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Chinese Handicaps

December 8, 2017


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Radio4Handicaps interviewed celebrity guests to the issues of disabled sports and barriers Niebull, February 8, 2008 Radio4Handicaps (R4H) guests from sports, to interview business and politics to the issues of disabled sports and barriers took the ball des sports last weekend for the occasion. One of which was by questions put to them what barriers should disappear from people’s minds? \”.\” Prejudices. Learn more at this site: Oracle. Every man should be taken as such as he is. \”, so Sven Ottke in conversation with R4H wheelchair reporter Simona Zeeb. Disabled sports is very fascinating to me, but boxing is not suitable as a kind of sport for the disabled.\” Box mate Vitali Klitschko also shared this opinion.

The disabled sport has found more and more followers and supporters. Its importance in the world of sports has risen sharply since the last two Paralympic Games. Rudolf Scharping, MDS, I knew until now, not that there is a radio station with special wire formats for people with disabilities. I find a great thing and will listen to on occasion once. \”.\” The question, whether he’s going to the Paralympics (6 to 17 September 2008) to Beijing, he denied. Many writers such as Philip Vasan offer more in-depth analysis. Also the schedule of the Hessian Minister President Roland Koch admits no visit. I’m a big proponent and supporter of disabled sports. Unfortunately, the political situation does not allow that I travel to Beijing.

I rely completely on the media coverage.\” Radio4Handicaps as the only German Internet radio station for people with and without disabilities reported daily ature and in 4 languages (german, English, Turkish and Chinese) of the games in Beijing. \”The German Comdeypreis Winner 2007, Barbara Schoneberger, that already accompanies a project with sign-language interpreters, said spontaneously their support of the project I’m deaf and hear Radio4Handicaps\” to. Also Johannes B. Kerner, former Ambassador for the football World Cup of persons with mental retardation, informed in detail about the ongoing projects of Radio4Handicaps.

CONET Services GmbH Successfully ISO-9001-certified

November 27, 2017


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TuV Nord confirms high quality standards and documented performance of the areas hosting, managed services, IT support and operation of Frankfurt am Main, 4 July 2013. The CONET Services GmbH has the requirements to the international certification DIN complies with EN ISO 9001. TuV Nord confirms high quality standards the Frankfurt IT service provider in the areas of hosting, managed services, IT support and IT operations. This certification applies nationally and internationally as the ideal basis for the detection of competence and performance for modern companies regardless of industry and size. We are working constantly to improve the quality of our service and to adapt to the requirements of our customers”, explains Claus Frombgen, Managing Director of the CONET Services GmbH. therefore we particularly pleased about the successful certification.

With this global standard, documented that all processes and procedures within the company of a permanent control and thus continuous improvement are subject to. So we contribute to a sustainable quality assurance, optimization potential and create confidence to our customers. ” About the CONET Services GmbH the CONET Services GmbH offers a broad portfolio of IT operating services, and managed services for clients in finance, the public sector, the Defense & Security and the private sector. In addition to data center operations, as well as to gehorigerer advice, the range includes in particular the design and installation of IT systems, migration projects, ITIL compliant support and remote maintenance, backup, and disaster recovery. Special solutions for the financial sector as direct market access and proximity solutions, as well as secure and highly available cloud computing and hosting deals optimally support the day-to-day operations and help to meet the growing requirements of the system stability and availability.

Alpine Club Service Centre

November 26, 2017


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The catalogue and the House brand of ASMu one of the most important sales tools sport Schuster is the catalog. The first edition was published in 1913. The catalog contains the most important current highlights on 500 pages in the assortment. Only in the online shop, you will find a greater selection. The name ASMu stands for August Schuster Munich. The in-house products will be published under this title. In 1913, there were generally still not usable equipment for mountain sports.

August Schuster read his personal experiences in the in-house workshop incorporated. So he invented the Pitons, which was known as the cobbler-hook in the history. In 1916, ski binding was patented the cobbler. The Manschonsohle and the high touring tent were more important inventions. ASMu international trademark was registered in 1926. The ski shop In winter sports shop can you are perfectly equipped for winter sports. Sport Schuster is specialized on winter sports in extreme conditions.

