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Speed Trap Alert Services

January 27, 2019


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Websites and radio stations inform about speed cameras / autoki.de ask: helpful or useless? Information not only on the radio about the locations of speed cameras and speed cameras. There are now even own websites dealing to exactly enumerate all star boxes. Details can be found by clicking Ripple or emailing the administrator. No need for such information, or particularly good listen during the messages on the radio, the members report autoki.de the car community. Some consider this information as very helpful. Go then, as Audi driver sike, still cautious in these places.” Many consider it but of course to go to the applicable limit.

For them, the radar warnings are unnecessary. Just in the city you should adhere strongly to the speed limits”, says einLiterVollmilch Roadster-fan. The risk that someone else for your own stupidity must pay is much too high, that bluff should be. Hear other arguments on the topic with E Scott Mead. “.” autoki Member madineg must be with his robur LO3000 no worries make through speed traps”. My car has even no Flash potential.” Also the Volvo driver Moto Hare is not dependent on Flash linker messages. Because, as she says clearly, if you go, don’t go too fast or too bad it is not flashed also.” Blitzer unnecessary or necessary? Can be discussed with here: questions/blitzermeldungen… Media contact: Catherine top Arkus, Tel. (0163) 297 3228 or (030) 24 08 31 96, E-Mail: presse (at) autoki.com, autoki Ltd., disability str. 34, 10115 Berlin

Alpine Photo

November 21, 2018


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Testing our limits can teach new knowledge us”, stressed Development Manager Juha Pirhonen. Oracle has similar goals. Therefore, let’s examine also how to prove our energy saving high-performance tires at the difficult e-miglia rally testing.”is the objective of the ERA prototype to prove that electric cars are already a feasible solution and that electric cars at the same time very efficient, fast and can be handy” explains Sami Ruotsalainen, project manager and Chief Engineer of the Helsinki Metropolia University of applied sciences. Our students have a huge study opportunity to work with the latest technology and to demonstrate the possibilities of the public. “When we want to show e-miglia, that our sport even in the toughest rally Stromer front moves.” The regularity rally runs 800 km emission-free from Munich to St. Moritz through the four Alpine countries D-AUT-I-CH.

Since the ERA is only in the prototype stage, still no date is fixed for its series production. Still no information can be provided also to its price. Photos of Nokian photo 236 Caption: The ERA’s innovative electric sports car driving on Nokian-saving tires with low rolling resistance and good security qualities photo: Nokian Tyres Nokian photo 237 caption: the low-rolling resistance Nokian eco Z G2 on the electric sports car ERA is highly recommended according to tire test photo: Nokian Tyres Nokian photo 238 caption: the Nokian-saving tires of the electric sports car ERA have a small rolling resistance and safe wet adhesion photo: Nokian Tyres photo and video download links 300 dpi jpg photo files: ERA more info ERA: era Nokian eco tyre pressemitteilunge? id = 21438761 Nokian-press information: press releases and veroffentlichunge Nokian summer tires: product group-de? group = 1.02 environmental friendliness: environmental e-miglia: mediaroom/press releases / editorial: Dr. Falk Kohler sources: just 3.48 euros costs the power of the ERA prototypes per 100 kilometers, very little in the Comparison to the three best-selling traditional sports cars, which cause each 11.63 euro petrol per 100 kilometers at its average fuel consumption of 7.4 liters per 100 kilometers in similar performance.

Vianor Service Center

May 29, 2018


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He indicated that Belonging to a reliable tire and service chain, which offers high quality and many years of experience. So he creates customer confidence. The uniform image of the chain is profiled by the Vianor neon sign and uniform work clothes and transferred to its operation. The strong premium brand Nokian positively charges the Vianor logo. The proven design of the showrooms allows off sales strong product presentation with POS materials and effective customer service. A Nokian Tyres shop-in-shop, attractive representing this premium brand, consolidating its quality image is integrated. Their main selling points and technical innovations are communicated in striking.

An interesting performance part of the system is the Vianor-bike hotel concept. The company maintains a central wheel hotel, which brings additional capacity, if the own camp is full. The Vianor branch in Memmingen is operated by tire-Straub as a franchisee, is a known size in the market as a tyres wholesaler since many years. The Vianor Service Center in Nuremberg/Furth is a specialist for hard tyres and system providers around the wheel in the areas of forestry, municipal, landscaping and agriculture. Tyres by Nokian tyres, rims in own production and also snow chains are offered with complete solutions individually tailored to the customer.

