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Yandex Direct

December 24, 2014


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That is, no part of this costs. 3.Torgovoe equipment. Allow myself to take into account the cost of the site then e – shop. If you book a studio, from 30000 rub. and higher, depending on the ambitions of the studio, to which you refer.

If you use one, gaining momentum in the Internet service (), it is much less! 4.Reklama. Yes! And the Internet can not do without advertising. For the first time will be enough 5000 rubles a month to get a good number of visitors – your potential customers. 5.Tovar. Well, everything here, as in the previous example.

Goods should be and it costs money. But then we’ll talk about how to cut and set equal to zero and the cost. 6.Prochie costs. They also have the owner of the Internet – shop. For example, the cost of internet access – the connection … Difficult to accurately determine this figure. I have it from 1000 to 1500 rubles. per month. What is impressive? When I start to compare the sum of these numbers, I’m starting to doubt that makes a profit, and that Headache. How can I create? Reasonable question. After all, any business you first need to create, and then to apply for a profit. If you still decide to, begin to create the Internet – shop … First, the DISC. You also need something to sell?


July 19, 2014


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Continue. Now, when defined topic list and get the answers necessarily need to come up with the name of the mailing list and brief description. Add to your understanding with By the way, this site also contains articles of the best masters of copywriting, e-books and more than must have Internet predrinimatel. Description list ….

I think that in explaining this concept does not need. Description is directly under the headline, and should strengthen, he created a desire to subscribe. Excellent! There is a wonderful and attractive name! There is a multiplier effect and hypnotic description! But do not rush! Now you need to write 2 – 3 issues for future lists. I think it's necessary. Firstly, it gives opportunity to test your literary talents to their relatives and friends, and secondly, good information needs to mature a bit and finally ripen. I give my hand to cut off that, after reading it through a couple of days, you 'll want something to correct or change it. Or maybe it happens that want to just throw this nonsense in the trash and start writing again.

SMS SMS-payment

July 16, 2014


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So, here I share with you experience of implementing the simplest version of SMS-receiving payments on its website. It is, of course, fully automated system: the customer has paid – received the goods. You only from time to time intervene, if necessary, or some other disruption. I note that the system of mobile payments, which implements the same RUpay – this is not exactly what you need. In the case of using the SMS user manages his account in the payment system, and people such as we found out a little. Need a service that handles classical SMS sending different value.

Those in RuNet unity, and in my opinion the best of them – SMSCoin. This Israeli-runetovsky project;) offers several options for SMS-payment, and SMS-key – the easiest option to configure the sale of your product through the SMS-payment. The essence of this way – in a page, which includes goods sold (registration key link to download the program, e-Book-a, etc.), built a simple piece of PHP-code SMS-key. After that, when referring to this page is not displayed it, and the interface SMSCoin-and containing payment instructions, the selection of countries operators, etc. Also on this page form to enter a password, which is sent in response sms-tion to the client. Enter the password opens the purchaser held the original page. What is required!

Todays Networked Market

July 4, 2014


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The beginning of 21 century was marked by turbulent events in the life of our planet. Political upheavals are intertwined with economic ones. Do not lag behind them in the scale and drama of natural disasters. The rapid development of communication technologies has accelerated the pace of life almost every inhabitant of Earth. Along with this person is experiencing an unprecedented in human history, information and psychological pressure from the media, advertising and PR-campaigns. Every day we are bombarded by streams of negative information, the hype from all sides, the constant pile of sugary promises and dire predictions …

In addition, many people work for 10-12 hours a day very little money, you just have to pay the bills and something a food. And these concerns flies entire life. And if someone dies before retirement, their standard of living is even lower. And that? Why do we live? For what or for whom so much work? How to be a person in such an atmosphere as to be able to not get lost in the swirling flow of the current civilization? After all, there is in this world is another, more peaceful and prosperous life, rich pleasant pastime with loved ones. Without having to spend half your life at work, which is only an illusion of our importance and necessity.

Most economists agree that modern society, consumer in nature, increasing their demands more and more. And to satisfy them are improving old and creating new methods and ways of providing goods and services.

Keep Beliefs

June 26, 2014


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Although both are interrelated. Example beliefs 3: I must understand the distribution of profitability of its trading system, its average yield (wait) and the variability of this distribution (ie, the volatility of the yield). Example belief 4: I should know goals that I want achieve. What results do I want to achieve, and how can I prevent decay? (In my case, I would like to make 10% a month in their trade.) Sample convictions 5: In order to achieve their goals, I need to understand and use effectively management position sizing. Example beliefs 6: Complete your portfolio main positions that I could adjust the weekly or daily. But then, to find effective market-based instruments and use leverage to achieve the best results. (These are my beliefs are not necessarily suitable for you) Example of persuasion 7: When a day of great decline, to investigate what happened and why, perhaps, my fault.

Determine what errors, if any, I have done. Example beliefs 8: Keep shopping diary for each transaction. Example beliefs 9: Follow the 10 tasks of trade. Example beliefs 10: When I can not actively trade, I must remove all speculative positions. Example beliefs 11: Understand the risk and profitability for every sales transaction before you enter into it. For example, my profit potential should be at least three times greater than my potential risk. Example beliefs 12: Have levels of limiting losses to their basic positions and actively monitor the market for their speculative positions. (This concerns me personally.) I want to once again warn you that these 12 examples are my personal beliefs, which may well differ from yours.

However, some beliefs are universal for a good trade. These beliefs are examples of 1 to 4 (the knowledge of their targets) and 8 11. This list of 12 Belief is designed to give you an impetus for introspection. Thus, be honest with yourself and begin to explore what you really believe about markets. Results may not be for you a very unexpected.