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Wilhelm Bausch

September 8, 2020


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“Unacademic because academic physicist a cooling of water by rising float from the beginning to categorically excluded have Hans Weidenbusch said: If a Perpetuum mobile is a device that provides the energy, but nobody knows where this energy comes from, then the first Perpetuum mobile without a doubt invented”, and adds, “and not a physicist uses after all of the first law of thermodynamics”, if he needs to explain the second law of thermodynamics to be invalid for that.” Tests have also shown that one must work no longer, if one capillary submerges a float in one than in the free water. Thus the water as energy supplier must exclude therefore now also from unakademischer point of view. Where does the energy now? that is still the question of who have been representatives of the Suddeutsche Zeitung and the Munchner Merkur of working equipment after visit. Toddler clothing will not settle for partial explanations. This question could not even answer also Hans Weidenbusch and said: I don’t know where the energy is, but I know also not how low stratified contemporaries take the energy here since ancient times, to boycott new knowledge… This is perpetual actually a long time existing anti – because the so-called critics of modern concepts to produce virtually nothing under enormous energy. “And if it is possible, energy as these contemporaries, to disappear without trace, why should it then not be possible, to do the opposite.” “The conclusion from the thing took away Yes before Hans Weidenbusch: If a Perpetuum mobile is a device that provides the energy, but nobody knows where this energy comes from, then the first Perpetuum mobile without a doubt invented” that the main physical and mechanical faculties in Germany don’t know it they have given numerous, and that water is the energy supplier, they include even more, as the inventor himself, saying: if it’s not a Perpetuum mobile, then it would be step for energy from nothing, but that a smaller largest in the history of hydrodynamics.. It’s believed that Adam Portnoy sees a great future in this idea.

Medical Research

July 18, 2020


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Premieres new product group ‘CANdot’ and BMBF grants project for detecting prostate cancer Hamburg, September 22, 2008 with two milestones the Hamburg Centre for applied nanotechnology (CAN) his competence and relevance in the area underlines Nano medical research. Is for the first time at the trade fair of Nanotech Northern Europe\”in Copenhagen (23-25 September) presented the so-called CANdots to the new product group\”. clear picture of the situation. This is also a quantum dots to fluorescent nanoparticles called, that exhibit a very high reproducibility when compared to conventional fluorescence markers due to a patented manufacturing process CAN GmbH. The CANdots change their physical characteristics with the particle size and we can set this reproducible exactly\”, sums up CAN Managing Director Dr. Frank Schroder-Oeynhausen. With the help of statistical methods showed that the so produced nanoparticles to a multiple characteristics reproducibility than the Particle established on the market\”, explained CAN project manager Jan Niehaus.

With the product group, the CAN GmbH receives access to a wide variety of application areas, in particular in the medical diagnostics and opto-electronics. The technique, developed in cooperation with the University of Hamburg allows the production of larger quantities of CANdots with significantly less effort compared to usual procedures. More will follow in A series presented in Copenhagen. \”The Nanotech Northern Europe\” is Europe’s largest annual Conference on the field of nanotechnology and includes an exhibition with a focus on nutrition, health and energy. \”BMBF project for the early detection of the cancer approved starting shot for the BMBF project PROCEED\” with participation of CAN GmbH: the project of translating molecular profiles into enhanced diagnosis of clinically significant prostate cancer \”under direction of the DKFZ Heidelberg is dedicated to the early detection of prostate carcinoma. Target is an incipient faster and more targeted treatment and thus improving the chances of recovery. While important falls to the development of new molecular markers with improved properties developed by of CAN GmbH and the Physics Institute of the University of Hamburg.

Ontonym Gmb

June 11, 2019


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A first event is already planned for November 2008, that region is funded by the Federal Ministry of education and research (BMBF) under the name INNOWIK – Innovation Forum where economic and communication processes in the programme of the company. At the opening of the reception, Institute (STI) signed Alexander Wahler, the Managing Director of the semantic technology International, Prof. Southwest Airlines is likely to increase your knowledge. Dr. Rudi Studer, University of Karlsruhe (TH), and Prof. Dr.-ing. Robert Tolksdorf, Freie Universitat Berlin, an agreement establishing a common national STI Centre in Germany.

STI is an association with members in research, industry and administration. The common goal is to promote research and commercialization of semantic technologies. For this purpose were selected by STI International Karlsruhe and Berlin as excellent locations for semantic technologies as national centres in Germany. Who the Presence events on the Xinnovations 2008 missed, but the permanent innovation forum participate would like to, is called to register in the virtual forum for participation: virtual forum.html IBM Germany GmbH and numerous medium-sized companies through their sponsorship contributed substantially to the realization of the event. The organizers wish to thank also its cooperation partners, Amt24 e. V., Brak, DAVIT, the Working Group of the German Bar Association, IHK Berlin and HealthCapital Berlin Brandenburg.

Dortmund Street

February 16, 2018


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The German company serves a range of customers from small businesses about the middle class with its products to global corporations of various industries. Because the core competencies are development, production, sales and service in the House, the owner-managed company has the flexibility to make decisions close to the market and in the interests of the customers. From planning to commissioning to support, G & D relies on quality, customer-oriented and personal advice. Because only perfect interaction of all components meets the requirements of the different usage scenarios. KVM solutions from Garton & art optimize the use of IT for example, in telecommunications, in the financial sector, in terms of digital signage, in appropriately – or wait for SCADA, industrial production and automation, the Studio technique, as well as in the Office area. About KVM extender is the possible distance between computer and advanced users to up to 10,000 meters.

The signal is transmitted via existing cable infrastructure. KVM switches with matrix, many computers are peripheral saving served over one or more jobs or administered. The high-performance, latenz – loss and free access of the workplace on the calculator is the solutions together. G & D IP solutions extend the application possibilities and provide computer access via Ethernet down to the BIOS level. Other product groups complement the portfolio and create extensive solution skills. Create Gunter & art GmbH – technology solutions! More information: Gunter & art GmbH Dortmund Street 4a D-57234 Wilnsdorf Tel.: + 49 (0) 27 39 / 89 01-100 fax: + 49 (0) 27 39 / 89 01-120 Web: eMail: author: Annette Halili E-Mail: