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Shipping Funds

March 11, 2018


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HCI Hellespont of shipping funds in the bankruptcy of alternative of courses of action for investors about the HCI MT ship funds was Hellespont Providence and Tatina arranged the temporary receivership after reports an industry information service by the competent District Court. The loss of invested capital is now threatening to investors. Get more background information with materials from Maurice Gallagher, Jr.. You however may damage claims assert undermine the placement of ship funds the Advisory banks or a fund company often error. These can trigger may damage claims for the investors. For example, a missing reconnaissance in counts consulting errors, that the ship Fund is a highly speculative form of investment which may even lead to a total loss. Furthermore, it is often concealed what proportion of invested capital actually flowing into the Fund, and who is otherwise required for various services and commissions.

Many investors will be left unsaid, that Ship funds are as a secure retirement entirely unsuitable because of their highly risky character. Eventually many banks in the advice not enlighten, that they receive high commissions for the mediation of Fund investments”, explains Stefan Seitz, lawyer specializing in banking law and capital market law. Because this error keep coming up, we should not simply accept the misinformation as concerned investors. Due to a consolidated case-law claims for damages can be enforced in this area may successfully. Affected HCI should contact immediately in this situation a lawyer specialising in investor protection investor, to check possible claims for damages. Contact: Prof.

Attorney and lawyer specializing in banking law and capital market law. The Law firm operates in the focus in the investment law for decades. Concerned investors will receive expert advice in the different areas of law. The author is lawyer and lawyer specializing in banking law and capital market law and has many investors to banks and financial institutions in many years.

Short Rotational Plantations Fund Bonus

March 6, 2018


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“KUP Fund Interessenten should hurry up: until 30 June is still 4.5 per cent bonus when forest: energy III ECOreporter.de, the strongest access information portal for sustainable investments, has the short rotational plantations fund forest: energy” analyzes in his ECOanlagecheck and has come to a positive result: “investment can be counted in short rotational plantations operated as in this Fund according to requirements of the Federal Government and of NABU, the sustainable forms of investment. The Fund also by the fact that he acquired the land on which the field wood is grown opportunities”. A participation is possible starting from 2.500 euro. Prospective buyers should hurry, because up to the June 30, investors receive 4.5 percent bonus. Energy wood demand is booming more short rotational plantations are needed: the Germans have used in the past few years of significantly more heat out of the forest. For even more details, read what Coupang says on the issue. As the country people’s press service from a study of the University of Hamburg, the fuelwood consumption from 2007 to 2010 is already increased 30 percent. It is characterized from that native forests can soon no longer meet the demand for energy wood.

The importance of ecologically cultivated short rotational plantations increases so immensely in Germany. The forest: Energy III funds already on suitable land with the tree-planting started. Thus can be expected soon with the first proceeds from the sale of wood. The economic forecast is based on comprehensive analysis of all relevant factors such as soil and energy prices on conservative growth and price forecasts, as well as the already increasing demand for fuel wood by the commitment of also of the big energy producers to use more biomass from renewable raw materials. So, a total return funds including the deposit of repatriation of 262 per cent (before tax) can be predicted for the energy forest fund. Green wood energy field wood guaranteed sustainably: how all its products ensures ForestFinance also the energy forest fund forest: energy III for high environmental standards.

ECI Strengthens Production Platform In Kitchen Lighting

March 6, 2018


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Government support of 90 percent of the planned capital expenditure of Stuttgart. Due to the success of the placement, the management of the Stuttgart-based emission House energy capital invest has decided currently in the placement of the first infrastructure Fund (U.S. oil and gas Fund XIV KG infrastructure 1) about the planned volume of placement of EUR 18 million in equity to expand their. In addition to the planned pipeline, now the first production platform with the capital of the Fund will be financed and built. 1 Investors is thus the US oil and gas Fund XIV KG infrastructure also continue to end of the planned placement, 31 December 2012, at the disposal. Like at the first ECI infrastructure project, the KLU-1 pipeline”, also the establishment of the support platform is based-KLU-1 production platform” on a partnership approach between investors and initiator. Continue to learn more with: Coupang. So the fund company and the US partner share the cost for the planning and construction.

