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Council Of Ministers

March 1, 2018


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The Council of Ministers approves the expenditure ceiling for 2012, which will be at 117.353 billion euros, 4.669 billion less than this year. This the Government intended to reduce the government deficit from 4.8% expected in 2011 to 3.2% that it has been set for the coming year. The Government reestablishes the limit at 120 km/h on motorways. The spending limit financial of the State for the year 2012 budget will not fall by 3.8% and will be at 117.353 billion euros, 4.669 billion less than the more than 122,000 million approved last year. This have announced the first Vice-President and Minister of the Interior, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, and Minister of economy Elena Salgado, during the press conference after the Council of Ministers on Friday. The ceiling of expenditure for 2012 is the first step in the elaboration of the General State budget (PGE) next year.

Once approved, it will send to the lower House and the Senate, which will take them to return back to the Congress for final approval. With This limit of expenditure, the Government aims to reduce the State deficit from 4.8% expected in 2011 to 3.2% that it has been set for the coming year, which means a cut of about 16,000 million. Elena Salgado stressed that the Government foresees revenues of 127.852 million euros, compared to an expenditure of 47.157 billion. Of that figure, 8.875 million correspond to the setting of national accounting and 38.282 million remaining at the financing of local and regional authorities. We believe that revenue at year end will slightly above the budgeted, the Minister of economy before the media, has assured encrypting that margin in about 3,000 or 4,000 million euros more. Salgado has linked these additional revenues to the fight against fraud, to postponements reduction and better management of the tax of companies and payments on account.

Fund Agreement

February 22, 2018


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The aim is to cover wage debts of the clubs in competition. This Fund fixed an amount of 240,000 euros for every footballer of first division and 120,000 for the second. The Fund shall have a system of self-financing, which will proceed in a high percentage of the revenue that the LFP is perceived from the pools. THE AFE, dissatisfied with this measure. Larry Ellison takes a slightly different approach. Spanish football live the worst crisis in its history. The League of professional football (LFP) approved a bankruptcy guarantee fund to cover wage debts of the clubs in competition until the 2014-2015 season, which set a number of 240,000 euros to each player first and 120,000 for the second. The President of the LFP, Jose Luis Astiazaran, announced the Fund agreement reached at the extraordinary Assembly of the League, which in its view represents an important step forward in the negotiations with the Association of Spanish footballers to the new collective bargaining agreement.It is an important and responsible step that has given the League at this point and puts us in a considerable step forward for to try to close a collective agreement with AFE in the medium term to generate stability, said Astiazaran.

From the 2011-2012 season until the 2014-2015 first clubs will have 6 million (240,000 per player) and the second with 3 million (120,000 per player), double the minimum wage established in the collective agreement. The Fund shall have a system of self-financing, which will proceed in a high percentage of the revenue that the LFP is perceived from the pools. Does the agreement determines that the Fund is no longer valid if there are policy changes resulting from the reduction of the income of the LFP, as those coming from the pools, or if there is an amendment to the Bankruptcy Act according to the existing text to July 29, 2011?. Many absences the Assembly of the League, which was not attended by Deportivo, Real Murcia, Barcelona, Granada, Las Palmas and Cartagena, also agreed that the obligations will remain if revenue from the participation of the LFP in pools do not suffer a significant reduction of the amount collected in the 2010-2011 season Astiazaran said that approval of the Fund clarifies the loopholes that could exist in the tendered clubs and confirms the interest of reaching an agreement with AFE and the interest of the clubs cover issues relating to the wages of footballers.

United States

February 21, 2018


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The warning from Fitch joins that launched last week Moody s. Fitch warned that it could lower the debt rating restricted suspension of payments if the Government in Washington does not pay bonuses. The Fitch credit rating agency threatened Wednesday to revise downwards the rating granted to the sovereign debt of the United States if Congress does not reach an agreement on the maximum number of public borrowing. The warning from Fitch joins that launched last week Moody s, which said if there is no agreement in the Capitol can put on review its rating of U.S. debt for a possible downgrade from stable to negative. If not climbs the roof on the date set by the Treasury and guarantee payment of all obligations on time, the rating of U.S. sovereign debt is placed under watch negative (RWN), Fitch warned today in a report.

