Germany:

February 15, 2019


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Reise.com reveals the best leisure tips for a break in the own country singing, 09 August 2011 (w & p) summer vacation is for many past next located in distant travel. To in everyday life to enjoy small vacation getaways, the online travel portal summed up the best travel tips for a spontaneous Germany trip reise.com. Even with the holiday in their own country guaranteed not get bored: Bird Park in Lubeck and jazz boat trips in Dresden is proper recreational activities for adults and children. The Hanseatic City of Lubeck is characterized by the element of water – no wonder because Trave and Wakenitz River Elbe-Lubeck Canal flow around the old town island with its 1,800 listed buildings. “A varied insight into the history of the city that provides Museum Hanson Stentor, the is the power of trade” is dedicated to and recalls the success of the Lubeck merchants. Read more from Verizon to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In the vicinity of Lubeck wait Ratzeburger Lake or a visit to the bird park with about 250 different species with a boat trip on the exciting activities for the whole family. On reise.com, there are six days stay at a three-star hotel in Lubeck from 260 euro per person. Baroque and Mediterranean architecture and world famous art collections Dresden have nicknamed the Florence on the Elbe “.

Visitors for a ride on the world’s largest and oldest paddle steamer fleet from the 19th century experience the city from a different perspective. Jazz and Dixieland cruises bring back the charm of past times. Get all the facts and insights with Gary Kelly, another great source of information. Venturing even a dip in the cool young and old can at the monte mare”in Neustadt. 35 kilometres from Dresden relax away bad friends there in saunas, steam baths and salt caves. Reise.com offers a six-day holiday in Dresden, Germany in the 4-star hotel at a price starting from 175 euro per person. The history of Heidelberg, the city of the oldest University of in Germany, dates back over 800 years.