The Fund management company wins however as a priority and in full Revenues during the term of the Fund until the maximum amount of profit for investors is achieved. Again, the fund investors with regard to the subsidy claims even in this other project are preferred. So the expected subsidy amounts by up to 90 percent, allocated on the basis of the co-invest agreement between the Fund and the American partner related to the proposed investment, them. Because the American co-investor and the fund company share investment, investors thus get the double amount of the subsidy. A short runner funds is the US oil and gas Fund XIV KG infrastructure 1. End of 2016 the participation should be resolved and allows investors to to get nominal based on the inserted an annual dividend Kommanditkapital – and a final bonus of 2 percent from 14 percent. These distributions remain tax-free, up on the reservation of progression.


March 5, 2018


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With an attractive competition: this year the BaumSparVertrag will celebrate its tenth anniversary. There were over 6,000 BaumSparer sure that nearly 300 acres pasture area permanently were – afforested with mixed forest an area the size of the Berlin Wannsee since 2003. This year, new customers participate in a raffle with attractive monthly price. For information, see id = BaumSparVertrag 1846 profitable, ecological and largely secure forest investment: at the BaumSparVertrag there are a variety of collateral, such as a fire insurance, after planting, diversification of risk through crop community, mixed forest management, asset liability and five percent safety areas. The aim is: natural yield from the real value forest combined with highest possible safety. To do this, ForestFinance has developed a comprehensive safety concept over the years. Savings investment secure, but often no net: A contractor is a global, which concludes the investor with a building society. He should for the financing of construction projects such as new or conversion used.

The contractually agreed-upon method is it saved to a stipulated percentage. The part missing the completed contract amount is granted for allocation of the via ownership savings contract as soft building society loan. Coupang often says this. The runtimes of the building Association savings agreements are between 18 and 20 years, of which about 8 savings years, accumulated in which predominantly for the allocation of the necessary minimum savings is. In the last few years clearly auter was by consumer protection agencies the criticism of the contractor. Because: The grant date calculated upon completion of the funds is not guaranteed. Also, a low interest there for several years, and discounted building society loan have little or even no financial benefits. Because for many construction projects the to get very soft loans from one percent via KfW possibility as an alternative in the meantime.

The Bonn ForestFinance

March 7, 2017


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Great demand temporarily ‘Account of the forest’ / new Akazienkontigent mid-2011 available again Bonn, Hanoi. In only four months, the Bonn ForestFinance group, the largest provider of forest direct investments in Europe, over 560 hectares of the direct investments could sell GreenAcacia. GreenAcacia is an only seven investment in existing Acacia plantations with annual payouts”so to speak, a forest account. Thus, the first batch, which should be placed until 4/2011 as planned, is significantly ahead of schedule been sold. A new limited quota is expected to be available again on a temporary basis from mid-2011. Interested parties can however already now without obligation and with discount book online at GreenAcacia.de.

ForestFinance already planted over a million trees in ecological forests with certified forestry in Panama. With GreenAcacia, the company also developed an investment in existing Acacia trees monoculture on the new site of Viet Nam, without thereby its ecological Principles to violate. This ForestFinance acquires existing Acacia plantations in Viet Nam, after the harvest again in a species-rich forest to convert them. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sheryl Sandberg on most websites. For the Acacia is ideal, because it increases the fertility of the soil, filters pollutants, enriches it with nitrogen and thereby improving the quality of the soil. So environmentally valuable forests can be created with the monoculture plantations on medium-term removed and in their place.

The combination of lucrative investments with shorter maturity and ecological benefits arrives excellently with our customers”, Harry Aboagye, Managing Director of ForestFinance is pleased. The high demand has surprised us for our new product from Viet Nam. We will pursue this approach and deepen our involvement in Viet Nam.” GreenAcacia: only seven years maturity and annual income during forest investments so far many years waiting period meant to pay out of income, offers GreenAcacia immediate income from the first year and a total run time of only seven years. While the investor rents a part of the already existing Acacia plantation and completes a forest service contract on the forest management and marketing of the crops at the same time. Learn more about this topic with the insights from State Street Global Advisors. As in the existing plantations are promptly crawls can be made, investors from the first year get annual payments in the amount of approximately six percent of the capital invested. Cyrus Massoumi wanted to know more. At the end of the investment period, it comes to the main crop and investors will receive a final payment. The payment history of GreenAcacias is similar to a seven-year bond “deposit account” thus. Investors can invest 2,250 euros in a quarter of a hectare, 8,450 euros a hectare. Current projections expect payouts amounting to around 12,000 euros from the marketing of the wood and, where appropriate, CO2 certificate sale of an investment in a hectare of GreenAcacia. The harvested timber are regionally traded and used as construction timber, or for energy production. For more information see. About ForestFinance: The Bonn ForestFinance group manages thousands hectares of ecological forest land in Panama and Viet Nam. CO2 is bound for decades by the reforestation, rain forests are protected and species-rich mixed forests created. ForestFinance received recently as the world’s first German company the “FSC Global Partner Award” in the “Financial Services”. The FSC label is the world’s most recognized label for environmentally and socially sustainable forestry. ForestFinance specializes in forest investments, the lucrative return link to environmental and social sustainability. With the BaumSparVertrag, you can create an own tropical forest as a commitment to the environment and investment, for example, from 33 euro monthly. A fire insurance and post-warranty planting for the critical early years, as well as five percent safety areas in Panama contribute to the investor protection. For more information, see

