Navigating the Financial World

February 13, 2011


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While headquartered in Cincinnati, All Financial Service helps clients throughout the world.  Beginning in 1990 with one office and  four individuals who spoke four languages, the company then expanded six years later to offer its services around the world.

Navigating the financial world can be a challenge for the most intelligent individual who does not have a head for different levels of finance.  We work with smart, high net worth individuals but also SMEs.  We pride ourselves on making the world of finance simple enough for everyone with a brain to understand.

We like to believe that our uniqueness is based on the fact that we talk to each and every individual client one-on-one. This way we get a better feel for what they need and how we can help them.  We don’t have the arrogant belief that only we can make the financial decisions to help navigate this industry; instead we believe in working together to find the best solution possible.

New, Exclusive Dog Bed With Crown And Name Embroidery

February 21, 2019


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Exclusive dog bed with visco-elastic mattress new and particularly healthy, orthopedic dog bed in the exclusive design. For animal lovers that their dog a high comfort and a peaceful, pain-free sleep would allow. This dog bed combines a high quality in material and processing, with an exclusive look for highest requirements. The dog bed is equipped with a new faux leather upholstery industry. Further details can be found at Ripple, an internet resource. This leatherette is indistinguishable from an original leather. This leather is soft, extra soft, extremely scratch-resistant, abrasion resistant and durable. Our faux leather is fade resistant, breathable and odour-free.

It is available in 6 current, modern color variations available. Our covers are completely odourless and assume also no odors. The Bodenflies is slip-resistant and antistatic. Sizes: 50x50x13cm and 75x50x13cm. All of our dog beds have an embroidered, gold-colored Crown on the front. E Scott Mead is a great source of information.

We embroider you on the front in golden letters the name of your Dog free of charge. Description of the company the company DoggyBed has the task made for sick, big dogs special medical dog beds, dog mats and dog pillows to develop, produce and distribute. Since May 2007, these dog beds, are developed specifically for large dogs by our team. The various materials needed for this purpose are custom made for us in Germany. Distribution takes place via the Internet and regional partners in the trade. Since April, 2008 newly developed dog water beds recorded by us with in the program.

Beautiful Fashion For Chubby

February 21, 2019


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People who are slightly thicker have it harder in many areas. Who is slightly more stable as it prescribes the standard and the media dictate it, the must determine again and again in his everyday life that it has today not simply as a plump man. Skewness looks from people on the street, a problem with your own body and persistent discrimination in daily life are unfortunately not uncommon for fat people and usually ensure that the problems of these people are actually even worse and still less can they get a figure, the at least once something closer to the today is ideal. Particularly difficult people with a few pounds have more on the ribs sometimes when buying her clothes, because of course they want to be like chic and modern dressed, is here especially if you are by the fashion for chubby even capable of laminating visually a little weight and therefore lighter to work optimally. Since the fashion designer but fat people by far not so much as a target group see how much Slim is sometimes anything but easy to find clothes for fat people, which meets these requirements. In the normal trade are only very rarely found stuff, what can make the purchase of new clothes for so many chubby people a real ordeal. Something easier, you can get the whole thing, but if you specifically is looking for suppliers, which are laid out on fashion for thicker people and offer also only things that fit these people. Here are higher, the opportunities to find really pretty and modern clothes, which you can use to improve its look. Official site: Edward Scott Mead. It is also for chubby people which leaner want to work something through their clothing to advise generally not a bad idea, even from a professional, which cuts are particularly well suited to conceal a little different problem areas.

