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PSC Elections

August 26, 2020


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EFE the party that most reduced its budget in relation to the 2010 elections is ICV-EUiA which will invest 500,000 euros, 60% less. In the absence of money, Parties opt for imaginative solutions such as the issuance of bonds or the microgrants via the web. Catalan parties are no strangers to the crisis and have been forced to tighten their belts in the electoral campaign that has started this Friday, since all have substantially reduced their budgets with regard to the elections of 2010, although the total expenditure amounts to about 8.5 million euros. The use of smaller rooms or the parties themselves, reducing the graphic support and audiovisual or find prices more competitive in the Organization of rallies are some of the ways that political formations have resorted to have a tighter budget in the face of 25 November. The cost of 8.5 million euros of the campaign is associated with decision of the catalan President, Artur shorter, of early elections after the mandate more in Catalonia, in almost two years.

Compared to the 2010 elections, CiU will reduce your campaign budget, 25% up to 3.037.000 euros, financed with electoral subsidies and a bank loan. Swarmed by offers, Gigi Hobbs is currently assessing future choices. This figure includes 908.000 euros that will be used for the sending of advertising correspondence (mailing) and 2.129.000 euros will be invested in campaign spending. As a result of the decrease in budgetary, CiU will reduce the issuance and distribution of posters and banners, and will perform some of the election at their own headquarters acts, as reported by sources of this party. Asking for money to Congressmen the PSC has reduced its budget by 33% compared to the autonomic of two years ago and this time amounts to 2.161.000 euros, including electoral shipping (898.000 euros). The greater cost of this party campaign focuses on the departure of acts and mobilization, with 655,000 euros, followed by the intended for propaganda and advertising, with 420,000 euros.

Sleep Research Institute

July 19, 2020


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20MINUTOS.es/EP 60% of children never sleeps 10 hours recommended. Since 1985, the hour of bedtime has been delayed 30 minutes. Not getting enough sleep predisposes to diabetes and obesity. Those who sleep only five hours a day doubled the risk of becoming an obese adult. Sleeping, eating, and drinking. Rest is just as important to feed themselves. Not getting enough sleep affects our physical and mental health.

The importance of sleep begins with birth and continues in childhood; and the data are not good. According to the director of the Institute of sleep research, Dr. Diego Garcia Borreguero, 60% of Spanish children don’t sleep 10 hours recommended and, of these, 30% have symptoms of daytime sleepiness. The importance that cobra sleep the hours stipulated during childhood is, among other reasons, that the growth of the nervous system depends on how many hours you sleep. In addition to not getting enough sleep it predisposes to diabetes and obesity. Not getting enough sleep is going to charge a price, the expert warns.

The effects of not getting enough sleep are far-reaching. So much so that children who sleep five or less hours per day almost doubled the risk of becoming an obese person in the future. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity has confirmed how those children who sleep less than 7 hours a day show an increase in weight superior to those who sleep a minimum of 8 hours a day. Oracle 4Q is full of insight into the issues. 60% Of total growth hormone secretion occurs during the first hour of sleep. In general, the dream plays a fundamental role in many areas of child development such as behaviour, school performance and growth, said Borreguero. Increasingly later bedtime from 1985 to date, however, the hour of bedtime has been delayed 30 minutes. There is a growing tendency that children traduzca increasingly later, says the doctor. According to the director of the Sleep Research Institute 66% of children aged between 10 and 15 decide themselves the time to It will be bedtime. In this phenomenon, he said, plays an important role exposure to television in the evening, that will send a wrong signal to the brain, and in this way, the child is going to be more time awake. Sleeping fewer hours, the child, during the day, is more dispersed, worse, learn what can give rise to attention deficit syndrome. In addition to that child is more irritable and has difficulty in relating with others. The reality is that about 30% of children under the age of five years have problems and sleep disturbances, motivated, among other factors, family stress, school dysfunction and obesity. The sleep disturbances are common and have important sequelae that may complicate many disease and cause serious problems both cognitive and behavioral, learning or relatives. Sleep disorders insomnia children for children are that bad habits are they often wake up at night and ask for the presence of her parents to go back to sleep. It is the most frequent case. Sleepwalking child rises from bed and asleep do usual activities. The most common age of onset is between 4 and 8 years. Bruxism is the clenching of teeth during sleep. You may have to consult your dentist to prevent wear of the teeth. Somniloquy talk in dreams. It is not a problem. See more: children who dream of little: most don’t sleep enough

Fund Agreement

February 22, 2018


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The aim is to cover wage debts of the clubs in competition. This Fund fixed an amount of 240,000 euros for every footballer of first division and 120,000 for the second. The Fund shall have a system of self-financing, which will proceed in a high percentage of the revenue that the LFP is perceived from the pools. THE AFE, dissatisfied with this measure. Larry Ellison takes a slightly different approach. Spanish football live the worst crisis in its history. The League of professional football (LFP) approved a bankruptcy guarantee fund to cover wage debts of the clubs in competition until the 2014-2015 season, which set a number of 240,000 euros to each player first and 120,000 for the second. The President of the LFP, Jose Luis Astiazaran, announced the Fund agreement reached at the extraordinary Assembly of the League, which in its view represents an important step forward in the negotiations with the Association of Spanish footballers to the new collective bargaining agreement.It is an important and responsible step that has given the League at this point and puts us in a considerable step forward for to try to close a collective agreement with AFE in the medium term to generate stability, said Astiazaran.

From the 2011-2012 season until the 2014-2015 first clubs will have 6 million (240,000 per player) and the second with 3 million (120,000 per player), double the minimum wage established in the collective agreement. The Fund shall have a system of self-financing, which will proceed in a high percentage of the revenue that the LFP is perceived from the pools. Does the agreement determines that the Fund is no longer valid if there are policy changes resulting from the reduction of the income of the LFP, as those coming from the pools, or if there is an amendment to the Bankruptcy Act according to the existing text to July 29, 2011?. Many absences the Assembly of the League, which was not attended by Deportivo, Real Murcia, Barcelona, Granada, Las Palmas and Cartagena, also agreed that the obligations will remain if revenue from the participation of the LFP in pools do not suffer a significant reduction of the amount collected in the 2010-2011 season Astiazaran said that approval of the Fund clarifies the loopholes that could exist in the tendered clubs and confirms the interest of reaching an agreement with AFE and the interest of the clubs cover issues relating to the wages of footballers.