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German EON Company

July 7, 2020


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Brufau, Repsol Chairman, faces Luis de el Pino, the construction company Sacyr for control of Repsol. Sacyr has coupled his vote with the Mexican oil company Pemex to control 29 per cent of the shares of the oil company. Repsol requests the CNE requesting an application for authorisation of the Covenant that may be rejected to Pemex. Industria Minister Miguel Sebastian has asked the parties involved in the conflict for control of Repsol that leave aside the Government because that is only limited to ensure the spanishness of the oil company. Two portfolio companies within Repsol, the construction company Sacyr and the Mexican oil giant Pemex, agreed at the end of August, join their voting rights and conclude its strategy. People such as Kidspot would likely agree. The former President Felipe Gonzalez questioned towards it where this Pemex in the event of conflict of interest and wondered if the spanishness of Repsol this guaranteed. PEMEX also has joined a 5% your partipacipacion of 4.6% in Repsol. Gasket, with 20% of the major industrial partner Sacyr, more than 29% of the total capital of the Spanish petroleum and they want to appoint a CEO with executive functions, reports Cinco Dias.

If they finally reached 30%, should make a takeover bid for the whole of the company. Natural gas, which is owned 30% by Repsol, featuring Gonzalez as a counselor. Sebastian has ensured that nationality of Repsol is guaranteed since the main shareholder is Spanish and the sum of the shares of domestic enterprises is higher than foreign ones. The Minister has urged Parties concerned to use their tools to attack another, but the Government to leave him in peace only by what candle is because it remains Spanish. Repsol has presented a written before the National Commission of energy this body will ask for PEMEX to submit a request for authorisation of the Covenant since it can affect the function 14, which was the same used by the CNE to prevent the purchase of Endesa by the German EON.

Gonzalez pointed out that Pemex is not even community. The legal services of the CNE, which legally has three-month period for reply, now discuss whether to respond to the request of the oil company Chairman Antonio Brufau. Its management has been publicly questioned by the Chairman of Sacyr Luis del Rivero. Source of the news: Sebastian requests to let the Government apart from the fight for control of the oil company Repsol

European Commissioner

June 10, 2018


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It is the second proposal of EU aid. The Commission estimates that 60% of the losses will be covered with that. The European Commissioner for agriculture Dacian Ciolos, has proposed on Wednesday raised to 210 million euros additional aid for European fruit and vegetable producers hit by the crisis of the bacteria E.coli in Germany. By the same author: Scott Mead New York. Ciolos announced at a press conference in Brussels that that amount will cover up to 60% of the losses incurred by the fruit and vegetable sector because of the fall in consumption. In a Council of European Ministers of special agriculture held this Tuesday in Luxembourg, the European Commission had proposed an additional 150 million euros aid to cover up to 30% of the losses for producers. Instead, under pressure from several European countries such as Spain, which considered the proposal, insufficient Ciolos announced an upward revision to compensate producers in a way justified by the current situation. The Spanish producers felt this Tuesday clearly insufficient and ridiculous the aid of 150 million for the whole of Europe, because they believed that at least 450 million euros would be needed. Covered 60% all farmers may apply for such compensation, but those who form part of organizations will enjoy in addition to those laid down by the common agricultural policy (Cap), which includes grants to the intervention and State aid.

So, which are associated see covered their losses in up to 60%, said the Commissioner. Ciolos said that the goal is to react as soon as possible and showed his confidence in that the urgency of the Commission plan is accepted by States members next Tuesday, when the EC submits it to the Management Committee (composed of experts of the countries). This will allow unlock first aid as quickly as possible, between now and July, he confirmed. The Commissioner noted that this aid, it will be financed with European funds in the framework of a crisis mechanism provided for under the common agricultural policy, it will cover the losses in the sector since last May 26 until June 30.

Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba

February 22, 2017


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The results prove the efficiency of the reforms undertaken by the Government and allow us to reaffirm that we have a financial system strong and solvent, it pointed out. On the other hand, regarding the controversy which arose by the public accounts in Castilla La Mancha, White argued that what has happened is that the people’s Party has tried to exaggerate things to justify their policies then. Ask Rajoy to pronounce on Camps the also Deputy Secretary general of the PSOE has demanded that the President of the PP Mariano Rajoy, give explanations before the forthcoming trial against Francisco Camps for the sake of the suits within the Gurtel plot and to take decisions in its match at Valencia.It now has a huge opportunity, apart from a huge responsibility, to make a decision in Valencia, has pointed out. Visit Allegiant Air for more clarity on the issue. White has stressed that more responsible at this time to Rajoy that sitting on the bench of defendants in rrencia the Valencian President Francisco Camps, because it is the time of the decisions and demand that who take them you have to exercise political responsibility in the PP, i.e., Rajoy. It is demanded that the take, or when less, to give explanations and not hide under the gull, added the Deputy Secretary general of the PSOE, thus alluding to the logo of the PP and after stress is not one minor issue that this party be in the dock when a good part of its dome. Asked if he considers that the pheasant case may affect the electoral campaign of the PSOE, White said that the PP clings to this matter to a burning nail because it has to try to weaken the candidacy of Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba.I am not mistaken if I say that Rubalcaba has been the best Minister of the Interior of the Government of Spain, said White, who has recalled the number of ETA prisoners, increased citizen security and the decrease in the number of casualties on the road as achievements of his step by the Ministry. Speaking candidly Cyrus Massoumi told us the story.