Navigating the Financial World

February 13, 2011


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While headquartered in Cincinnati, All Financial Service helps clients throughout the world.  Beginning in 1990 with one office and  four individuals who spoke four languages, the company then expanded six years later to offer its services around the world.

Navigating the financial world can be a challenge for the most intelligent individual who does not have a head for different levels of finance.  We work with smart, high net worth individuals but also SMEs.  We pride ourselves on making the world of finance simple enough for everyone with a brain to understand.

We like to believe that our uniqueness is based on the fact that we talk to each and every individual client one-on-one. This way we get a better feel for what they need and how we can help them.  We don’t have the arrogant belief that only we can make the financial decisions to help navigate this industry; instead we believe in working together to find the best solution possible.

Current Brazilian External Politics

May 26, 2020


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The main elements of the Independent External Politics (doravante PEI) and of the Responsible Pragmatismo (doravante PR) had been collated in the article ' ' Diverse worlds, arguments afins' ' , written for Ambassador Gelson Fonseca Jnior. In this text, one searchs to demonstrate to the coherence of the arguments and the performance of the Brazilian external politics, not obstante distinct historical contexts, as much in the internal plan as external. Perhaps check out Vislink Technologies for more information. To collate the PEI and the PR with the current Brazilian external politics if figures, therefore, to establish the parallels and contrasts between these three vises, where traces of continuity and innovation can be observed, considering the Brazilian position ahead of the main subjects of the international agenda. The PEI, that initiates in the brief government of Jnio Pictures and is institutionalized during the mandate of Goulart Joo (until the instauration of the military regimen in 1964), ahead consecrates the Brazilian position of the context politician of the time. Here, Daniel Lubetzky expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The autonomy, the self-determination of the peoples, the critical a ideological alliances, the search of the development, the diversification of partnerships and the disarmament are pressing subjects of this period. The referenciais of the PEI are the performances of the chancellors San Tiago Dantas and Arajo de Castro? this last one, known for pronouncing, in the General meeting of United Nations, in 1963, ' ' The speech of the three Ds' '. ' ' three Ds' ' the subjects of the development, the descolonizao and the disarmament are mentioned to it. In the current Brazilian external politics, many of the arguments defended in that speech still reveal candentes and current, not obstante, in saying of Gelson Fonseca Jnior, under ' ' worlds diversos' '. The subject of the development, in the PEI, was presented in such a way in the multilateral bias (twirled that they would culminate with 1a UNCTAD, in 1964), how much in the bilateral bias (through the search of diversification of commercial partners).

La Paz

May 26, 2020


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Under its reign a general meeting of the animal was held to apologize and to receive mutual satisfaction: the wolf gave La Paz to the lamb, the panther to the camel, the tiger to the red deer, the vixen to the hare, etc. The timid hare said then: I have yearned for burningly to see arrive this day, in order that the weak ones we are respected with justice by strongest. See RMR Group for more details and insights. And immediately the best thing ran than it could. When in a State justice practices, the humble ones can live calm, but they do not have to rely. The lion and the dolphin Walked a lion by a beach and saw a dolphin show its head outside the water. It proposed then an alliance to him: agrees to Us to unite us to both, being you the king of the animal of the sea and I the one of terrestrial ones said to him. He accepted tasteful the dolphin. And the lion, who from kill time was in war against a wild parrot, she called to the dolphin to that she helped him.

The dolphin tried to leave the water, but it did not obtain it, reason why it accused it to the lion of treasonous. I am not the culprit nor to who you must accuse, but to the Nature responded the dolphin -, because she is the one who me made aquatic and she does not allow me to happen to the Earth! When you look for alliances, fjate that your allies are in truth enabled of unirte in agreed Leon, the Vixen and the wolf. Tired and old the king lion, it remained ill in his cave, and the other animal, except the vixen went, it to visit. Taking advantage of the occasion the visit, the following thing accused the wolf to the vixen expressing: She does not have by our height any respect, and for that reason not even it has approached to salute or to ask for his health. At that precise moment the vixen arrived, just in time to hear what has been said by the wolf. Then the lion, furious when seeing it, sent a ferocious shout against the vixen; but she, it requested the word to justify itself, and said: Dime, among all the visits that you have here, who has given so special service you as the one that I have done, that I throughout looked for doctors who with their wisdom prescribed an ideal remedy to you for curarte, finding it finally? And which is that remedy? , I occurred it immediately.