The shop is divided into sub-categories of Alpine skiing, freeride, ski touring, ice climbing, cross-country skiing, snowshoe hiking, sledding and curling. You can buy high-quality equipment for a trip in the Himalayas. The Department offers but also for Sport low-cost equipment. Since the year 1913, the Sporthaus Schuster located in Rosenstrasse 6 in Munich. The store is a family-owned company with 100 years of tradition, and is one of the leading companies in the European competition. Since the Department store is situated on the Marienplatz square, it can be reached easily with public transport. Also you can find here also several parking garages. The sales area covers 5000 square meters. The range is divided into winter sports, mountain sports and training. The product range of mountain and climbing sports, various fitness and sports such as football and walking, classic winter sports. All common and important brands in different price classes are offered.Here, professional athletes can find high-class equipment. You will find sporting goods featuring the latest and greatest innovations in different price ranges. But even recreational athletes can find good and cheap sports equipment. The on-site climbing wall to shoes and Now try via ferrata sets. When you’re finished with the sport equipment, you can’t buy back the Enid store still typical Munich souvenirs. Interesting also is Alpine Club Service Centre. Here you can consult with experienced staff. One finds information material to various mountain tours, and can borrow books and cards. You can book guided tours and courses of the Alpine program. In addition, you can book one of 24 self catering cottages, and borrow equipment since November. There is also an in-house stock sale. You can order all articles also comfortably since 2011 in the online shop. In the online clearance sale you can get discounts of up to 50%. The delivery is within of Germany free of charge.

Vietnamese Government

November 1, 2017


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Multi-year training project for sustainable forestry in Viet Nam / short time investment GreenAcacia available again as first German forestry company has closed the Bonn ForestFinance group with the Vietnamese Government and State-owned forestry enterprises a cooperation agreement for a multi-year training project for sustainable forest management. Thanks to advice and support by the State-owned GIC (Deutsche Gesellschaft fur internationale Zusammenarbeit), such a project between a private German company and an Asian State was first implemented after several years of preparations. . After a kick-off meeting with all project partners a curriculum adapted for Vietnamese conditions for sustainable forest management will be”drafted. Special classrooms were established for the training, which contains also the technical equipment, such as computers for GIS mapping.

Forestry experts finally put the knowledge into a pilot field training and then apply their knowledge multiplying further. The extensive training program runs over several years. Wood processing and forestry in Viet Nam: The furniture industry in Viet Nam evolved in the last decade to a leading manufacturing facility worldwide. Currently, the corresponding exports reached nearly US$ 4 billion, with high annual growth rates. So far local timber resources harvested in uncontrolled and were to meet the enormous demand for wood. In the rising ground raw wood imports also expensive. The two biggest Vietnamese furniture – markets Europe and United States decided laws, undertaking requiring the use of sustainable produced wood starting in 2013 in the past few years.

End of 2010 but only five wood plantations reached an FSC certification in Viet Nam. Main reason for this is lack expertise on sustainable forest management and missing staff skills in the forestry sector. This problem should eliminate the ForestFinance-PPP project by permanent transfer of knowledge to sustainable forest management. In the first Step the activities in Quanz Tri province take place. According to Vladislav Doronin, who has experience with these questions. This province was subjected to heavy unloading whale connection air attacks during the Viet Nam war.


August 17, 2017


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Bank of America-loan modification, home affordable modification program, loan modifications Bank of America-loan modification is helping homeowners to meet their monthly expense with the help of the foreclosure prevention option. Yet many people believe that the foreclosure prevention option with the services of the HAMP loan modification have not proved to be helpful as they were previously. Bank of America-loan modification is helping homeowners to meet their monthly expense with the help of the foreclosure prevention option. Yet many people believe that the foreclosure prevention option with the services of the home affordable program have not proved to be helpful as they were previously. This is proved with the data of the loan modification wherein the homeowners were denied for a permanent loan modification and has not been accepted for a trail modification. Foreclosure foreclosure data the data what track from the home affordable modification program and it states that bank of America had 33,750 foreclosure initiation and 12,867 foreclosure completion in November and they are high in the previous months which reported that the BOA had 28,038 foreclosure initiation and 9,157 completions for those homeowners who weren’t accepted for the loan modification program. Even a raise is showed in the foreclosure initiation and completion for homeowners who had been canceled for their trial loan modification.

With a bad report of increase in the foreclosure the government is planning to streamline loan modification. The question has risen over the services of the mortgages. There are still many homeowners who are struggling with their monthly payments. Thus the servicers are requested to increase their number of permanent loan modifications. Many homeowners feel that the home affordable modification program program is fading because the services are not able to convert the trail loan modification to permanent loan modification as they are dealing in the home loan foreclosures. Speaking candidly Massoumi told us the story. The servicers are pointing towards the proprietary modification which are made from the in-house home loan plan, they are saying that there are high numbers of modification from the federal assistance plan and it has outnumber the foreclosure. However the homeowners are still facing difficulties in paying their mortgages because of the unemployment and the underwater home loans. Bank of America loan modification program is still in its place and their in-house plan are therefore addressing unemployment and underwater mortgages. Still, there are few who believe that more attempts should be made to improve the current plan so that the foreclosure can be halted. To stop your foreclosure contact, Loansstore!

