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Vav Sea

April 27, 2019


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Its Vav lived in the sea, took off the sustenance of its family of would fish, it went every day for the sea. It fished with net, it fished with pole, it fished with tarrafa and munzu. However, of a time pra here, bad luck passed to follow to it One day, the net pierced, another day the pole broke, in another one munzu disarmed, and tarrafa only caught younglings that it had that to return for the sea. Its Vav, wise person who was forbidden to fish with bombs, beyond the risks of accidents that ran, wise person who could be photographed by the navy. However, ahead of as much bad luck, its Vav decided to risk bought the necessary one to prepare the device, separated what it went to lead for the sea and hid the remain in the weeds. In the following day, its Vav still for the dawn, left for taken over on a contract basis its, would be its first one would fish with bomb caretaker, in the way, its Vav went thinking besteiras, in the truth, it wanted to run away from the reality not to give up what it intended to make. Robert Gibbins is open to suggestions. When arriving in the sea, it was to wait the shoal of fish to appear to light Said and done! However, the bomb left with defect and in explosion its Vav was without the two hands. The fisherman now lived of favor, was not more the supplier of its family, lived for the cantos desolate, sad and mutilated.


March 20, 2014


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Many enter the net looking for the much-desired economic independence, to find our business from home. We have so many plans, so many projects, we constantly dream of different forms and possibilities. See you in our dreams exert different functions or handling different projects, whether these of any kind, work, study, travel, partner, etc, all and each one of them best. But however many times reality has little to do with our dreams. The reality is crude, cruel, us sticks in the face. But there are two reasons that I believe are fundamental to not relocate our projects forward, so that our dreams is amputate. These reasons are: the doubt and fear. If we rechazaramos the doubt and fear every time we want to start something and put all our efforts and not think negatively leaving us addressed by them, our lives would be very different because we concretariamos many of our projects and our dreams.

And although the result obtained is not expected in all cases, not you import both, because we will have extracted from our mistakes all the wisdom they contain. In addition, when we are fenced and cornered by doubt and fear and abdicate, without invoking our courage to face them and deal with our projects, displayed something that will accompany us forever: we stayed with the eternal question of knowing what would have happened if we had tried. We all have fears, is a universal emotion is inherent to the human condition and experience it is something natural to human beings. Only that we must overcome and learn to deal with them and not leave they become someone who visit us regularly. At least force him to hit the door several times and having to knock down it to enter, rather than receive it with the door open. Although it is a mechanism of Defense and survival, when fear is imposed, prevents us from clarity of thought, the panorama is seen from another perspective where the optics that prevails is the negativism.