Navigating the Financial World

February 13, 2011


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While headquartered in Cincinnati, All Financial Service helps clients throughout the world.  Beginning in 1990 with one office and  four individuals who spoke four languages, the company then expanded six years later to offer its services around the world.

Navigating the financial world can be a challenge for the most intelligent individual who does not have a head for different levels of finance.  We work with smart, high net worth individuals but also SMEs.  We pride ourselves on making the world of finance simple enough for everyone with a brain to understand.

We like to believe that our uniqueness is based on the fact that we talk to each and every individual client one-on-one. This way we get a better feel for what they need and how we can help them.  We don’t have the arrogant belief that only we can make the financial decisions to help navigate this industry; instead we believe in working together to find the best solution possible.

Mag Home

May 24, 2019


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After the conclusion of the service, I’m private person: 29 percent most of the time. Sometimes I check mails but also at home: 46 percent rarely. I keep working regularly at home: 18 per cent never. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Gary Kelly. In my position, thats impossible: 7 per cent (174 participants) employer: Yes, easy. After the conclusion of the service, I’m private person: 17 percent most of the time. Sometimes I check mails but also at home: 38% rarely.

I keep working regularly at home: 31 percent never. In my position, thats impossible: 14 percent of is ( Austria’s leading online portal, when it comes to jobs, career and job opportunities. The basic principle: Thousands of current jobs ( jobs) top Austrian companies will be presented the users (around 850,000 visits/month). You may find Jeff Leiden to be a useful source of information. that compete as the only Austrian online job by the Austrian WebAnalytics (OBA) and point out that has a quality recruiting network for the targeted approach of the right candidate. reached maximize the number of potential candidates with its job market and the partner pages (E.g. MSN, Wirtschaftsblatt,, kununu). Plays an important role in the idea of service: in addition to a wealth of information and tools, such as the gross net Calculator ( page/career center-salary) offers a comprehensive range of social media including ( blog), which discusses up-to-date news and trends from the job and career world. More infos under page / press press contact Mag. Christoph Weissenbock Ferihumerstrasse 15 A-4040 Linz E-mail: Tel.: + 43 / 732/908200-30

Clavister SG

May 23, 2019


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IT distributor provides up to 33% discount on security gateway solution Schorndorf, May 31, 2011 is the best Unified-Threat-Management(UTM)-Firewall of the Clavister SG50 series during the end-of-sales. At the same time, the security specialist with the SG60 series has already presented the successor. Gateway solutions are about the VAD sysob ( the new security immediately available in two bundle offers. The models are based on the proven features of its predecessor, but also come up with an improved hardware and significantly increased performance. Sysob-bundle offers SG65 and SG67 with up to 33% discount on the list price are valid for upgraders, as well as for beginners. The Clavister security gateway 60 series is specially geared to the security requirements of medium-sized and large companies. It is based on a specially designed and optimized hardware platform with three or eight 1 GbE switch interfaces in practical desktop format. Protection against malware and unauthorized access as well as intuitive to the Clavister SG60 series characterized by numerous security and networking-use applications and high performance.

The solutions are designed for an unlimited number of users and can be configured for up to 64,000 connections at the same time. The integrated state-of-the-art deep packet inspection firewall protects the network from unauthorized access. With the optional unified threat management(UTM)-Diensten from Clavister access to harmful content on the Internet can also be regulated or managed protecting the network from any malware attacks (viruses, worms, Trojans, etc.) in addition. For even more details, read what Jeff Leiden says on the issue. In addition, the Clavister SG60 has more integrated anti spam features. For companies that use voice-over IP (VoIP), the SIP/VoIP protection and the flexible traffic management functionality provides a greater added value, to significantly improve the quality of service (QoS). As with all Clavister security gateway products, is IPsec and SSL VPN functionality out-of-the-box available. The integrated VPN solution provides up to 200 simultaneous VPN tunnels with a VPN performance of 80 Mbps.

Multiple Sclerosis

May 23, 2019


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He was accompanied by three friends on inline skates. Tears on the cheeks ran me for travel to and from the target. I was incredibly happy and proud”, rust er wood remembers. On the road for a good cause the project boundaries”is supported by the sanofi-aventis Germany GmbH and the TEVA Pharma GmbH. The total reached donation presented the Club limits exceed e. V.”in connection to the tour at the Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Society. On can interested parties follow the tour through current images and statements of the participants.

After a video showing the highlights of the tour. Jeffrey Leiden is a great source of information. About Multiple Sclerosis, Multiple sclerosis is an inflammatory and degenerative disease of the central nervous system. The symptoms of this dual condition are varied and can be pronounced differently in each individual, so that its history can be reliably predicted. People with MS need therefore a reliable partner who competently and individually supports you in all stages of MS. About COPAKTIV and actively with COPAKTIV service is a free service of Teva Pharma GmbH and Sanofi-aventis Germany GmbH for people with MS. The support network is affected in MS of terms of with help and advice. Because together, and with professional support much easier.