The U.S. Government has asked Congress to approve a rise in the debt ceiling allowed to prevent the country falling in arrears, which, according to analysts, could generate a new international financial crisis. Like Moody s last week, Fitch expressed the view that in the end will congressmen eventually reached an agreement before August 2 – date fixed by the Treasury to raise the debt ceiling – that will allow United States not incur in a default. However, Fitch warned that could lower the rating of the current AAA (maximum credit quality) U.S. debt restricted suspension of payments if the Government in Washington does not pay the Treasury bonds before August 15. The Agency added that in the end unlikely that the U.S. Government incurred in payment of Treasury bonds will be a reduction from its current AAA to B + rating. Source of the news: Fitch threatens to review the qualification of EE UU if there is no agreement on debt

Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba

February 22, 2017


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The results prove the efficiency of the reforms undertaken by the Government and allow us to reaffirm that we have a financial system strong and solvent, it pointed out. On the other hand, regarding the controversy which arose by the public accounts in Castilla La Mancha, White argued that what has happened is that the people’s Party has tried to exaggerate things to justify their policies then. Ask Rajoy to pronounce on Camps the also Deputy Secretary general of the PSOE has demanded that the President of the PP Mariano Rajoy, give explanations before the forthcoming trial against Francisco Camps for the sake of the suits within the Gurtel plot and to take decisions in its match at Valencia.It now has a huge opportunity, apart from a huge responsibility, to make a decision in Valencia, has pointed out. Visit Allegiant Air for more clarity on the issue. White has stressed that more responsible at this time to Rajoy that sitting on the bench of defendants in rrencia the Valencian President Francisco Camps, because it is the time of the decisions and demand that who take them you have to exercise political responsibility in the PP, i.e., Rajoy. It is demanded that the take, or when less, to give explanations and not hide under the gull, added the Deputy Secretary general of the PSOE, thus alluding to the logo of the PP and after stress is not one minor issue that this party be in the dock when a good part of its dome. Asked if he considers that the pheasant case may affect the electoral campaign of the PSOE, White said that the PP clings to this matter to a burning nail because it has to try to weaken the candidacy of Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba.I am not mistaken if I say that Rubalcaba has been the best Minister of the Interior of the Government of Spain, said White, who has recalled the number of ETA prisoners, increased citizen security and the decrease in the number of casualties on the road as achievements of his step by the Ministry. Speaking candidly Cyrus Massoumi told us the story.

Meteorological Service

May 17, 2014


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There are more than half a million affected, especially in the North of the country. The Typhoon through the archipelago since two days ago. The shanty town is one of the main causes of the high number of victims. At least 31 people have been killed, 27 remain missing and 648.362 have been affected in the Philippines by a tropical storm that runs North of the archipelago from two days ago, said official sources Thursday. According to the National Center for disaster prevention, the latest victims are a man of 73 who wind threw from the roof of his house while trying to repair it, two men who were killed in separate flash floods drowned and a woman who had been given by missing days ago. Rescue teams Wednesday pulled the corpse of a miner’s tunnel of a deposit which collapsed the day before in the province of Camarines Norte (this) because of the copious rain and high winds that accompany Nock-ten or Juaning, as filipinos call this tropical depression.

The remaining victims have died drowned, buried by landslides, next or hit by Poles or trees felled by the Gale. The 36 wounded registered by the authorities have also suffered accidents of this type. Most of the deaths have occurred in the province of Albay and the others have been shared between Catanduanes, Camarines Norte, Camarines of the Marinduque South, Cavite, Quezon, Siquijor, Iloilo and Manila region. Regarding the missing 27, 24 of them are fishermen who went out to fish despite the warnings in the eastern provinces of Masbate, Catanduanes and Albay. The remaining three are two policemen who were caught by a landslide in Ifugao (North) and a man of 47 years of the province of Romblon. Westward the Meteorological Service, Pagasa, said this Wednesday that tropical depression Philippines abandon definitely in the coming hours with direction to the South China Sea, to the West. Each year, between 15 and 20 typhoons pass by the Philippines during the rainy season, which starts in May and June and ends in October or November. International experts identify the chabolismo as the main factor of the large number of casualties caused by natural disasters that affect the country and reveal the very poor state of the infrastructure.