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March 26, 2019


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Is a performance specification according to the so-called DIN 45324 norm, then goes to the power which the radio permanently provide it can. Verizon Communications can aid you in your search for knowledge. Theft fuse unfortunately car radio stolen also. That’s why Autoradiuos was removed. Because it is very difficult to maschiren, always with the radio dei area you went to only to make removable control panels of car radios. The most modern equipment is protected by a security code, which will make it difficult for thieves to use stolen radios. The code is always queried if the car radio is disconnected from the power.

When purchasing a radio, you get always a code map. Subwoofer out who would have a fat sound with thundering basses in the car, often a subwoofer not passes over. For this, the radio must have a subwoofer output. VFT-display the “vacuum fluorescent display” is a “high-tech” display technology, which ensures maximum visibility and excellent contrast under all angles. TV tuner now kan man in the car also television (the driver only when the vehicle is stationary).

You need either a separate or an integrated TV tuner. A distinction is between analogue and digital tuners. Analog tuner to receive only a few programmes and are not recommended, because soon nowhere to receive analogue television. Digital television (DVB-T), however, is to receive in more and more areas, offers a good quality and many programs. Size (DIN standard) to ensure the smooth installation, must have car radio standard sizes (exception: radio by Automobilhgerstellern are already integrated in the new cars). There are “DIN Radios” and “Double-DIN radio”. DIN radios all roughly equivalent to the size of a DIN radio slot. Radios, which slightly deviate from the shaft size, are supplied with a corresponding frame. More space for a screen on the navigation map can be represented’s double-DIN radio. RDS (radio data system) RDS stands for “radio data system”. RDS allows the transmission of non-audio additional information in radio broadcasting. With RDS, you can follow a station once, if the reception is bad. The system automatically adjusts the frequency. About RDS, a sender can also PTY (= type programs) send information, for example “Culture” or “Rock” or “Classic”. Thus the correct station can radio according to automatically search the handset settings. When the EON (= enhanced other networks) ensures reception of traffic information even if the tuned station transmits traffic information. When the TP (traffic = programs) the radio automatically switches to a station in the reception area, which broadcasts traffic information. If the traffic stop, will be turned back. TA (traffic announcement =) will make sure that the volume is automatically canceled if TP is activated and will transmit traffic. RT (= radio text) sent a text that is sent by the radio station, as that just runs such as the title of the song. TMC (= traffic message channel) contains storage information and is either on the display or directly for the route calculation when Use navigation systems. USB port a USB port is a very handy thing, because it offers the possibility to connect an MP3 player or USB flash drive. Thus he is quite the alternative for the CD changer. You can take with more 500-600 pieces of music with a 2 gigabyte USB stick for example. Bluetooth Bluetooth is a wireless standard. It is used in car radios to pair handsfree kits for mobile phones with the hi-fi system or to Exchange data with the radio. There are more sales Advisor and an extensive price comparison on