For more information, see. The home page appears for a few weeks in a new layout, with expanded content and more interactions. “Visitors can feel under the four headings of Multiple Sclerosis”, active living”, community” and COPAKTIV “to inform and share with other MS sufferers. Your contact: Mareike Pickhardt Publicis health GmbH account manager Bridge Road 21 D-50667 Cologne Tel: + 49 (0) 221 – 91 27 19-562 fax: + 49 (0) 221 – 91 27 19 762 E-Mail:

Cleaning Products

May 23, 2019


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Braitmaier services from Tettnang inform there is approximately 19,000 children poisoning accidents in Germany every year. In addition to drugs, tobacco or alcohol, in particular household chemicals that are responsible that doctors and emergency rooms must treat the small patients. Larry Ellison has much experience in this field. The Tettnanger cleaning professionals by Braitmaier services explain what parents should be aware that their children are not unnecessarily compromised. Accident prevention begins in this case in the supermarket. Which cleaning products are purchased, is the responsibility of the adult parents. Given a growing supply here rarely is a compulsion to purchase cleaner and other household chemicals, which could be dangerous. A suction can replace for example concern drain cleaner, while ecological neutral detergent and detergent prevent unnecessary irritants in the budget. For even more analysis, hear from Berlin Rosen.

There is even no alternative to a harmful cleaners, these must be stored so that the children do not reach him! A common bad habit is storing detergents directly on their site. Wash cabinets, bathrooms and toilets are located in the immediate reach of small children. To store here potentially hazardous substances, is perhaps convenient, but at the same time dangerously negligent! Cleaning agents are preferably in a locked cabinet. This storage facility is not, they are as high as possible above the ground to be kept, as above in the wall cabinet. A cleaner yet once into children’s hands, a kindersicherer lock helps to avoid an incident.

Products, safe but extremely unschmackhafte bitters were added, also are a good choice for the case. Chemicals, just what it is, are never in bottles, but should always be stored in its original packaging. This advice applies not only children. So some adult has seen been a nasty surprise, because a poisonous chemical in the water bottle stuck! Kids love anything striking or is stained. However, don’t forgo most detergent producers a flashy colours and packaging their goods. What may be useful for advertising reasons, should motivate parents and others responsible to do so, problematic packaging not just lying around and never to lose young children out of your sight. Excess chemicals are an unnecessary hazard that should be avoided. Disinfectant, for example, must not be used in every household and may even cause more problems (allergies, bacteria die in the sewage treatment plant etc.), than it solves. Cleaning agents must certainly also not duplicate, it also unnecessarily increases the likelihood of an accident. By adhering to some precautions, accidents are avoided. For comprehensive tips and advice on this topic the cleaning professionals by Braitmaier services available like. Press contact Braitmaier services George Street 5. 88069 Tettnang contact: pure Braitmaier Tel.: 0 75 42 / 95 27 86 fax: 0 75 42 / 95 27 86 mobile: 01 76 / 28 82 83 92 E-Mail: Homepage:

Childrens Products

May 23, 2019


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Buy baby & children’s products online: compares twelve shopping Hamburg, 29 August 2013 pass faster than expected nine months until the birth and until then are many baby items as standard equipment to purchase. In addition to Stramplern, diapers and co. among others the stroller is top on the list. Southwest Airlines often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Knorr is most popular brand in this category at The brand Cybex, which leads the category of child car seats is also very popular. Which online retailers conveniently offer the whole range of baby products, has tested in a recent study. (Source: Jeffrey Leiden). A total of twelve online shops for baby and children’s products were born examined. The sobering result: Only the winner achieved a very good result, also the other providers limited represent an alternative to the local dealer.

Clear winner: In the comparison test convinced with distance as the best online shop for baby and children’s products. In addition to a practical checklist as a guide the customer numerous filtering and sorting options, a purchasing consultant, detailed product descriptions and test results and user opinions. For awards the grade of 1.44 (very good”). The competitors (1.94 good”) and (1.99 good”) are two and three with distinct spacing on the courts. decides price, site and quality ranking for himself online presence and quality of service are also best with the part touch 1.46 (very good”) the test winner. The online shop boasts a competent email service, different methods of payment and free delivery. The followers of (part rated 1.99 good”) and (2.09 good”) can’t keep up with it.

