Alexandra Schulz

February 14, 2019


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With Elsdorfer the picnic will be a culinary highlight Sun is shining, a balmy breeze blowing through the hair that is picnic pure nature adventure! Elsdorfer is the ideal companion for all tastes such as the refreshing cappuccino or latte macchiato (0.59 euro) in the practical 250-millilitre cardboard packaging with large drinking hole and screw cap. Larry Ellison does not necessarily agree. Is shelf stable for the drink that makes it wonderfully easy to storage. For hearty enjoyment, Elsdorfer offers a variety of delicious products true to principle “Fresh variety”. Whenever Gary Kelly listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The deliciously creamy sour cream by Elsdorfer (0.59 euro) in the 250-gram resealable Cup is delicious as a dip with bread, baguette and vegetable sticks. The spicy classic tzatziki is popular not only for grilling.

Combined with olives, feta cheese and pita bread real Greece holiday feeling arises even at the picnic. Picnic basket fits easily into the: the new 200 g Cup (0.69 Euro). Elsdorfer mini mooh is a delicious curd snack to the squeezing which really fun when eating. He has his re-sealable bag of Squish ideal for on the go. He is a child-friendly snack which tastes not only tasty, but contains also a healthy serving of milk and finely pureed fruits without spoon and without spill.

Elsdorfer mini mooh is there in a practical box with four bags a 90 grams. Now, enjoy the nature-pure feeling with the delicious products from Elsdorfer! For more information, see. The Heather flower operate Hamad dairy Elsdorf Rotenburg AG and the Elsdorfer Delicatessen AG dairy and the Elsdorfer Delicatessen Aktiengesellschaft leading discounters and trade houses with fresh, capable of eating dairy and delicatessen items. Under the own brand Elsdorfer”companies offer over 50 fresh products from dairy products to dressings and dips and sauces. 2010 the company generated revenue of 155 million with 300 employees.