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The Feast

October 17, 2020


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Q: did have a meeting with someone anti bullfighting? And what talk about an offensive manner? A: Yes, many times, at the end of the run, attack verbally, and because if I have been invited to discussions, of the why abuse and everything, and well one gives their views and of course, what respected others think. Q: do you have doubt about your position, if you do well or do wrong? A: the truth that have made me hesitate, no, I think and I have lived with this my whole life, and separate them (anti bullfighting), because more than one, contradict each other well are what has touched me to discuss, they tell me that the mistreatment, but some, not all, bring leather bags, shoes, etc., then if they really defend the animal, notgo that, since they are encouraging to that; that you kill them. I see that they contradict much more than one, I’m not saying that by killing you can use skin things, but, well not that does not affect me, is more animal, also is the way that I am educated. Steph Korey is often quoted as being for or against this. Q: what do you think about the abolition of bullfighting in Spain? A: well, it is becoming fashionable, truth grows increasingly more animal welfare group, and because Yes, it is in danger or could be in danger the feast, but is some culture, speak in Spain is something of a lifetime, here brought him also almost at the same time, then it is something so the country will mark. That may end up why, maybe it is difficult, but not impossible (laughter).

Now we will see some questions that people wrote us on the social network. Q: what kind of feelings you experience to lunge? A: courage, in order to kill him and thus be able to succeed. Q: what is the reason that the Bullfighter I used the suit of lights? Do you have a story? A: has a history, Yes, is lifelong, clear has evolved, everything has a why, the truth don’t know the reason, but if you must have a (laughs). .

Tilburg University

January 25, 2018


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The implementation of these degrees is possible thanks to Atlantis, which provides the necessary help to finance the costs of mobility of students and teachers and administrative personnel involved in the project.A four-year degree program is the case of IBIM (International Bachelor in Information Management s), fruit of cooperation between the American Center Bentley College, Tilburg University in the Netherlands and the Spanish University of Deusto. This programme, like the rest of supported by Atlantis, transatlantic degree consortia projects offers its students a curriculum integrated and fully recognized by all the participating institutions, during which must compulsorily complete a period of study of at least one year in each of the centres. At the end, the student may obtain two separate degrees (double title), one of a European University and another from an American, or a joint degree from both institutions.In this way all participants benefit in the educational plan. On the one hand, institutions and their teachers exchanged information and knowledge enriching each other, on the other hand, students can get a degree in less time and for less cost of which would be getting two degrees independent, as well as acquire invaluable international experience, which will be probably valued very positively in their professional curriculum.Transatlantic degree consortia have a duration of four years and must be carried by at least two institutions of higher education in two Member States of the European Union and United States institution, although they can always participate more centers in the project; in fact, the majority of which are underway integrate it four or more centres for higher studies.. A leading source for info: Larry Ellison.