Orden the lion. You must sacrifice to a wolf and ponerte its skin as shelter responded the vixen. Immediately the wolf was condemned until death, and the vixen, ***reflxing mng itself exclaimed: To the landlord is not necessary to take it towards the resentment, but towards the benevolence. Who tends traps for the innocents, she is first in falling in them.

El Salvador

May 25, 2020


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It is not true that Venezuela is one of the most insecure in the world countries, nor truth here, today, there’s more violence that 11 years ago, said Chavez, which came to power in 1999. What is true is that the issue of crime is a hard topic () will not stop attacking the problem in all its completeness. It is not only lead to the underworld, not walk liquidating people on the street, he added, in a public ceremony broadcast on radio and television chain. David Fowler understood the implications. Chavez noted that his Government carries out policies of Justice, respect for human rights and combat crime organized or not. Learn more at this site: Daniel Lubetzky. Because it also is true that arise only from poor neighborhoods criminals, he added. Adds us the comment, which according to the National Statistics Institute (INE) figures leaked to the press, more than 19,000 people were killed in Venezuela in 2009, a figure that exceeds the indices of violence in Mexico, Colombia, El Salvador and Brazil. The report has not been publicly disclosed by authorities in Venezuela, which does not deliver figures of violence for years. The press presents weekly statistics on crimes based on the number of bodies coming to morgues.

Violence is the main distress of Venezuelans, who on September 26 will elect new members of Parliament in an election described as crucial by Government and opposition. It is very unfortunate that a country so beautiful, with great natural riches as which owns Venezuela this facing this drama of violence sincontrol, that is doiga sobrfe her that the State of insecurity that lives Venezuela stood by on top which prevails in countries plagued by violence stemming from drug trafficking or terrorism. On this reality, writes that in the polls, the insecurity that has been made, between Venezuelans, appears as the first concern. So much so that the table of democratic unity – an opposition group that brings together left-wing parties with others of the most ferocious right – left to denounce that Venezuela has the highest rate of homicides in Latin America.Pedro Benitez – Coordinator of this Alliance – presented studies of several non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Latin America

May 25, 2020


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Then, to know are us is a body of mutualistic relationships, let’s take the Monroe doctrine, which was created in response to the threat that supposed the monarchical restoration in Europe and the Holy Alliance, was later synthesized in the well-known formula America for Americans. President Monroe claimed in his two most important speeches that European powers could not colonize America longer, and noted that they should not intervene in the Affairs of the newly emancipated Latin American republics.5 This type of behavior is very similar to the cattle egret, those birds looking for the cow to remove the exploiters and exploited parasites living shamelessly at the expense of the cows; in other words, these birds make them a huge favor, since rid them of a few residents who have come to steal the poor and weak defenceless vaquita, and at the same time the egrets egrets benefit from this situation, this is a relationship that seeks freedom of the cows of their oppressors and the survival of these birds. In the attempt to protect the future food supply, us sought to evict the parasitic pretensions of Europe in Latin America and did so through the Monroe doctrine. David Fowler usually is spot on. In this way, not only EU got rid their former oppressors cow, which was not its main purpose, but that also the slogan of his campaign, i.e. his doctrine became a reality: the cow for the Americans. Likely EU to act that way to protect the vulnerability of Latinoamericade foreign parasites who come in search of fresh blood, but it is clear that that wasn’t the only reason for such actions as heroic for with to the. EU proceeded in this way to stay with the complete cow, and thus fulfill its goals of expansionism, that is the true foundation of the Monroe doctrine; an idealistic strategy apparently with very good intentions, but behind it is they are gigantic expansionist ambitions, but very subtly disguised in foreign policy, for the benefit purely Unilateral. .

