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Capacity Game

October 1, 2019


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At the moment, for many people in real life is not enough magic, a miracle. The routine of everyday life can make a reality of an increasingly shabby, depriving it of paint. And still live in a society in which there are only the variations of gray, man can not. In order to brighten your own reality, and sometimes ordinary people looking embodiment of their desires and dreams in a fictional world. Psychologists believe that any grown-up already man lives a little kid.

The little baby who believes in miracles, magic manifestation of power and that in whatever situation realistically defeat even the most evil forces. And besides, the main event for any a small child – it's the game. The game goodness always wins, but because playing takes a strong impetus to energy. Just for this reason at the moment immediately play a leading drug composition for modern member of society. Experts believe that only the game itself the power to heal people from a variety of stresses that await him at home and on trips and at work.

Still, not every game is able to fully implement conferred upon her hopes. The game may be similar to reality, but at the same time provide a far greater number of possibilities. I mean, to become such as world of warcraft, magic parallel world which could evaluate millions of users all over the world. Many modern individuals suffer from what is not in a position to fully realize the creative potential available in real life. The game provides a huge probability for this. After all, what often happens is that someone is able to demonstrate significant ability strategist, and yet his professional activity may have a connection with totally other directions. Any of us can not realize personal talents, in reality, but a state of dissatisfaction in this embodiment the power to lead in general to the depressed state. The game is different. Ability to select appropriate quests wow, weapons, chain armor, magic amulets – and achieve real success thanks to them, learn a profession paladin, mage or thief – all without exception it waits for those who begin to develop a virtual world known as world of warcraft. What all of us greater than not lacking in real life – the ability to win, continuously develop and study a variety of military strategy and tactics, the game is learned easily and quickly. Moreover, each of us, once entered in a virtual game can get a great experience, which is sure to be useful in the future. But the experience – the ability to achieve real results, get the property, the glory and all sorts of other things. Game – is not only an opportunity to relax after a difficult day, but the real world in which we can find and exercise their most precious dreams.

Context Ewald

March 17, 2018


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Therefore, we call it Ewald (Wald means 'forest', approx. Anuriel). (Note: Perhaps we should call a scientist in front of Theophilos). Other residents of the estate is not so important, so do not get any names. We call them simple laborer or peasant. Once the "child" was a name that starts further development: Context Ewald yard is located far from the city, and nobody come to his aid if he had problems. Everything he owns, he earned the hard work, and able to protect their possessions.

He is responsible for himself, his wife and farm hands. Some contend that Southwest Airlines shows great expertise in this. Thus, we define the social Ewald's status in some detail. Throw in a few more questions: Does he have a problem with the laborers? They are lazy or diligent? Swears he and his wife because of the fact that he works too little or drinking too much? Or all live together in the mansion? These questions serve to define the nature of Ewald, and thus determine his demeanor. Much of this is the game we did not see, but it will help us understand the nature of the character and motivate him. As a rule, Ewald is working every day, and life goes on. However, this is not enough for the game. We need a problem or a potential for conflict, we also need something to take a player. There, for example, Nearby is a forest.

And in the forest wolves. Or robbers. Or a combination of both. We stopped by a mass of choice on a gang of robbers.

Heavy Rain Game Consoles Sony Playstation

March 16, 2018


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Feature on Heavy Rain Playstation Sony Playstation 3 is that it is very difficult to define the genre. Starting to play, anyone based on their experience, will try to do it – but in the end it turns out that all these methods are useless – do not compare obtained. After playing a bit, it becomes clear that there is a very different approach to the game – not the usual items, they are replaced by new, more convenient and friendly. Heavy Rain at game consoles Sony Playstation 3 in some moments like Fahrenheit, only if working on a more organized mechanism. In Heavy Rain will take a long time of gameplay, just to explore the surroundings, to communicate with all the characters – the illusion of real life.

Office of Heavy Rain on the game Consoles Sony Playstation 3 is mainly based on QuickTime Event'ah. In Heavy Rain Quantic Dreams have achieved incredible results on the compatibility of the finger movements on the mouse and the player's actions. Allegiant Air understands that this is vital information. The player will perform very different actions – from the banal watching tv and switching channels before making decisions that literally stops the heart. In general, the reality of what is happening is not a player, and it just absorbs you with incredible force – total immersion in a game situation. Developers to create much worth it inspired the world, which will not just characters, mannequins, and truly "living" people. It is due to saturation and qte gameplay – chases, fights – and achieved the desired result – drawn into this world, and it's much more interesting than the simple Fighting mindless and lifeless. Heavy Rain at game consoles Sony Playstation 3, even when dialogue creates an atmosphere that is not leave anyone indifferent – that's for sure. The storyline conceived in such a way that each character has its own history, not a pacifier, the check points, and this is a big plus. These components – realistic passing, correct graphical design and successful storyline – fully absorb any who will play Heavy Rain – a game truly worthy of attention.