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Hernan Echavarria

December 27, 2012


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Law 160 of 1994, in whose provisions is expected as one of its objectives the recomposition of the ownership structure, aims to achieve it through the market. Is time to thinking about innovative mechanisms as real to the bidders of latifundia incentives or mechanisms more radical as expropriation by administrative means or imposing high levies to large farming property (single point on which I agree with Hernan Echavarria olozaga), to prevent the land tenure with the only purpose of pretend status fatten it or safeguarding of high taxes on other activities. In the same way, we must start to question ourselves on the current reality of the agricultural credit, because it is very difficult to sustain the supplementary loan of lands at such rates of interest. Is must, too, reflect on the experience, in other latitudes, deliver the Earth, directly acquired by the State through summary proceedings, in quality of bailed the peasant to his family farm for a period of 15 or 20 years, which will get effective support to produce efficiently. After that time Yes give her the first choice of purchase or order the recovery for the State, in order to be given to another family. Or, at least, we must insist on a change in the conception of the subsidy for the purchase of lands replacing it with an approach of almost total subsidy to the overall cost of the initial project desired by the subject of reform. We could continue discussing many hours more because the subject returned to collect valid. And surely we are going to continue doing, because without general agreement on these issues, peace will not have a second opportunity on Earth.

Giorgio Armani

December 23, 2012


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Financial Street power suit, ARMANI watch men s classic business AR2440Giorgio Armani watch is a favorite of Wall Street, the men in order to have one while spending billions of dollars, ARMANI watch men s watch AR2440the classic business woman who is obsessed with its grace and elegance revealed in succinct style. She has been linked to the Giorgio Armani few letters is the image of elegant restraint, his clothes without being too rude or irregularities will not be too vulgar and ornate, ARMANI business classic men s watch AR2440in watch the classic elegance and casual romance between wander. Giorgio Armani s clothes with class and taste mean that not only expensive, but also conservation. In most cases, wear Armani is a status symbol, although this is a new economic was a respected ARMANI classic men s watch AR2440individual watch business freedom. Whether at any time, occasion, Giorgio Armani s clothing inappropriate or unpopular, many of the world’s top executives is a fancy Giorgio Armani self-creative style, and his followers.

Forums That Are Y By Which Are Essential For Las People Announce A Business In Line

December 21, 2012


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Well first of all, let’s define exactly what is a forum and so that you will be able to interact with what I will explain in this article. It is the simple definition of a forum is an online community with an open discussion that allows you to post questions or concerns about a specific topic. You can find online forums related to any topic under the Sun, so no matter what question you may have, because there is a forum out there with hundreds, if not thousands of members willing to give helpful hints and advice to questions that have do his life and decision making much easier. I can not emphasize this enough, especially if you’re new to the Internet and Internet marketing scene. Now, for the last segment of this article we focus on the forums that are essential for anyone who is considering starting an online business? Well, this is the main reason the forums are a great way for a market study that you are whereas the development of a product or service. Why what you ask? Simply because here is where people go there to send questions about a particular problem you are trying to and the rule of thumb is to create a product or service (no matter what type of product or service is) make sure that it solves a problem. This is the key ingredient to the success of your product or service. Seriously, take a look at all members post and note which are the most common concerns.

If you see a lot of concerns common, that means that there is potential for a product or service to be developed. To make this simple task that will save you time and more importantly money, since spent time and money to research and develop a product or service if there is no demand for it. Right? Do you see how this works? It is worth doing a bit of research. And research is the key ingredient to the success of a product or service and the forums are simply a great place to start, especially for people who are considering starting a business online. Now, having said that, we need to do now is find out what you like to do as a business online and draft a plan of business there. This is a very important step. Then, go to your favorite search engine and search some forums in the field of business your interests and become a member.

Take note of the main themes and notes in a notebook so you can look above them over later to see if there is some potential. (Remember, the most common threads) It is that simple. I sincerely hope that this article will help you and open your mind to the endless possibilities that await you in line. We all need answers and forums are simply the best place to get answers.

The Dawn

December 13, 2012


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Therefore, it is important that your product would have been similar to something already known. Such as a moped – a bicycle with a motor, the pedal is not necessary, he drives himself. Cyclists also know everything. If the buyer is willing to buy myself due to the advertising or promotion, close the deal. Sometimes, the seller thinks that he should come to pester people and to sell, and of course he has a problem.

And here it becomes clear that many sellers just don t know what to do, If you during the transaction asking yourself, what right soychas I should do and there is no response, the transaction will not be closed. What happens after each failed transaction – you are stuck in past failures, and certainly in this state, If you still see the area of sales, so all is not lost, or rather you have a hero, and in this tutorial, practical exercises to cope with it. PREPYTSTVIYChto as a barrier or an opponent in this game called sale? The first – or the lack of money or valuable goods (products and services). The transaction takes place, the goal will not be achieved unless there is money, such as another country or not is really worthy of a valuable product or service for buyer. Freedom, which you can provide the buyer is very important, you can always say that it is not necessarily something to buy. The customer has a choice, and you do it predostavlyaete.Vtoroe obstacle, if someone would interfere with our exchange, you might think it's the other vendors, such as policemen, when we want to sell on the subway or not the right place, and of various organs, and the dawn of were gangsters and racketeering.

Add Variety

December 7, 2012


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All seek to save time and money. Doing business with wholesalers of products will help you take your business with a variety of different articles, creating a special attraction for the customer. You’ll get incredible prices to wholesalers of products to work items in large quantities have the availability to offer. As well as to purchase multiple items in one place, minimize the time spent in supplying your business. You must decide if you prefer wholesalers of products focused on a single article or buy somewhere that provides varied merchandise. Buy in various places is a double-edged weapon.

I mean, if you buy at the wholesale somewhere that only is dedicated to an article, must obtain good special. Otherwise you may lose, since you will have to visit several places until completing its inventory. If you successfully buy all items for your business in one place, your profit will grow from the moment in which acquires mechanics since I would be saving time and money. Negotiate with wholesalers of various products is very convenient. It saves time; analyze that economizing time also it saves money. If you find wholesalers of specific products that offer great discounts then there much more than search.

The computation of profits speak for themselves. You calculate the cost entailed in getting goods in several places or in one place, we are offering discounts and benefits, advantages and services provide you with the various wholesalers of products. The advantages and services offered by the various wholesalers of products also have great weight in the final decision. Show the different offers to different wholesalers of products of the preliminary selection that did. Offer good prices, quality and original products attracts largest number of audience to your business. Before negotiating with any of the wholesalers of visited products get all the information possible. The Internet provides history of many wholesalers of products, worldwide. Inquire about details concerning the merchant with whom he negotiated, It is always recommended. Remember that your investment, your pocket and your company are those who will suffer the consequences of a bad decision. Communication between traders is also vital; both payment options and check means that duty to afford. If you feel it necessary to seek advice with other experienced traders to negotiate with wholesalers of products that help you make the best decision, success!