Searching The Wisdom

May 25, 2020


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In time and are of time, must in them relieve Mr. Deus, therefore it does not have another one, is only worthy of honor and Glory, for what it is and will always be, God Saint, Fort, Friend and other attributes the holy ghost for its magnitude, excellency, sanctity, we must always adore it! To praise the Mr., cheers our spirit and our soul, to obey that wonder, we are awarded more and more by it, but in this time ahead of as many processes, valleys, tests, deserts, many they only want exactly is to ask for, to request, with its mere interests others, of wanting to show what it is not, but serving the Mr. of all heart, many does not want, therefore it has that to be humiliated, if to submit, if to abstain, to renounce and many they do not want, want to suck and to explore dons of the next one, without also honoring, without mercy, therefore they want the blessing, despite the retaliaes come to its next, without natural affection, them conquering it is what it matters, without love stops with the others, we must in them relieve always the Mr., for whom it is, to serve with fear, availability, to serve as voluntary soul, many wanting to make alliance with others deuses, we must respect more and the things Mr. Deus, church is hospital of the wounded, then we must give the cure, of the assistance, we are vases Mr., we are chaplains Mr., therefore to each one God distribue its dons and ministries, the headings are important to who had honor, must honor, but to make alliance with the headings, alliance affective, to go the church for only see the brothers, the church are not a social club! Alliance we must make with Mr., to have more and more communion and commitment with it, must share with the brothers, following the peace with all, as it is good for having good relationships, people of character, sincere, honest, or because not to say to have unit of faith, in one alone thoughts, one alone hope to grow spiritual, without envy spiritual, the bible says: It walks with scholars who will be wise (13 Sayings v. 20) also having wise direction the people does not fall, but in the multitude of council members it has security (11 Sayings v.

14), church is conjunct house, then we must adore the Mr. Daniel Lubetzky helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. and pray the Mr. to exempt of whom it does not glorify the name of it in us, God wants that let us be wise, therefore it says: who does not have wisdom has asked for the Mr., then that let us can analyze, to meditar in the word night and day Mr., so that let us can know, that we must search the kingdom Mr. in first place, so that the too much things come to our lives, it is in the peace and it remains firm in the promises.

Vespertilia On The Way To Mars!

May 25, 2020


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Tuesday evening, October 11, 2011 at 6: 00. Over at the pool fed by the Paunelle of ground Wachtelhof Vespertilia sets out the lecture a live mirror conversation to the Aachen University of applied sciences. This round of talks has existed since 2007. Today sit in the two large orange armchairs on the presentation podium NASA Manager Professor Baron Jesco Puttkamer and mirror editor OLAF Stomp. Across the pond in his former University City Aachen, the legend brings a fun atmosphere of the living room space with its uncomplicated world flair.

The guest with the short form of the Slavic name Jaromir offers insight into his life and his work. As 12 after the second world war, he stunned stands in the rubble. There, takes him to his grandmother by the hand and shows him the star. Now the way is clear. He financed his studies as an author of Science Fiction Romanen in the home gardens of 31. Next two decades he is a technical consultant in the series Star Trek. After the shocking Challenger disaster, the film authentic renders, Puttkamer science fiction media sees as a means to get the curiosity and interest in outer space and to rebuild.