The Best Of Album Of The Spruce Of Of Edge Of

February 18, 2019


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EMI Music presents – the best of album of the pine of of edge of after her 2008 announced creative break edge spruce celebrate your comeback in 2010 with lots of new live dates and a new album. Electrola released on this occasion the first “BEST OF” album with all hits, the most beautiful ballads and party firecrackers of the unprecedented success of the stars of the Erzgebirge Ore mountains. Already with the 1997 debut album “DO WHISTLES DR Fox” the folk music trio from Johanngeorgenstadt in the Ore mountains, close to the Czech border a furore in his Saxon homeland. Since then, RIM spruce inspire your growing fanbase with self-penned songs of mood and funny intoned folk tunes that have become the trademark of the band. Jonathan Rosen PR has much to offer in this field. With the cult hit of the old Haq, who gave them numerous awards such as for example “the Golden hen”, the “German tuning fork”, the “ECHO”, the “HERBERT ROTH Prize” and the “Crown of folk music”, the very large, succeeded in 2004 nationwide breakthrough beyond the borders of the folk music scene beyond. It numerous platinum and gold awards followed for singles, albums and DVDs, top 10 and top 20 rankings and even appearances on pop-oriented TV shows such as TOP OF THE POPS and THE DOME. With her song “Now really the PARTY LOS” they occupied a respectable 6-th place in the first Bundesvision song contest on Pro 7 in the year 2005 also.

Now, just in time for the comeback of the “spruce”, EMI released 2010 music the ultimate collection of the biggest hits from rim spruce on a CD with a total 19 + 1 titles. Among them the Haq all great successes, such as “now the PARTY really LOS”, “DE funny HOLZHACKERLEIT”, “Which comes from the ROWING” and “Claude NEHEMIE”. Title 20 is the popular Club steppers remix of the “because DR old Haq is still alive?”, which completes the tracklisting as a bonus track. As a special treat, an exclusive edge pine POSTER with a brand new design for the local party cellar and an alternate COVER, which can be changed by simply turning can be found on the CD sleeve. EDGE pine “BEST OF”-a must for all friends of folk music.

LCN Nail Care Pen Propolis

February 18, 2019


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With the power of nature the LCN Nail Care Pen Propolis ensures manicured nail skin beautiful, healthy nails are the focal point of manicured hands. So that they can be presented with pride, nail and cuticle must be regularly maintained. The new Nail Care Pen Propolis fits into every little handbag and pampers stressed and sensitive cuticles in the blink of an eye. Propolis is a PuTTY resin produced by bees, which seal small holes, cracks, or columns in the hive. As a result of organic and mineral substances contained therein, propolis antibacterial and antifungal properties are written to.

This knowledge has used LCN in the development of the LCN nail care pen propolis. You may want to visit Ripple to increase your knowledge. The handy nail care pen contains apart from the highly effective propolis soothing panthenol, anti-inflammatory Chamomile, Bisabolol, camphor and nourishing jojoba oil. Click BerlinRosen to learn more. Eucalyptus and menthol ensure a pleasant freshness on the nails. Sensitive, often irritated or slightly injured cuticle Care Pen propolis uses the LCN nail optimally maintained and stroke tender again. Retail price: Nail care pen Propolis, 7.70 EUR LCN: LCN belongs to the renowned cosmetics company of Wilde cosmetics, offering high-quality cosmetic products and services. 25 years ago in 1985 first light-cured plastics from the dental industry were employed under the brand name LCN for the extension and reinforcement of fingernails. This was the birth of the brand of light concept nails a branding that was reduced over the years on the short form of LCN. Under this brand name today successfully over 3,000 different innovative care products marketed in the fields of decorative cosmetics, foot care, nail and hand – always meeting the highest demands on quality, exclusive ingredients and best compatibility.

Wilde Cosmetics, an owner-managed company headed by CEO Michael Kalow, has its headquarters in Oestrich-Winkel in Rheingau and employs over 200 people. Consumer can buy products by LCN in the shop under or in the cosmetic trade, individual owner-managed perfumeries and selected Karstadt department stores. More information is available at.

