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Yandex Direct

December 24, 2014


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That is, no part of this costs. 3.Torgovoe equipment. Allow myself to take into account the cost of the site then e – shop. If you book a studio, from 30000 rub. and higher, depending on the ambitions of the studio, to which you refer.

If you use one, gaining momentum in the Internet service (), it is much less! 4.Reklama. Yes! And the Internet can not do without advertising. For the first time will be enough 5000 rubles a month to get a good number of visitors – your potential customers. 5.Tovar. Well, everything here, as in the previous example.

Goods should be and it costs money. But then we’ll talk about how to cut and set equal to zero and the cost. 6.Prochie costs. They also have the owner of the Internet – shop. For example, the cost of internet access – the connection … Difficult to accurately determine this figure. I have it from 1000 to 1500 rubles. per month. What is impressive? When I start to compare the sum of these numbers, I’m starting to doubt that makes a profit, and that Headache. How can I create? Reasonable question. After all, any business you first need to create, and then to apply for a profit. If you still decide to, begin to create the Internet – shop … First, the DISC. You also need something to sell?

Folk Instruments – Accordions And Bayans

December 23, 2014


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Folk instruments are always present, incorruptible popular because they are fully convey the national color, and melodic playing on these instruments conveys the special features of each nation. Accordion and bayan won the hearts of fans in Russia and France, Bulgaria and Latvia, Italy and Germany. Bayan attributed to a variety of harmonic, which has a full chromatic scales on the keyboard to the right and bass on the left. Accordion is a musical instrument, also related to the type of hand-harmonic, but traditional Russian accordion called the only instruments that are equipped with a piano keyboard on the right type. Development History these musical instruments is relatively small, but the evolution of accordions takes place very quickly. Serene day in July, a gunsmith from Tula Ivan Sizov, visited the Nizhny Novgorod Fair, where he heard the sounds of dashingly outlandish instrument – the harmonics.

Sizov purchased this tool and some time later produced his own, which instantly became popular and was named – Tula accordion. 1891 was marked by creation of a master of Bavaria Mirvaldom harmonics, which was equipped with a full chromatic scale and had a range of four octaves. The accompaniment consisted only of major triads, and after a short while bass keyboard became more refined and arranged in three rows: the first series consisted of 12 bass notes, the second and third rows contain, respectively, major and minor chords. Years passed, decades passed, and all accordions were equipped with switches, registers, and the Russian Tula accordions button accordions and 'Mercury' and 'Birch' for many years to have won fans in our country. The most common are accordions, having from 80 to 120 keys in the accompaniment and melody in the key 34-41.

And what is the modern segment of the market these delightful instruments? The stereotypical view of the layman on accordions and button accordions, as tools for entertainment and folk melodies, shattered with the first sound of an accordion Scandalli. Tools of this famous Italian brand around the world differ in a serious tone. Sound quality – is the main principle of our company. Bayan Scandalli – famous for its high quality and four-sounding, able to skillfully perform any complex melodies, doing without accompaniment. Italian masters are famous not only for his violins. More than a hundred glory years 'golden hands' masters of beautiful music coming out from under the bellows accordion Bugari and their immediate families of accordions Bugari. Tradition and unchanging quality of Italian produce tools to allow the most demanding professional music. The audience learns the majestic sound of the first chord and unwittingly stops on the enchanting sounds. Whose skill can compete with that? Perhaps the only accordion Weltmeister and wonderful Accordion Weltmeister not concede to them the highest quality. This is not surprising, as those who are not German masters are able to produce a perfect tool for building and great sound. Did you know that the most popular accordions in Russia are the accordions is this company? Buy an accordion and accordion are professionals and amateurs, because at this stage of musical instruments market offers a huge selection of popular and loved by millions instruments. Difficult passages, brilliantly performed by the accordion and accordion, continues to please us, the true fans of folk instruments.

Development Department

December 22, 2014


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White to white gold = RAL 9002 = 69. = RAL silver 9006 special solutions due to our highly qualified employees of our Development Department, the technical laboratory and the construction, we are able to develop individual solutions for our customers. Through our own production in our home we can implement in the short term this. This applies not only for modified lamp Assembly or special finishes, but also for lettering, signs and emblems to complete new developments according to your specifications. For us, prices site Germany and so made in Germany is one of the most important business philosophies. Through consistent investment in new technologies, we have created a lean and responsive organizational structure, as well as efficient production processes that will enable us to offer our products, lights and lamps at extremely attractive prices.

Security lighting this catalogue and custom-made products are in accordance with the European regulations EN 60 598 / VDE 0711 developed and manufactured. The lamps are approved or registered for the exam. This includes also the establishment of the lamps. Deviations from our recommendations should be discussed with us. Our products are subsequently changed by third parties, these are considered manufacturers. Please keep in mind that the characteristics of compact fluorescent lamps is temperature-dependent. Thus, the behaviour is different as in light indoors in outdoor lighting.