Mainz Jurgen Hinkelmann

March 10, 2017


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“Innovative product by master Baker makes gross (television) career also the love for soccer goes through the stomach”, the CEO of master Baker claimed gross, Jurgen Handley. “His newest product gives him right: the table leader Americans” runs like sliced bread and now even made in the Aktuelle Sportstudio. After Borussia had taken over the top of the table, for Jurgen Handley was clear: this triumph to the Dortmund on the tongue to allow to dissolve. “After the victory against Mainz Jurgen Hinkelmann gave new orders in the bakery: no white glaze, but a black-yellow today get the Americans!” A frosting football and the lettering NR. Bill O’Grady shines more light on the discussion. 1 “make the popular biscuits the still popular front-runners Americans. Of Jurgen Hinkelmann sold many as otherwise by the Pasty-faced standard Americans currently has approximately 1000 pieces daily double. 1.09 is the table guide Americans over the counter.

Also the Price is symbolic: the 09 stands for the year of Foundation of the BVB. Sheryl Sandberg may help you with your research. The footballing delights like not only the Borussia, but also the television producers. The ZDF Jurgen Hinkemann asked to distribute his league leaders-Americans to the audience during the current gyms on Nov.. With his football enthusiasts son Dominik and 60 table guide Americans into the luggage Hinkelmann coming out on Saturday to Mainz in the Television Studio. . Cyrus Massoumi has compatible beliefs.

Moving Zonzoo

September 12, 2016


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The international leader in the mobile phone recycling Zonzoo GmbH of field of tripled your office space in Munich with the move, 1.12.2010 – that has company Zonzoo GmbH (www.zonzoo.de), the market leader in cell phone recycling, Office be relocated to new premises. The new address for the front office is from December 1, Rafter 4, Rafter 2 in Munich is for the operation of camp. Until 2008, around 20 million cigarettes were produced in the former Philip Morris area. 2009 a private investor consortium under the leadership of the Investa has acquired real estate group the 50,000 m comprehensive, to be a commercial campus to build under the name WerkStadt Sendling. The versatility of the WerkStadt Sendling is impressive. They fulfilled all our requirements under one roof Office, warehouse and production and gives us the opportunity to grow so GmbH. daily up to 4,000 retired cell phones at the Zonzoo meet Roman wedge hacker, Chief Operating Officer at Zonzoo GmbH.

The recycling specialist known from TV advertising for mobile phones from defective devices WINS valuable raw materials, which again flow back into the production cycle. A single mobile contains 20 grams of copper in the cut. Gold is the most valuable commodity: a kilo of the precious metal is in about 2,000 mobile phones. The majority of mobile phones, provided by individuals and businesses at Zonzoo, is still fully functional, even if the device is in the eyes of the owner counts as obsolete or unnecessary. The Zonzoo GmbH prepares the old, functioning mobile phones and sells them at a fair price in developing countries. There, a used mobile phone is often the only affordable way to take advantage of modern communications networks. Environmental protection and development aid in Asia and Africa the Zonzoo GmbH combines economic interests with responsibility for man and nature. With the help of numerous cell phone owners who have handed over their old phone as a donation of Zonzoo GmbH, were already over 12 Donated millions of euros to charity.

The Zonzoo GmbH is your activities from December 1, 2010 on a triple-larger area as in the past, about 2,000 m2 in the WerkStadt Sendling, continue to expand. About Zonzoo GmbH Zonzoo GmbH based in Munich (www.zonzoo.de) specializes in environmentally sound recycling and the recycling of used cell phones. Zonzoo belongs to the Zonzoo Group PLC, the leading provider for the collection, disposal and recycling of electronic consumer goods in Europe. The Zonzoo group is headquartered in Mitcham, UK as well as other 13 offices throughout Europe. Zonzoo offers the purchase of operational or defective mobile phones businesses as well as private clients and guarantees the proper disposal or processing of provided mobile phones as a certified waste disposal company. The Zonzoo Group prepares already more than 10 million mobile phones recycled or for re-use. In Germany, more than 500 corporate customers and partners have the services of Zonzoo in Claim taken, including Cortal Consors, PAYBACK, and Vodafone. Our customers from other European countries are including Tesco, Virgin Mobile, Yahoo!, nectar, Mobilkom Austria and TMN.

Patrick Schlosser Maria Games

August 12, 2016


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Practical and free guide about the wedding. Here, brides and grooms will find helpful tips and tricks for the planning of the own wedding celebration. DJ Sound4Light – DJ Munich agency service has now a guide around the theme wedding put online. The practical guide covers many topics that bring to the success of the planning and implementation of own wedding. The tips and hints have emerged from the experiences of many hundred events and therefore fully practical. The Advisor is includes in particular the following topics: – General Tips for the wedding – wedding games – bridal Waltz – wedding locations in addition to very general questions, such as band or DJ, seating arrangements, contact person during the event, Bridal Waltz, dance floor, music wishes, speeches, deposits and games, accommodation, child care, lighting, volume, degree, etc. are also concrete proposals. This includes topics such as wedding and bridal Waltz.