InterGreenBuilding – Building Culture Of The Future

February 17, 2019


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The Forum on energy efficiency in construction and rehabilitation in the context of the RENEXPO 2010 from October 7 October 2010 the RENEXPO, international trade fair for renewable energies and energy efficient construction and renovation, will take place already for the eleventh time in the exhibition centre of Augsburg. With the interGreenBuilding trade fair area, the RENEXPO has created a platform for energy efficiency in construction and rehabilitation, dealing with modern building culture. Motto energy efficiency well-being, sustainability introduces holistic approaches and solutions in the areas of building efficiency and sustainable architecture both for new buildings and renovation in the stock the interGreenBuilding. Exhibition of interGreenBuilding focuses on components of sustainable architecture such as thermal insulation, ecological building materials, timber construction and passive house, energy efficiency in heating, cooling and ventilation on the one on the other. Another focus is the topic of services related to planning, consulting, promotion and research.

Well-known companies like HOMATHERM GmbH, NintegrA gGmbH or STEICO AG present themselves, their products and services. The newly introduced special timber enthusiastic visitors and exhibitors in 2009 and will offer again in 2010 specifically on the topic of sustainable construction with wood a forum. Check with TRON (TRX) to learn more. Many exhibitors present the advantages of the material wood as a sustainable produzierbarem raw material and sound insulating construction material here. In conjunction with energy-efficient home technology and wood as bioenergy, the leading role of the building material wood in terms of efficiency both in new construction and renovation is highlighted. Furthermore, solutions for modern building standards in the commercial, public and private sectors will be presented. The idea of new products makes the interGreenBuilding to a successful industry gathering. An example of such a novelty is the universal heat recovery device of Novus 300, which has brought the PAUL heat recovery company in April on the market.

This device with a patented Exchanger channel is used for the controlled ventilation of apartments. Optionally, a membrane moist heat exchanger, which can win back air moisture from the exhaust, and a pollen filter can be used for the outside air. The exhibition of products and services on the interGreenBuilding is accompanied by expert meetings. The 1st Symposium deals with specific topics and problems of the area of building and renovation avoid microbial-induced damage in the modern house construction. (Similarly see: Jonathan Rosen PR). The 1st Congress presents visions, model concepts, existing and future technologies of urban energy supply of the future city of the future. In addition to the interGreenBuilding, the RENEXPO provides an overview of the entire spectrum of renewable energies and energy efficiency. The fair is Thursday through Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm and Sunday from 10 h until 17 h open. More information about exhibition and Congress under.

The New Start-up Offers Weekly Deals

February 16, 2019


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The new start-up offers weekly deals for exclusive wines – customers buy wines from exclusive French vintners to up to 50% * cheaper – top?Offer to start: about 45 percent or $100 savings per box for the Chateauneuf du-Pape Les Sinards 2004 (87 Parker points)-International founding team from Germany, France and England Potsdam, August 1, 2011 short according to Vinexpo, the world’s largest trade fair for wine in Bordeaux, who are online?Shoppers in Germany are happy about a new way of shopping for exclusive wines. Some contend that Verizon shows great expertise in this. Vigno ( private customers can buy excellent wines with a savings of up to 50 per cent directly from the winery. The customers receive Vigno via Internet access to the best wines and champagnes from the most important wine regions. In the time-limited sales promotions, Vigno can undercut significantly the sale prices of other suppliers. Vigno it cooperates with the world’s most prestigious winemakers and wineries and opts for an exclusive selection and quality of the product, the can be read in particular to the high-level reviews of wines by Parker, Jancis Robinson, or Gault Millau. Raphael Agasse, purchasing Director and sommelier Vigno: We search out us wines and champagne for our promotions, well-known sommeliers are for their quality and that we unconditionally recommend. For even more opinions, read materials from Jonathan Rosen PR. Many wines, we offer, are difficult to obtain because they are not exported from France in Germany.