Our maximum surface temperatures at the glass heart with Recessed floor luminaires are based on use in outdoor applications (ta = 15 C) according to EN 60598. planning we advise you when planning your lighting system. Taking into account your data for the object in the form of plans and type of use, we develop a lighting concept for you, individually. For your own planning we provide tender texts, light technical data and manuals available. We are pleased to be your light partners to be.

Folder Even Shape

December 18, 2014


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Folder printing and Celle photo folders made easy in April 2011. The Achilles group, one of the leading paper finishers and suppliers of individual folders, private and business customers offers a new service: on the website can make them their folder itself and printed on the folder. “” The offer of easyOrdner is private in the three areas of”business” and professional “divided and exactly tailored to the needs of each target group. Folder even shape and print folders become a reality of trade and traders to the collection of business records for customers, employees or business partners, as well as for the storage in your own Office so easily, quickly and affordably. Step by step to the personal request folder (individual): A consistently simple menu design guides the visitors of to his individual folder. First, the mechanics of the individual folder, the handle hole and finishing are chosen, before it in the Layout design right. This provides easy folder around 100 templates for certain industries with a suitable design. Photo order for pharmacists, freelance architect, doctor, photo folder roofers, painter, gym operator, carrier, Steuerberater, clinic operators, photo folder for car dealers or landlord, city management, insurance agents or hotel operators about 35 industries find easy folder their personal photo folder.

The personal favorite is selected, your own images, logos and text to personalize can be inserted in addition and examined in a 3D view. Completes the design to the full satisfaction to go to the folder printing. Print after the folder is the individual folder is placed in the shopping cart and ordered online. The delivery takes place after a few days. Integration of common graphic programs of service is professional for creative at in the area as an alternative to folder even shape and print folder”located.

There, including agencies or marketing departments, you will receive established graphics program would use the layout templates for the design of button in all popular formats. Already designed templates can be uploaded to, this eliminates the step folder even shape and print folder. Depending on the quantity of the ordered folder, the price per copy between 12 and 15 euros for a single purchase order moves up to around 1 euro when ordering from 3,000 units. The respective prices are, in the process folder printing transparent shown and listed already in the selection of article photo order in the first step. If lamination, foil stamping, painting or Humidityfree are the finishing versions of printed materials diverse and varied. The Achilles group has over 30 different finishing options in their offer. It has two plants at its headquarters in Celle, 13 locations throughout Germany as well as several locations in the Czech Republic and Poland. Around 500 employees ensure that the customers of the Achilles group at printers, In the truest sense of the word impression a shiny publishers, agencies and industry customers. Moreover, the medium-sized company with Achilles presentation products GmbH (APP) provides innovative presentation products such as ring – and offer solutions, lever folder, press boxes, slipcase, boxes, register or packaging. Also commercial direct customers, publishers, licensees and retailers perceive as well as advertising agencies and printing companies offer. Contact: easyOrdner GmbH Mr. Ali Jason Bazooband fractional k trail 40 29227 Celle Tel.: 05141 / 753-241 press contact: TILL.DE GmbH Marta Baranowski FON: 0531.390239-11 E-Mail:

Complex Activity

December 16, 2014


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To analyze the current aboriginal communities and to search to investigate its permanncias are a sufficiently complex activity. To think the indian nowadays is to go to the meeting of a different people of what we costumvamos to study in history books. It is difficult to think about the indian without imagining it in its traditional form to be dressed, to decorate themselves and to dance. To understand the indian current does not mean only relembra it imagining the passed indian, means understands it in its limitations, understands it in its attempt to recoup the least the minimum of its passed culture, means to observe and to accept its differences that almost always are reasons of preconception and social exclusion. Well, in my first contact with an aboriginal community it was with the Aboriginal Community Tapeba, in the city of Caucaia/Cear, I was absorbed, therefore, did not think that an aboriginal community would be unprovided of its proper culture, that is, of its roots. The language, for example, was total extinguished, already they do not exist Tapebas that says the aboriginal language native. The losses of the aboriginal peoples are irreparable, the death of left them to the culture of certain form lost and without referencial fort in our current world. When observing of close the Tapebas I had difficulty in understanding that people.

To assume a so rejected identity and victim of preconception is not in fact a decision any. I could perceive that the life of the current aboriginal communities is referenciada by a constant fight, a permanent effort to be recognized, to be considered indians and to have its identity and its rights consolidated ahead of the current society. The life in the current aboriginal communities is not differed very from the life way of the sertanejos, agriculture it fishes, it and the creation of animals families are part of the ways of subsistence them.