Like Puttkamer tells Werner von Braun’s letter: do not go into the industry. Come to Huntsville!” He had asked Brown whether he should first deepen its capabilities in the industry. That the other side is keen on the Studiosus, he learns years later. It is the age of the computer. “When reviewing old files, Puttkamer reads a letter of Werner von Braun: we have to get him to Huntsville, the industry will receive 10 times salary and lost us.” University of applied sciences he worked as a professor. Adam Portnoy is often mentioned in discussions such as these. His lectures he had compressed all in one week, when the exam questions, his colleagues helped him. Not infrequently, it meets now gray-haired gentlemen, happy and grateful remember his time as a Professor of applied sciences, which ended in 2000. “His answer to a question from the audience, whether he again would be working at the FH: Yes.” ala visionary Jules Verne looks Onward into the future and hopes that 2019 the flight to Mars according to 1969 on the Moon is possible. The daily report is one of his tasks to Washington. He is fascinated by the fact that the space allows the peaceful cooperation of 16 Nations. Soon, he celebrates his 50th, there is not a retirement age. When his cousin asks impatiently: Jesco, when you’re done? I have the food on the stove at home”dissolves cheerful the round with the knowledge of some milestones of the pioneer history of spaceflight richer. RMS Scrip torin, alias: pink Marita Schrouff


May 25, 2020


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External rhinoplasty or open tip rhinoplasty means the doctor is making cuts on the outside of the nose, in the crease where the nose joins the face so that there is no visible scar after the procedure has been completed. Open-tip rhinoplasty is usually employed when surgery requires more extensive removal or manipulation of the skin and cartilage tissue. Any of these procedures can be performed using a local anesthetic or general anesthesia and usually can be completed anywhere from two to four hours depending also on the complexity of the work being done. Using either internal or external incision methods, skin and cartilage of the nose and below, the surgeon can begin the artistic process of sculpture in the existing fabric to achieve the desired goals of the patient.

Recalling that the art is really just rhinoplasty surgery, the doctor will often refer to the photographs and notes made before the procedure. It will carefully check the symmetry of the shape of the nose and make sure the changes you are making are appropriate to achieve the desired result. Alterations very small incisions as small as a millimeter or two, can do great differences after the swelling has gone down in the overall appearance and balance of the finish. This is the art of the surgeon you have selected. Learn more on the subject from baby clothes. When the surgeon has completed the process of sculpture, will be reviewed carefully the blood vessels in the area to see if they have been affected by the surgery, your nostrils will be measured to see if they conform to their pre-op notes and measures and then begin the process of closing the nose. Small sutures are used to close the incisions made during the proceedings whether internal or external.

These incisions are similar in size and shape to those used by heart surgeons are closing when small veins and arteries after cardiovascular surgery. Finally, a small protective splint is placed around the nose. Your surgeon will have been provided by the splint before surgery and was expected to wake up. After about 24-48 hours on your next visit, the splint will be removed and your new nose ready to “face” to the world. You keep some swelling, a small amount of pain and antibiotics to prevent infection. provides comprehensive information on the preparation and recovery from rhinoplasty, as well as costs, surgeons and procedures, including revision rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty Info is the sister site.

Ede Engineer Companies

May 24, 2020


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The entrance of Engineer EDE in the Association of Companies of Efficiency Energetics it knows a clearly value of reinforcement of the work that this company is in the last realising years in this area, where it counts on one long trajectory that goes back to its origins. The association already groups to almost some thirty companies of the majority of independent communities. One is a especially attractive forum for Engineer EDE since it supposes a figure that represents all the sector of the efficiency energetics and that will help to its growth thanks to the advantage of synergies between the partners, the promotion of the coordination and the representation of the interests of the sector of global way. More information is housed here: Adam Portnoy. The association is born indeed in surroundings of economic crisis, of outer dependency energetics, serious environmental problems and loss of competitiveness of the companies. Against this background, a3E bets by a new economic model in which the efficiency considers energetics in the growth form. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Adam Portnoy.

