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Royal Decree

March 2, 2018


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What happens if the beneficiary of a bank guarantee or other guarantee opts to run it against the non-payment of the debtor that has been declared in competition? He is this a fundamental issue not only for the beneficiary of the guarantee, but also for grantor of the same – in many cases, a financial institution.Neither should ignore the possible consequences that his debtor and endorsed, respectively, be declared in bankruptcy. For greater clarity of Exposition, throughout this article we’ll call to the guarantor or guarantor as the guarantor. For its part, will call the debtor in competition the guaranteed debtor. And the beneficiary of the guarantee, the lender with collateral. 1.

The general rule of article 87.6 of the bankruptcy law (LC) Act provision that credits in which creditor enjoyment of third party bail will be recognized by its amount without limitation and without prejudice to the replacement of the holder of the credit in the event of payment by the guarantor. This means that after the Declaration of insolvency, the guarantor will remain as a subject forced against the creditor with endorsement, benefited by the time remaining until the enforceability of its obligation. Yes, constant competition, such period elapses and the creditor with endorsement requires the guarantor the fulfilment of the obligation of warranty, this – the guarantor – will become, by the fact of the payment, owner of the credit against the guaranteed debtor, for whose demand may subrogate the place of the primitive creditor. The Royal Decree-Law 2/2009, on March 27, has added to the aforementioned article 87.6 the following mention: will always occur the subrogation by payment, in the qualification of these credits are opt resulting less burdensome for the contest between those corresponding to the creditor or to the guarantor. Suppose that, as a counter-guarantee of the guarantee, the guarantor was garment public document on certain assets of the guaranteed debtor (special privilege according to article 90 of the LC).

Acrylic Baths. Types Of Construction

August 31, 2016


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Acrylic bath is a new piece of contemporary interior. This type of bath is practical, and to fully replace the iron and steel bathtubs and actively conquer our building materials market. Sanitary acrylic is durable and reliable. Acrylic, one of the most rigid plastics, has been successfully used in chemical industry, aviation and astronautics. Since the seventies began mass production of acrylic bathtubs. First, these baths have the status of exotic and prestigious acquisitions, mainly because of high prices. But times change, and acrylic baths are fast in our life. They decorate the house and significantly improve quality of life.

Acrylic bath tubs, acrylic, advantage of acrylic bathtubs – this is not a complete list of what is offered by our online store. Plus, these baths can appreciate each. Thanks to the insulating properties of acrylic bath water cools down just one degree of half an hour (in a cast iron one degree for five minutes, the steel even faster). Sanitary acrylic is easy to clean and is 100% chemical resistance, a bath regularly enough to rinse with warm water and sanitary acrylic prevents the emergence and proliferation of undesirable bacteria. Acrylic Bath resistant to the appearance of external defects chips and cracks, glossy acrylic surface does not tarnish with time and is pleasant to the touch. These baths can be made in a variety of options, easy to install in different environments, and their weight does not exceed 15-25 kg, which makes it easy to mount or move and to replace it. K – acrylic baths include susceptibility to scratches (not recommended to wash in the baths pets, do not use abrasive cleaners, you can not pour boiling water into the tub and soak it is not recommended for long underwear). In the event of damage to surface of the bath, it should be sanded with acrylic paste for polishing scratches. The thickness of the acrylic bath is at least 5-6 mm, acrylic is uniform throughout the thickness, so polish scratches are usually not a problem. Construction site Infobud