Christoph Pliete

December 14, 2014


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Also, an electronic archiving of the invoices is required anyway, which inevitably investment effects”, is Donnebrink. At the same time, he expects a growing acceptance for electronic billing processes through the waiving of the signature. You will become noticeably consent, because a more favorable ratio of technical costs and economic benefits.” Compared to paper invoices, the e-invoicing offers significant advantages to the company. This includes that it integrate easier into the management processes by automatic testing and Freigabeworkflows can and produces lower process costs in the company. Also accounts for the printing and postage costs. According to estimates from various studies the company can save Europe a higher double-digit billions in euros the electronic invoice processing. About the d.velop AG: The established in 1992, d.velop AG headquartered in the North Rhine-Westphalian Gescher develops and markets software, document-based business and decision-making processes optimised in organizations.

In addition to the strategic platform d. 3 of a modular enterprise content management (ECM) solution developed the d.velop AG with the product line of ecspand services and solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, which complete the functional areas of ECM and DMS. Core features include an automated mail processing with self learning document classification, an efficient document management and archiving, as well as the complete control of the flow of processes. Accelerate d. 3 procedures, simplifies decisions and improve sustainable competitiveness.

The high quality of the projects resulted from the Expertise of more than 330 employees of d.velop Group (d.velop AG and d.velop competence center) as well as the approximately 150 affiliates in the d.velop competence network. That convinced so far about 760,000 users at more than 2,700 clients such as ESPRIT, Werder Bremen, Tupperware Germany, EMSA, HRS hotel reservation service, the city of Munich, the German health insurance fund, the Basler insurance, the universal-investment-Gesellschaft or the University Hospital Tubingen. Board of d.velop AG is Christoph Pliete. Think factory groupcom GmbH Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat 6 D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 2233 6117-72 fax: + 49 2233 6117-71

Washington Mutual – True Story! The Prospect Of Several 100% Profit?

December 12, 2014


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\”\” \”Court decision on $4Mrd at the 04.03.2010 on September 25, 2008 Washington Mutual Bank, WMB\”, was by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. FDIC \”closed and a few hours later to JPMorgan Chase & co., JPM\” sold for 1.9 billion. All parties were happy, except for the creditors and shareholders of Washington Mutual Bank and Washington Mutual Inc, WMI\”, the parent company of WMB. The case became WMu case\”referred to. In March 2009 began an exciting process before the bankruptcy court in Delaware, with outgoings against JPM and FDIC. First court documents prove, WMB was not insolvent at the time of the intervention of the FDIC, according to the rules of the FDIC, capital ratios have been met. The Senator Cantwell, of Washington State, made recently folgdende statement: in WMu’s case, Cantwell said she tried on several occasions to get answers from former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair about how the government what handling WMu in the frantic days before the bank which closed in September 2008 at one point, she said, after Paulson didn’t return her phone calls, she cornered him before a congressional hearing to ask about the bank.

After she told him that WMu had adequate capital and liquitity, he hurriedly answered, \”I know all this.\” \”Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle) – by Kirsten grind translation: case on WMu\”, Cantwell said she tried to get multiple responses from former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair in what the Government considers dealing with WMu in the hectic days before the closure of the Bank in September 2008. At one point, she said, after Paulson replied not their calls, you drove him into a corner before a congressional hearing about the Bank. After she told him that WMu had has sufficient capital and liquidity, he hastily replied, \”I know it all.\” The establishment of the FDIC was and is: there was a loss of 16 billion from the Bank.

Cornelia Driesen Bremerhaven University Department

December 10, 2014


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Through the cooperation agreement to the transition from the top level in the course of transport engineering/logistics”Bremerhaven University of applied are regulated. For the Bremerhaven University of applied sciences examines the recognition of benefits of IT logistics company in the form of the Europe-wide recognised credits according to the ECTS (European credit transfer system). Because all modules can be taken individually, a targeted training of employees is possible. For staff development, this is a clear advantage, because with the various certificates, employees can be optimally prepared to new challenges in the field, and the company secures itself important know-how. The signing of this cooperation agreement efforts to a gear with a mandatory basis of vocational and academic education in the field of logistics”, says Hans-Jurgen Rauscher, CEO of wisoak. The previous separation no longer meets the requirements of the information and knowledge society of the 21st century. Glad to have found a competent partner of the Bremerhaven University of applied sciences.” A number of companies of the State of Bremen is involved in the development of new, part-time and modular training system for workers in the logistics sector in the context of a network, including $dbh logistiks IT AG (IT service provider); NTB North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven GmbH GmbH & co.; Hellmann worldwide logistics GmbH & co.