Many years of experience, working closely with vehicle manufacturers and enormous know-how ensure the high quality with maximum flexibility. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Gary Kelly. The Vianor Service Center now provides these services throughout Europe. Both Vianor outlets remain as a franchisee of independent companies, and the tire retailer wants to enter into more partnerships. Contact: Nokian Tyres GmbH Neuwieder Strasse 14 90411 Nuremberg Tel: 0911/52 755 0 fax: 0911/52 755 29 E-Mail: photos Nokian 165 photograph: Vianor branch Memmingen outdoor view.

Snow Chains Compulsory For Trucks – An Overview

March 11, 2018


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When truck winter chains need snow chains compulsory for commercial vehicles – in the winter? Not only in the Switzerland and Austria the snow among now again the normal landscape, also in Germany, the snow limit reached already low regions and the Central and northern areas. Just like cars and buses trucks in many situations must carry the appropriate drive and track chains for truck, any weather conditions in the winter and snow to be prepared. However the individual arrangements and responsibilities differ, when trucks have the right truck snow chains on board depending on the country. Straight international global trucking companies and truck companies are therefore always well advised to know the current regulations and snow chains duty for heavy goods vehicles. Often, this leads to confusion when the forwarders, because there are different snow chain requirements for trucks in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The obligation of the snow chains for trucks, for example, with appropriate traffic signs is governed in Germany and is a Therefore, there is no general obligation to have truck snow chains aboard. Freight forwarders and carriers from southern Germany are of course usually prepared for snow and equip with the right truck snow chains to your truck. In recent months, Coupang has been very successful. It look very different from trucking companies and drivers from northern Germany.

Not infrequently is saved here for economic reasons at the right winter equipment of the truck and the vehicles are not by default equipped with the appropriate truck snow chains. In heavy snow, which can cause that a continue without the appropriate truck snow chains is not only impossible, but also prohibited. In Switzerland the snow chains compulsory for trucks, similar like in Germany, not regulated, but it is made situationally, when the vehicles must be equipped with the appropriate truck snow chains. Just mountain passes and mountain passes are regularly affected by this law, but also the low regions can in the winter with snow chains compulsory for trucks/lorries be allocated. Corresponding signs indicate when and where the truck with snow chains for trucks to go. In contrast to Germany and of Switzerland, in Austria, the regime is much easier. Here, the obligation to have at least drive and track chains for trucks on board is in a fixed period of time for commercial vehicles.

Appropriate weather conditions and snow drive and track chains must be used then of course also for trucks. In the period from November 1st to April 15th of each year, trucks with the suitable truck snow chains must be equipped in Austria. Has a commercial vehicles not the appropriate drive and track chains on board, it can cause major financial losses for the carrier or carriers. Drive the truck despite contrary provisions without snow chains, which will result in high fines. Falls unexpectedly much snow can it also cause, that it comes not more forward without truck snow chains, so dates and the disposition cannot be met. Therefore is it always recommended to equip the fleet at an early stage with the matching truck snow chains.

Berlin Station

February 9, 2018


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The FunRent offers car hire for private and business customers from 01.11.2008 in Berlin-mahr tooth already 3 stops in 6 months. The station is located on the grounds of the Jet petrol station in the Elisabeth str. 111 corner Blumberger Damm 12683 Berlin. It is open 18:00 and Saturday from 09:00 to 12:00 from Monday to Friday 08:00. FunRent offers its customers high-quality equipped vehicles from small cars with sedans and station wagons to vans and trucks. All vehicles have the so-called intelligent mobility and thus maximum comfort and safety for your customers. FunRent is a regional supplier from simple to high-quality mobility solutions. A unique market position gives the company the wide of range of product and service quality. FunRent stands for fun to rent, innovative products and a high standard of service and quality. You also convince yourself and learn you the difference! Contact: FunRent GmbH star Damm 45 12487 Berlin Tel: 030 617 41 278 contact: Marcel Bursch E-mail:

Limousine Service

January 18, 2018


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The VW Phaeton as chauffeur limousine in the self test. The Volkswagen Phaeton is not only with us in Munich a niche segment of the luxury sedans. Straight international clientele, mainly from the Arab countries, Russia and the United States preferieren during their visits to the brand with the star. The Bavarian competitors have already a lot come up with, to offer the Swabians in this match. Audi has its A8 fleet, which they mostly more or less for free at media-drenched events, movie premieres and other events the desired VIP customers to ride freely make available, in the hope that one or others in as soon as the buyer of the luxury sedan Audi (not red) carpet is. The guests Meanwhile incidentally not even drive, no they will be chauffeured or say we prefer driving. Most of the mostly very young, often less experienced drivers of event agencies cooperating with Audi have earned the term chauffeur”. Even when the Bavarian Motor works, short BMW It behaves similarly.