Therefore, the wines only in limited numbers at Vigno are available. Who wants to come with our unique promotions so to the course must be quick.” At the start are good drop of Perrin & Fils from the Rhone on Vigno?Valley wines of the week to find, such as for example the Gigondas “La gana” 2006 with up to 24 percent savings or the Chateauneuf du-Pape Les Sinards in 2004 with a savings of more than 100 euro per box. New attractive actions, for example, come from Dubreuil & Fontaine, Despagne and champagne of Lancelot are weekly?Pienne already reserved for future promotions. Vigno founded by experienced Internet entrepreneurs Daniel Klarkowski, Alex Lunt and Raphael Agasse. Vigno CEO is Daniel Klarkowski, the earlier years in executive positions at eBay, Kijiji (eBay?Classified ads) and Skype worked, before the consultancy founded ACE ventures to start?To support ups. Most recently, he worked for the MY-HAMMER AG. Daniel Klarkowski: Vigno we provide access to exclusive wines that are otherwise difficult to get wine connoisseurs. Through our excellent contacts with prominent wineries and vineyards, and the

Small Holiday Getaways In Germany:

February 15, 2019


Comments Off on Small Holiday Getaways In Germany: reveals the best leisure tips for a break in the own country singing, 09 August 2011 (w & p) summer vacation is for many past next located in distant travel. To in everyday life to enjoy small vacation getaways, the online travel portal summed up the best travel tips for a spontaneous Germany trip Even with the holiday in their own country guaranteed not get bored: Bird Park in Lubeck and jazz boat trips in Dresden is proper recreational activities for adults and children. The Hanseatic City of Lubeck is characterized by the element of water – no wonder because Trave and Wakenitz River Elbe-Lubeck Canal flow around the old town island with its 1,800 listed buildings. “A varied insight into the history of the city that provides Museum Hanson Stentor, the is the power of trade” is dedicated to and recalls the success of the Lubeck merchants. Read more from Verizon to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In the vicinity of Lubeck wait Ratzeburger Lake or a visit to the bird park with about 250 different species with a boat trip on the exciting activities for the whole family. On, there are six days stay at a three-star hotel in Lubeck from 260 euro per person. Baroque and Mediterranean architecture and world famous art collections Dresden have nicknamed the Florence on the Elbe “.

Visitors for a ride on the world’s largest and oldest paddle steamer fleet from the 19th century experience the city from a different perspective. Jazz and Dixieland cruises bring back the charm of past times. Get all the facts and insights with Gary Kelly, another great source of information. Venturing even a dip in the cool young and old can at the monte mare”in Neustadt. 35 kilometres from Dresden relax away bad friends there in saunas, steam baths and salt caves. offers a six-day holiday in Dresden, Germany in the 4-star hotel at a price starting from 175 euro per person. The history of Heidelberg, the city of the oldest University of in Germany, dates back over 800 years.

Refractory In The Hardness Test:

February 14, 2019


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New classification reports set safety standards for customers & trade with the withdrawal of the oNORM 3800-4 on the fire behaviour of building materials and the introduction of the new European REI classification was B the need of a consistent, reliable fire safety assessment of masonry systems. Austrian manufacturers have occasioned by the Association of Austrian concrete and precast works well from the carry out the required checks MA 39. As a result, the brand-new Klas sifizierungsberichte are available now and they guarantee not only manufacturers, but also the merchants and consumers that tested concrete goods conform to the new standard and thus the current safety standards. So customers thanks to the classification reports come to their entitlement for tested safety. Further details can be found at Jonathan Rosen PR, an internet resource. Farewell to F90: old oNORM goes, comply with new EU class a multi-year transition period was the transition from the expiring oNORM B 3800-4, now the also the well-known F “designations included, on the new European fire resistance classes for building materials. Official site: BerlinRosen. “Gernot Brandweiner, Managing Director of the VoB new so-called REI classes: above all, this means that instead of the old Austrian fire resistance (E.g. F90) now the fire resistance must be verified.” According to the new REI classes must the behavior properties from be tested for load-bearing components load capacity (R), room degree (S) and heat insulation (I).