KG; BLG LOGISTICS GROUP AG & CO.KG; all-in-one GmbH (IT service provider); ITF Research GmbH (IT service provider) and the bfw occupational promotion work Bremen. From the second half of 2011, the modules for the training of logistics employees as part-time courses both in Bremen and Bremerhaven are offered several times. “For the participation to the base level specialist fast logistics” rich trades as a Office and retail merchant or other qualifications with logistics experience. For the intermediate level Operational logistics manager”accounts are required such as industrial clerk, businessman for wholesale and foreign trade, specialist for warehouse management or specialist. “The highest level of IT-logistics /-in” requires as a condition of entry, however, the merchant for freight forwarding and logistics services, the specialist merchant for purchasing and logistics, the master for inventory or the specialist for logistics services. Contact: Cornelia Driesen Bremerhaven University Department marketing and public relations phone 0471 4823-135 fax 0471 4823-131 E-Mail Dr. Thomas Gebel wisoak – economic and social Academy of the Bremen employees Chamber gGmbH marketing and public relations manager Bertha-von-Suttner str. 17 28207 Bremen 0421 / 4499888

Liquidity Improvement Through Quality-oriented Receivables Management

December 9, 2014


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The SME consultation Untersberg from Oberhausen informs the Receivables Management is one of the success factors of business organization and leadership. Starting from its long experience in this area, the Oberhausen SME consultancy gives valuable advice on the practical implementation of a quality-oriented Receivables Management. Timely billing claims should be necessarily after the delivery or service provision in Bill. Already a slightly negligent behaviour can have here pronounced adverse effects, as shown in the following example: while its cleanup a craft master came on delivery notes and timesheets in a total of 187,000. When he wanted to make this the appropriate customer, he noted to his horror, that his claims were barred. To avoid such, unfortunately real situations, to take care is that invoices are promptly produced and delivered. Also make sure that the customer Reminders only after receipt of invoice to give otherwise unprofessional is an entrepreneur and endangered its customer relationships.

The shortening of payment terms are payment terms shortened, this quickly increases the liquid assets of the entrepreneur. The acceleration of payment requires detailed information on customer relationships and successful negotiations with those customers, who benefit from particularly long payment targets at the expense of the company. New customers should be granted only brief payment periods. To achieve an acceleration of payment, it is often necessary to review the implementation of corresponding legislation by field staff and vendors. Immediate booking of incoming payments it should ensure that incoming payments are immediately recorded by the accounting department. This prevents organizational weaknesses, which customers are annoyed when the receivable reminds them of claims, which have been already settled. Creditworthiness of new customers mean more risk. Largely to prevent this, it is useful to obtain information on their creditworthiness and payment morality by default before conclusion of the contract. There are various appropriate focal points such as bank information, SchuFA or bureaus and Burgel, Creditreform, Schimmelpfeng.

Ontological Coaching

December 8, 2014


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Mujeresdeempresa. com presents an important question that leads to justify the importance of coaching and is: why coaching is so important today? It facilitates people to adapt to the changes of efficiently and effectively. It mobilizes core values and commitments of the human being. Renew the relations and makes effective communication in human systems. It stimulates people to producing unprecedented results.

It predisposes people for collaboration, teamwork, and consensus-building. Uncover the potential of people, allowing them to achieve goals that otherwise are considered unattainable what ontological coaching? Specifically, in this regard States: the ontological Coaching is a dynamic of transformation whereby persons and organizations reviewed, develop and optimize their ways of being being in the world. It is presented as a conversation that creates a new culture and not a technique within the underlying culture. Growth occurs in the domain if, through a transformational learning that question with respect traditional perceive and interpret, modes where people and teams disrupt their usual patterns of conduct and behavior, to begin to operate with greater creativity, in a process of ontological Coaching role and proactivity; generating emotional competencies, of doing, of thinking and communication. Ontological Coaching is a fundamentally liberating process of suffering and of the determinants beliefs that limit us. Connects us with our resources and our capacity to intervene, achieving greater well-being and effectiveness in achieving results that matter to us. Ontological Coaching develops the attitude and the aptitude to generate new ideas, to create new opportunities, to discover new meanings, to invent new ways, to find new connections, either at the individual level or social.

It is able to release seguro-conocido, to start a trip to the region not yet explored, to dare to design a future according to our concerns. Julio Olalla points out, that the ontological Coaching is a discipline that was created as an attempt to take charge of the paradoxes we have in today’s organizations. High effectiveness along with high doses of suffering; technical expertise along with working environments taken by mistrust; high resource and technological possibilities to face the future together with resignation. There’s no denying that able to identify us with the scope, benefits deriving from know how to optimally use the ontological coaching helps us not only to optimally use our capabilities, but to the team members that are part of the company give step to your skills, safety, knowledge that cooperate successfully with the established objectives and in their own personal growth. The highly competitive environment in the business world today requires individuals and companies more than ever a high-level performance and faster and it management can reach it if he knows how to handle properly ontological coaching.