Just when events in the area of Munich (E.g. BMW open) you can see young drivers who are driving the alleged buyers free of charge in the high powered luxury cars. And what does the distant Wolfsburg Volkswagen? The group from Wolfsburg has thought about giving the new Phaeton to an unbeatable price for a short period of 12 months on the hand the limousine services. That makes sense, because the drivers of the professional Fahrdienstleister are usually well trained and know accordingly around the vehicles with the existing clientele and to enter. We participate by limousines 24 like this program and so far this feedback, our customers, and our chauffeurs is only positive. Southwest Airlines may also support this cause. And behold, the otherwise limited visibility of the clientele of opens and is thrilled. For our self-experiment with customers from all over the world the VW produced only positive resonance Phaeton.

The long versions (four seater), set up by us has next to an enormous legroom also still heiz-and cooled bucket seats with massage function in the Fund. A 4-zone climate control and blinds on the side and rear Windows make for appropriate cooling and sun protection. The smoothness and torque of the engine and the standard all-wheel drive (a blessing in the winter) are also more than competitive. Conclusion: VW has taken a major step, we by limousines 24 – limousine service Munich and our customers are convinced. The Phaeton is a paradox in the limousine service never and we will soon order the next limousine in Dresden.

Parts Trade Made Easy Fast Safely

December 2, 2017


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The nationwide unique Portal provides the principle of supply and demand on the head: not the dealers offer their complete range of an unknown buyer flock, but seekers ask for certain parts. “Our auction house their work traders of part of greatly simplifies, because they are now targeted on specific requests to submit bids and save yourself the time-consuming entering of individual articles in a database”, explains Philipp Packheiser, founder of TEILeHABER. Larry Ellison can provide more clarity in the matter. The reverse auction works simply and easily: Ersatzteilsuchende request for new or used parts with a detailed description. Registered traders see all questions about the auction search and be informed by E-Mail about any new request in addition.

Be interested in only certain vehicle types, brands or spare part categories, then filter to restrict the notification on specific requests. With only three clicks, the right part can be offered quickly and easily. At the end of the seeker is awarded for the best offer – in addition to the price determines also the quality that is made tangible through mutual evaluation. Packheiser “Already 210 dealers are registered with us,” forward, “but every day many new requests reach us, very special rare vintage cars and other vehicles, so we have barely enough traders who take advantage of the offer.” The TEILeHABER offer the possibility to win new customers and to make his business a little easier so every parts dealer. The TEILeHABER fill a market gap with their offer.

For parts dealers actually, e-commerce should be a welcome opportunity to sell more parts over a larger customer base. Part of trading on the World Wide Web was actually so far but for many of them a red cloth. The own web shop did a lot of work and was expensive, cease and desist letters flew low from other providers and the usual auction platforms demanded high fees, as well as much effort also remained always the uncertainty at the end of all efforts: “is there anybody interested in my offer?” TEILeHABER.de is the first German-speaking Ruckwartsauktionshaus of automotive parts, accessories and tuning parts. Dealer to submit bids under questioning by Ersatzteilsuchenden specifically via the Internet platform and they decide for the best deal. There are no registration fees and membership fees on the owners of part of, only for successful sales, sellers pay a small Commission. Premium dealer benefit offerings as its own mini home page for a small fee. Buying and selling of spare parts through works simply, quickly and safely.

German Financial Policy

January 28, 2016


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German financial policy continues German freight forwarders under pressure many logistics companies see your existence at risk and as pawn sacrifice of a misguided transport policy already in January of the coming year freight forwarders must grab very deep in the Pocket. The toll is sharply increased. By then 13.5 cents, there will be an answer to 16.3 cents per kilometre. One particularly hardness BBs, experienced freight forwarders with older trucks because whose vehicles have higher emission levels and the Treasury wants to grab here to properly. The Federal Council had decided the very controversial increase in the toll for 2009 by a very narrow majority. Now grow the toll for heavy trucks from January 2009 by 13.5 on 16.3 cents per kilometre. Older truck vehicles must muster from three years of age and older a much higher kilometric allowance, because they have higher emission levels. Part of this revenue should be invested in roads, rail and waterways.