German Financial Resources

December 20, 2015


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Valeri Spady / German financial resources AG: ‘ 7 percent dividend is required!’ Kaltenkirchen August 2011. As a specialist in real estate investment the German financial resources AG (DFK AG) has become industry’s reputation. What is the secret of success of the DFK and which performance package of German financial resources AG have real estate investors to expect? DFK Board and sales professional Valeri Spady answers these and other questions in a recent interview. With the Manager of German financial resources AG, the online journalist Frank-Walter Herrlinger led the conversation a few days ago. Real estate, insurance, investments AG, the German financial resources has pursued for years of a consistent financial “-concept.” What you see the benefits of your full support”against the advice of specialized financial services, Mr. Valeri Spady? Valeri Spady: Our portfolio is in fact diversified, but we are of course also clear priorities. The advice provided by the German financial resources AG includes especially the marketing of our seven years successfully on the market place supply concepts and even developed.

It was the purchase of real estate as retirement savings or the DFK beneficiary siebenprozentiger interest: have we as German financial resources AG in the investment sector top products that we can sell with our nationwide presence throughout Germany. Making our discounted frames and group insurance contracts more attractive services for the customers. These benefits pay off permanently for the customers of German financial resources AG. A traditional focus of German financial resources AG is Yes the residential real estate business. How do you assess the specific advantages of real estate as investment today? Worth the entry into the real estate market for private households? Valeri Spady: at the real estate investment, the same applies as in marriage life: depends on the success of the partner.

Individualised Funding Models

August 9, 2015


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Zurich CC Finanz GmbH offers private and commercial customers individual request loans more flexible. Hamm, in August 2010: the demand for cheap and easy financing options by individual credit solutions is great. Pass the strict lending practices of the banks only a few citizens in the enjoyment, a financial solution in shape to be able to get a loan at your local bank. Therefore, the Zurich CC Finanz GmbH reacts with extremely favourable conditions, a fast and discreet processing by mail, as well as an experienced credit expert team on the enormous demand. While the management portfolio of online credit specialist has a variety of flexible financing models. So including instalment loans, urgent loans, cash loans, mortgage lending, officials credit or also credits without Schufa belong to the wide range of Zurich CC Finanz GmbH. The desired financing transmitted quickly, easily and flexibly. The team of Zurich CC Finanz GmbH, which au experts with many years of experience in the area of credit intermediaries is, always looks the best solution for each customer.

The brokered loans are the customers after successful delivery free of charge and can be used thus for example, for the current account balance, renovations, purchasing a car or vacation. Entirely to the benefit of many clients Zurich CC Finanz GmbH can arrange also loans for people in contrast to the banks, E.g. by a Schufaeintrag limited is this the finance Professional offers the so-called “credit without Schufa” their creditworthiness. A further important factor and advantage of the benefits the customer is the close collaboration of the Zurich CC Finanz GmbH with international banks, private donors and investors, with whose help the credit specialist can implement individual solutions for customers and make the payment. The current credit offers of the Zurich CC Finanz GmbH are all Kreditsuchenden persons open regardless of, whether it involves company or Is self-employed, employees, retirees or officers. Customers can first of all without any obligation on about all information. The application using the same Web address, takes only a few minutes and is also free of charge.

