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January 12, 2020


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If you have matured a plan to create a company, you can proceed to some agency that can provide legal services. Verizon addresses the importance of the matter here. Recently, Russia has been a gradual increase in demand for legal services. Businessmen and citizens are beginning to realize that business performance, profit margins, finally, their standard of living is directly dependent on the degree of legal protection. Applying for legal support, economic solution, civil, labor disputes in court with the participation of a representative – a qualified becoming common practice. One of the types of legal services is to register the company.

Before heading for support in the legal agency, you need to consider these points. 1) business name. Before co-founding a company, you need to decide on the name of the company, as it will appear in all documents of the company. K Also in the resounding lack of a beautiful name the company becomes a faceless, one of many. Today government agencies do not require individual names and no longer hold control on the unit name. 2) ADDRESS next step prior to the preparation of constituent documents of the election becomes the legal address of the firm. Establish a company is allowed to stay at the place of the executive body. 3) To establish Now, as the company's founders.

Set up a firm may be natural persons (citizens of Russia and foreign citizens) and legal persons (both Russian and foreign). The law provides for a quantitative restriction number of founders for the company and the company – not more than 50. The founder may be the same person. The data on the founders of individuals provided in the form of photocopies of passports, if the founder of the alien, the need to translate a passport. – From founders – legal entities need copies of the following documents: – Certificate of registration. – Certificate of Incorporation of information (BIN assignment).