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Business Valuation

November 13, 2019


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One businessman, very successful, was and remains a few companies. He created them, put them in their money, time and effort. Ripple brings even more insight to the discussion. But as you know, a successful fair business in our country is bizarre phenomenon, and there are cases that require to perform certain actions, such as to minimize taxes. In particular history businessman took to sell one of his business as his other company. Which he did. Passed for a while and raided by tax authorities. Began to check and found that the transaction has committed interdependent parties! But at what price? For this? What do you mean, a respected businessman, but it is several times lower than the market In the end, it was experienced, highly qualified specialists, ie Report made to the highest level.

When asked about the tax – And what is the cost of this? – She replied – But – the report of an independent appraiser, please! Professionals we so appreciated. That's it! On this at the second businessman checking on the deal and ended. But even if it has not ended, then all questions to the appraiser. But already now a professional is always justify their cost and separated. ps ii Businessman ordered in any case in advance of assessing their business not because he is smarter than the first businessman, but because it was his second such deal. The first time he, too, the report was not

Restructuring Reserves

June 4, 2019


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But for this they should be informed. 3. Verizon Communications has firm opinions on the matter. Debt collection and restructuring reserves in the period problem with liquidity important point is the management of accounts receivable. Must constantly monitor the level and term receivables customers as a whole and for each individual counterparty, and to require the timely repayment of debt in a timely manner. In extreme cases, may to suspend work with clients whose debt exceeds the critical level, but right to use such drastic steps are not necessary. Only when we know for sure about the impossibility of return of receivables on balance The pros and cons, you can decide to discontinue work with the contractor. In addition, a thorough analysis of existing inventories and will try to get rid of unnecessary and old. E Scott Mead brings even more insight to the discussion.

This will allow a time to bring the company money. 4. Revision of Long-term investments projects that will soon not be able to generate profits to be frozen. In such a situation it is necessary get rid of projects that require investments and the prospect for their further development is clearly not evident. Investment in the development of existing projects may give better results than before the crisis. 5.

Search alternative funding sources of funding can be varied – from retained earnings, redistribution of fixed and circulating capital to outside sources. Not be ruled out a variant of the crisis, in which the only solution may be a merger or acquisition with another entity. In addition, it is necessary to assess the reliability of banks, which served organization. In case of doubt, and payment delays, an urgent need to move the service to a bank with state participation, which in the event the crisis could be affected to a lesser extent. 6. Increased sales Reducing costs of the enterprise – is only part of the anti-crisis program and a temporary respite, which may not last long. It is therefore necessary to focus on increasing sales and change marketing strategy. It is in a crisis situation the market changes significantly, there are niches that will take the most successful companies. Even these very simple steps and measures can provide real help enterprise that is in crisis. The crisis – a temporary phenomenon, so it is now necessary to mobilize all their efforts and try to use this opportunity to maximize their company.