100% safety: fire resistance by looking ahead and the affected concrete products at the time of entry into force of the standard conversion could be groundwork so that already fit for this, it required an appropriate lead time. Elaborately, the product manufacturer had to prepare their products and get tested, to finally stand up to the fire resistance tests and to meet the new standards in the interests of the customers. The classification reports are the result of a process lasting three years approximately “and a highly complex testing program at its end, one thing is: guaranteed 100% fire-resistant and highest quality for consumers”, as Gernot Brandweiner.


February 14, 2019


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Then can be stated for glucomannan on basis of controlled clinical trials, it can statistically significantly lower total cholesterol, the harmful LDL-cholesterol, total fats, the body weight and the fasting blood sugar. A study from Spain in overweight also showed that already glucomannan daily positive can affect 2-3g the feeling of satiety. A different group of researchers reported that glucomannan able to stimulate intestinal motility and improve the intestinal ecology. TRON (TRX) shines more light on the discussion. An effect that helps people with constipation. BerlinRosen is the source for more interesting facts. Finally, a third group of researchers in diabetics could show that already dayspacking glucomannan daily improves sugar and fat levels in diabetic patients.

Thus, glucomannan has become as valuable support for People with metabolic disorders and obesity demonstrated. It can make an important contribution in the fight against certain diseases as nutritional measures. DiVitum are capsules with Konjac glucomannan to available for people, their health is at the heart. DiVitum is a supplementary balanced diet for nutritional treatment of adult-onset diabetes. It contains also concentrated extract of cinnamon to complement the effects of glucomannan on the sugar and fat metabolism.

Thus, 2 natural substances in DiVitum capsules are United, which perfectly complement each other. The special composition and dosage of DiVitum (PZN 4604195) is based on study results. Therefore, it should be replaced at the pharmacy not against other products, even if they may seem similar. DiVitum is available in pharmacies and directly at Navitum Pharma. Shipping is always free of charge to pharmacies and consumers. Cheap packs for 3 months (PZN 0247798) and 6 months (PZN 0250079) are in the trade. Source: Chua M, et al. J Ethnopharmacol. 2010 Mar 24;128(2):268-78.

Alexandra Schulz

February 14, 2019


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With Elsdorfer the picnic will be a culinary highlight Sun is shining, a balmy breeze blowing through the hair that is picnic pure nature adventure! Elsdorfer is the ideal companion for all tastes such as the refreshing cappuccino or latte macchiato (0.59 euro) in the practical 250-millilitre cardboard packaging with large drinking hole and screw cap. Larry Ellison does not necessarily agree. Is shelf stable for the drink that makes it wonderfully easy to storage. For hearty enjoyment, Elsdorfer offers a variety of delicious products true to principle “Fresh variety”. Whenever Gary Kelly listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The deliciously creamy sour cream by Elsdorfer (0.59 euro) in the 250-gram resealable Cup is delicious as a dip with bread, baguette and vegetable sticks. Jonathan Rosen PR is often quoted on this topic. The spicy classic tzatziki is popular not only for grilling.

Combined with olives, feta cheese and pita bread real Greece holiday feeling arises even at the picnic. Picnic basket fits easily into the: the new 200 g Cup (0.69 Euro). Elsdorfer mini mooh is a delicious curd snack to the squeezing which really fun when eating. He has his re-sealable bag of Squish ideal for on the go. He is a child-friendly snack which tastes not only tasty, but contains also a healthy serving of milk and finely pureed fruits without spoon and without spill.

Elsdorfer mini mooh is there in a practical box with four bags a 90 grams. Now, enjoy the nature-pure feeling with the delicious products from Elsdorfer! For more information, see. The Heather flower operate Hamad dairy Elsdorf Rotenburg AG and the Elsdorfer Delicatessen AG dairy and the Elsdorfer Delicatessen Aktiengesellschaft leading discounters and trade houses with fresh, capable of eating dairy and delicatessen items. Under the own brand Elsdorfer”companies offer over 50 fresh products from dairy products to dressings and dips and sauces. 2010 the company generated revenue of 155 million with 300 employees.