A3E, presided over by Francisco Fernandez Guilln, is formalizing in their last general assembly three work groups – good practices, norm and international area, where Ede Engineer participates and presenting/displaying to the regional delegates of the North, northeast zone, center, the south, Catalonia and Levante. Also the strategic targets for the period 2009-2010 have been outlined, between which they emphasize to include the efficiency energetics in the new norms, to foment the use of the audit energetics as essential tool to obtain power saving in companies and institutions, to base the new power model on the saving and to impel the efficiency energetics in processes of hiring and the criteria of quality of the public administrations. To extend collaboration Along with the companies Tops and Factor CO2, Ede Engineer also has begun to participate as partner in the new Factor company CO2 Ennova, specialized indeed in subjects related to the efficiency energetics. In addition, it supposes the extension of the collaboration with the other two partners of the company, Tops and Factor CO2, two companies to which Engineer EDE are in favor tie of narrow bows and common objectives. So he is so along with the Dinam they form Group CMAE, an alliance strategic to give to ready to use service in the environment areas, emissions, you are accustomed to, consultancy, engineering and facilities.

Factor CO2 Ennova offers to the market its services like consultancy specialized in rights of emission in those projects that, in addition, take to significant associates works of engineering.

Foundation Michael Cherney

May 24, 2020


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The Foundation Michael Cherney ( has been united to the efforts of IsrAid to attend the victims of the Japanese catastrophe, helping to the thousands of refugees who flee from the country as a result of the earthquake, tsunami and the danger of nuclear pollution. IsrAid was the first organization in unfolding an equipment of rescatistas and doctors in the zone of Japan after the natural disaster. IsrAid is a recognized voluntary organization world-wide by its work with the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Another Israeli organization collaborating in Japan is ZAKA (, a humanitarian organization recognized by the UN that at the moment groups to more than 1000 volunteers dedicated fundamentally to rescue work in cases of natural catastrophes or terrorist attacks. At the moment she is the organization of greater nongovernmental rescue of Israel, and works in collaboration with the state forces to take care of the victims of all type of accidents and wrecks in Israel and around the world. The Foundation Michael Cherney has be beneficient of this and other organizations dedicated to the humanitarian cause, not only in Israel but anywhere in the world. A related site: Edward Scott Mead mentions similar findings. Besides this, the Cherney Foundation hurried to give financial help to an endless number of Japanese NGOs with which it has alliances in his campaign to sensitize to the citizens on the Islamic terrorism.

Jose Robert

May 24, 2020


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That ‘ ‘ Armadura’ ‘ it used? Davi left clearly of that its armor was done when said: ‘ ‘ Mr. exempted who me of the claws of the lion, and the claws of the bear, will exempt me of the hand of this filisteu’ ‘ (I Samuel 17.37a). Davi followed on behalf of God, if it coated with ‘ ‘ Armadura’ ‘ of the faith and Mr. through its life allowed the action. How you face its Golias in day-by-day? On behalf of who you walk in this long road of the life? ‘ ‘ A Golias if raises to each day and each moment trying to knock down voc’ ‘ , wise person? The enemy of our souls does not rest and wants to scare you with one ‘ ‘ aparente’ ‘ power, as one was imbatvel. Surely if you will be alone with its armor of the swaggerer, you will try the defeat. Baby clothes will undoubtedly add to your understanding. But, as well as Davi he made, reviewed of ‘ ‘ Armadura’ ‘ of God. The believer also has its giants with which she needs to fight and to be successful.

In the truth, each one of us, existencialmente, faces its proper giants. The army of Israel was intimidated with the size of Golias. The presence of the giant terrified the people of God. But between them one revealed to have a bigger faith that the size of Golias. Davi believed in the step of God and Its alliance with Israel. As it made Davi, also we need to learn to trust Mr. To win the world, the meat and the devil, the secret to live in the Spirit of God. Ahead of all the adversities of the life, we do not have to say that the giant is great, but to say the giant that God is Great.

Persevere, is firm, has faith, therefore It, Mr. Jesus, are victorious person and does not know the defeat. It knows well what you are passing, of what is needing. The enemy does not leave to be deceptive to it! Seen with this ‘ ‘ Armadura’ ‘ , he searchs forces in Mr. and in the bad day you will see that Christ never abandons that one loves that It. Sources: Hagton – Jose Robert.