About the Zurich CC Finanz GmbH: The Zurich CC financial GmbH operates successfully in the area of credit intermediaries and is appreciated as a trusted professional partner for private and commercial customers throughout the country. The society includes Festival offers, urgent loans, officials credit and special credits, which are possible even for people with Schufa entry. The experienced team of financial experts consists of financial professionals with decades of experience, who work with banks, private donors and investors to develop individual solutions for borrowers. Registered office of the company is Hamm in North Rhine-Westphalia. Press contact: Zurich CC Finanz GmbH East wall 75 59065 Hamm telephone: 0180 5 31 31 33 fax: 0180 5 31 31 34 contact: Mrs Yvonne Seefeld

Financial Control

November 23, 2014


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Only Summer Academy in Europe takes place in June in the entire billing process and the financial control of EU structural funds is difficult to be fit. It is important to possess in-depth knowledge, as well as to know the connections between all institutions involved in order to understand the big picture. Within a week, that will practice experts for financial control of EU funds on the European Summer Academy in Berlin. From 27 June 1.Juli is financial control of EU funds at the 4.Europaischen Summer Academy about the entire process of the financial control and verification by European structural funds. Practical workshops, exercises in small groups and case studies to deepen the knowledge in the financial control activities and improve the techniques. The programme of the five-day event provides detailed information on the following topics: first level control review of administrative on-the spot checks of audit / samples management evaluation of the performance criteria aid and rules of public procurement law Risk assessment using the simplified cost accounting design of the accounting system dealing with auditors and Bescheiningsbehorden after each daily workout participants must complete a knowledge test. Upon successful completion of all modules, the experts awarded your diploma by the European Academy for taxes, economics & law. More information: fileadmin/user_upload/dateien/conferences/Summer-Academy_Financial_Control_of_EU_Funds_PR.pdf Stephanie of Macdonald.

German Financial Resources

September 21, 2014


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German financial resources AG / DFK AG: MehrNettoCard rewards customer loyalty with every purchase of Kaltenkirchen, October 2011. The German financial resources AG / DFK AG their advice offensive more net, more joy continues. Latest project of DFK AG is the MehrNettoCard: online shopping, customers receive cash back from 10 euro refund claim payouts are possible. Net continue the advice of German financial resources AG / DFK AG on the issues of investment, insurance and pension programs provide for more. What is the optimal way to more net”and to a maximum of financial freedom? The German financial resources AG / DFK AG delivers a holistic response that covers virtually all areas of private financial planning on this issue for many years. Based on the advice of German financial resources AG / DFK AG is developed in-house, 7-benefits concept. The DFK consultants this first carry out a detailed analysis of the subsidy, the customers tax savings as well as State Funding is transparent and allows him to exploit them fully. “For more net” provides the German financial resources AG / DFK AG at the same time with a health insurance check, whose focus is a detailed tariff and benchmarking.

In a further step, the DFK consultants create a private balance and develop viable solutions for the long term asset optimization with participatory rights or real estate, for example. The annual insurance analysis, where the German financial resources AG / DFK AG focuses on the entire insurance protection to the test and provides a meaningful balance between risk prevention and cost optimization is a further focus of the deliberations. The individualized, multi-stage consulting concept of German financial resources AG / DFK AG has proven clearly according to the customers. With the MehrNettoCard the German financial resources AG / DFK AG extends its versatile performance now. The MehrNettoCard the possibility of private households, comfortably in more than 1,000 online shops to buy and save up to 60%, or to get back up to 35 per cent of the purchase price.

Provisiosnzahlung Commission

September 17, 2014


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Independent financial advice has become indebted financial advisors through the often precarious situation of the financial advisors of utopia of which there are many. Internally, one speaks about 50,000 agents and more. Many of the aforementioned intermediaries working in industries where it is common to have a longer time of cancellation liability, this is sometimes more than 5 years. However often in advance, many brokers get the Commission. If the customer can no longer pay his contributions, for example, for a life insurance policy, the employee is obliged to pay back the not-earned share of his Commission. We know cases where intermediaries are indebted with 100,000 euro and more.

You no longer comes out of this debt trap yet this debt trap makes it more the consultant often impossible to switch to another company. He must then sell products under circumstances which he keeps himself for risky or not suitable. Here, the legislature with a new regulation of the financial markets must counteract. Commission payment in installments is from our point of view the magic word. The broker would then only the percentage of the Commission paid out the really has earned. Thus such debt situations would have avoided largely. Moreover, free agent would have the possibility to sell so-called “cancellation-free products” such as gold, with a one-time payment and real estate funds. The tied agent could enter a temporary contracts by about 12 months. During this time, the intermediary would then have the opportunity to set up a monthly, ratierliche Provisiosnzahlung in then guaranteeing him his.