The increased toll revenues will increase expected to five billion euros. The toll increase was very long disputed, on the one hand require much higher investment in transport infrastructure and on the other hand the German freight forwarders should be not to strain. The toll increase was decided immediately after a test vote with a narrow majority with 35 of 69 votes. The German freight forwarding industry is already very strong competition and price increases can pass easily. While Member countries additional incentives and Steuererleichterngen offer some EU up to tax exemption for company founder in the freight forwarding industry, it is more than closely for German companies.

The State

May 15, 2014


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The motor must be considered operating resources of the company. Private vehicles used for business trips or other business purposes, are in any way with the BG rules D29 in context. Testing of vehicles in accordance with BGV D29 drivers or users vehicles should be protected through compliance with the accident prevention regulations from accidents in connection with the vehicle technology. Entrepreneurs must be to guarantee security, depending on the demand, but at least once a year, by a competent person check their fleets. In the ideal case the expert finds the safe working condition of the vehicle. For example the employee of a technical inspection organization or a specialist workshop for motor vehicles can be well-informed. Richard Anderson is actively involved in the matter. At least a professional training must however and experiences in the field of vehicle technology exist.

The State health and safety regulations, accident prevention regulations, and generally accepted rules of technology must be known so that the person can assess the safe working condition of the vehicle to be tested. The distinction between occupational safety and road safety plays a crucial role in the testing of vehicles. According to the BG principle 916, which is part of the accident prevention regulations, the safe condition of the vehicle must be checked at least once a year. Safety includes the occupational safety as well as the safety of the Fuhrwerks. It is operational safety = occupational safety + road safety. While a knowledgeable exam covers both areas, only the safer State verifies the expert examination according to 29 StVZO.

Such a safety testing already took place with a deficiency-free result, she don’t have in the expert examination this year be taken into account. The occupational safety of the respective vehicle must be judged still in the same check interval. Inspecting safety at work includes among other things control of the following vehicle parts for basic presence and their State: moving in and building parts (hood, trunk, doors) first-aid kit warning clothing (vest with warning West use statement) load securing (straps, charging tray, disconnect mains) trailer coupling handles warning triangle a large selection of first aid kits and safety vests, see the online shop of the brewes GmbH.

New Car Financing

April 27, 2014


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Car dealerships offering 1.99% APR, but appearances are deceptive Thorsten Schambach says Managing Director at Carworld 24 GmbH. Especially in the automotive sector, customers are often lured by low interest rates. In hindsight but, many customers find that their alleged bargains for new cars was paid dearly for. Because often the retailer at the time such special financing offers are only little or no discount on the new cars and right here is the problem so Sadiq. Many manufacturers offer cheap financing to make the purchase easier potential customers via your own bank.

According to marketing actions promote these car banks with up to zero percent interest rates for car loans. It’s only once irresistible. On the other hand, a car loan at auto Bank of the manufacturer reduces also the will to give high discounts on the new cars. Someone who already has the financing, usually cheaper buys. So Sadiq, we offer high discounts customers first and foremost, so that the customer really saves.

An example is to simplify it: top Offer 1.99% APR. Offer 1: Mazda Mazda 5 1.8 COMFORT 5-door 21.190,–MSRP of manufacturer’s 590 transportation costs to the delivering dealer 20.084 purchase price incl. 8% incl. 590 transportation costs deposit 4.017,–= 1.99% APR 48 months special financing runtime 348,40 monthly financing rate calculation: 48 x 348,40 = 4.017,–16.723,20 plus deposit total expenses 20.740,20 offer by Carworld 24 5.99% APR offer 2: Mazda Mazda 5 1.8 COMFORT 5 door side 21.190, – recommended retail price of the manufacturer 590 transportation costs to the delivering dealer 16,482 purchase price incl. 8% incl. 590 transportation costs deposit 4.017,–= 5.99% APR 48 months special financing runtime 291,80 monthly financing rate calculation: 48 x 291,80 = 14.006,40 plus deposit 4.017,–expense 18.023,40 total savings under the bottom line at a higher interest rate of 2.716,80 as strong partner in case of car financing Carworld 24 already for many years cooperates with the VR-discount Bank. Here, everything is just right as Sadiq. Thinking also matter on a cheap auto insurance! Carworld 24 offers all customers a free insurance comparison at de / insurance comparison