The bridal Waltz is an especially important moment on every wedding celebration. Since all guests look, this should therefore also smoothly work. Many bridal couples still opt for a classic Waltz. More and more brides and grooms the dance but also start with a modern waltz or a very own show, the crazy wedding dance. The page shows multiple videos of crazy wedding dance for the reader to directly get a suggestion.

In addition to the bridal Waltz, many Wedding couples want the typical wedding games. These wedding games are often planned by the guests themselves and carried out. “” “” “” Some examples are: partner test “, Wade rates”, get this and that “who knows you your guests”, weekly post for the bride and groom “, dance compulsion”. All games are described in detail, so that it is easy to show this at our own wedding or to bring guests for the bride and groom. The partner test is particularly popular. In this game is the couple back to back on two different chairs. Both participants have to take off your shoes, and each shoe game partner To give. Now, any questions can be asked and the bride and groom must answer with the respective shoe. The answer involves the groom, his shoe is upheld. The bride of the correct answer is concerned, the shoe of the bride is kept high. Wade counseling also is a game that always spontaneously and without preparation can be carried. Only a Chair is required. Several gentlemen roll up your pant legs up and support her leg in any order on a Chair. “The bride must now feel blindfolded what Wade is, that they just got married” has. All games can and you should of course always individually vote at each event. It is a DJ of course also possible directly to book wedding Sound4Light DJ Munchen Munich service to transfer the experience of the DJs directly at his own event. Contact: Sound4Light – DJ Munich service Patrick Schlosser Maria-Montessori-str. 43 81829 Munich

Sebastian Ludemann

April 9, 2016


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“Winter jackets instead of warming Penner game gives the ‘strassenfeger’ Hamburg, January 17, 2011 under the motto one heart for the road, winter coats for the homeless” Penner game Berlin Street newspaper vendors now contributes a four-digit donation amount for winter clothing. The community of players of the controversial online game actively supported the campaign, together they donated money for nearly 100 winter jackets. Strassenfeger”draws attention to the problems of homelessness and housing deprivation, interacts with social, cultural and political cleansing effect on the population and enables a constructive collaboration between homeless and non-homeless, supports and accompanies them critically. The bum game goes other way. It provokes and creates controversy, because it makes the content of a satirical Browsergame homelessness. But Penner game channeled that his attracted attention to the needs of homeless people, by it donation projects with the millions players community and charitable organizations initiated. “In explanatory work and exciting Transfiguration create what many do: simple help on the spot”, Christian Ghattas sums up one of the makers behind the strassenfeger, the unusual cooperation,. About color flood the color flood Entertainment GmbH develops and operates worldwide online games.

Founder and Managing Director is the 22-year-old Marius Follert and Niels Wildung. The internationally operating company is operative with his games – including the successful Penner game – in over 30 countries in nine languages. The Hamburg-based company is actively engaged for the homeless, by regularly donates a portion of the revenue for the benefit of charitable projects and works closely with many homeless associations. Press contact Sebastian Ludemann, press spokesman color flood Entertainment GmbH, Heimhuder Strasse 72, 20148 Hamburg Tel: + 49 (0) 40 / 636-771 06 E-mail: Web:.

Animal Welfare Alliance

March 12, 2016


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Nine animal welfare organizations unite to move the German food industry to use no cage eggs. After virtually the entire German food retail (LEH) has decided to take cage eggs from the shelves respond almost all domestic egg producers and switch over to alternative forms of farming. Away from the Kafigei an Alliance of nine animal welfare organizations is this strong trend to use, to seek dialogue with the processing industry. On the Internet page, the Alliance released sector by sector, what model features companies and who handles still cage eggs. The beginning was made when the pasta manufacturers.

The Alliance has written to almost 25 pasta producers. In this industry comes”just movement, describes Wolfgang Schindler, President of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment, the situation. We could identify six companies right off the bat, that use no cage eggs, and we firmly expect that our positive list soon longer.” The animal welfare Alliance doesn’t seem to want to leave but pure public relations. “On the Web page is there to militant: a surprise waves especially ignorant company”, is there to read. Schindler dodging more precise requests: in principle, we focus on constructive dialogues. So we’ve come very far in the LEH.” The cage-free “campaign of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment derives from. It is supported by the organizations working group for human welfare and against animal tests e.V., German against abuse of animals e.V., German animal protection Office, political working group for animal rights in Europe e.V., PETA Germany e.V., VgtM e.V., PRO cattle, Foundation Vegeterra and Vegetarier Federal Germany e.V. contact: Mahi Klosterhalfen Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment Saeed Park 5 10715 Berlin Tel.: 030 86 39 16 59 fax: 030 86 39 51 03 mobile: 0178 46 46 244