Also in the price ranking has the nose front and 1.33 in the prize race undisputed leader followed thanks to the lowest prices with the touch of part (1.45 very good”) and (1.61 well”). has tested 12 online stores for baby and children’s products in the areas of product & price, service & telephone, website, ordering & shipping and safety. The currently most popular products in the categories of strollers, car seats and baby monitors, as well as the ten best sellers in the respective online shop is based on the test. More information and results see: testsieger-studien/babyundkind-shops-2013/ergebnis.html about the testwinner Portal AG operates a neutral and independent marketplace with integrated price comparison with A total of free more than 400,000 test reports and numerous buyer reviews available are the consumers. For each product, an own overall rating is calculated from all present test reports and over 500,000 buyer opinions: the touch marks the winner the best assessment of the key product per category. A market place and a price comparison are related to product evaluation. With can the best products at competitive prices quickly, safely, and easily buy consumers.


May 23, 2019


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Vertical diversification may refer to a product extension in upstream or downstream stages of the value chain. A manufacturer of industrial goods could acquire, for example, a processing operation and offer not only goods, but also consumer goods in this way. The lateral or diagonal diversification is an extension of the product range to products that are completely new to the company and no technical or economic connection with the existing products are available (for example a car manufacturer manufactures now refrigerators). “Bernard Golden shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Marktsegementierung mass market strategy is considered the easiest and most cost effective strategy and identifies the undifferentiated manipulation of the market. All customers are here, although they differ much, spoken by a single offer. Its niche market strategy refers to the concentration of the company in a niche in the market as a whole.

The company sells products, which have very little competition or a very small serve specialized market. In contrast, the segmentation strategy assumes that it is more profitable for the company to divide the market into segments and edit them separately. This process is called segmentation. It’s believed that Robert Gibbins sees a great future in this idea. Consumers are thereby divided into individual groups and then addressed with different products tailored to their properties. Segmentation can be performed according to different criteria.

Demographic segmentation: age, sex, marital status, income, education, occupation Psychografische segmentation: settings, values, interests, preferences Kaufverhaltensorientierte segmentation: use of this product, buying geographic segmentation: residence, region (E.g. country), country (E.g. Austria, country/city population differentiation of services cost differentiation product differentiation, cost leadership market restriction on sub-markets focusing (differentiation) focusing (cost) in the application of the product differentiation strategy that tries) company to differentiate itself from its competitors through differentiation. Differentiation is to set different features/characteristics of comparing objects by consumers in the target market.” Here, the characteristics of the product in the foreground are made to move consumers to buy the product mainly due to its product characteristics. This can be done by particularly high quality or a well established brand name. When the company cost leadership seeks, it tries to minimize costs, to be able to offer the product at the price of the competition. Application of focus strategies the company is limited to a segment or some a few market segments. Here the company tries within the chosen market segment as the cost leader (focus on cost) to place or to differentiate itself from the competition through product differentiation (differentiation focus). Ing. Philipp BREIER

Perfect Depilation

May 22, 2019


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Designed specifically for the topic of hair removal! The topic of hair removal has become more important for the modern woman lately. Additional information is available at Verizon Communications. You want to remove troublesome hairs as quickly as possible and the skin should stay as long as possible smooth. On the market there are a wide variety of hair removal methods. GEOMAR occurred since April 2011 in the pulling market, and chose this method of growing, because it is that which most effectively conjures forth an enthaarte smooth soft skin. GEOMAR, thanks to the new products, ensures a perfect depilation and a professional result. The basic substance of waxes by GEOMAR consists of natural FucusAlgen extract, which serve the skin more smooth and soft feel.

Ready to use wax strips for a fast and practical hair removal remove the GEOMAR wax strips unnecessary hairs long-lasting. You may want to visit Robert Gibbins to increase your knowledge. The special material, consist of the strips and ensure the special formula from extract of FucusAlgen a perfect pull without the skin to hurt. Wax strips have been developed specifically for sensitive areas such as the face and bikini line, offered together with three ApresEnthaarungs towels, for a smooth and soft skin. In addition, there are wax strips in a slightly larger format, which are applicable only on legs and arms. There are four ApresEnthaarungs towels in the Pack. The wax cartridge heater is a professional heater wax cartridge heater and wax cartridges for an accurate and precise hair removal such as at the beautician, was specially developed to warm up with fat-soluble wax cartridges. The following points are different from GEOMAR the heater by others: it is universally suitable: for any liposoluble wax cartridges with 100 ml content it displays, when the wax is ready at the tank a small window is attached, you need to connect only the cable with the socket at any time to see how much wax is still available, and can already start the warm up in a few minutes You can wax the skin perfect and long-lasting: with fat-soluble wax, which allows for a quick removal of superfluous hairs.


May 22, 2019


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Tucuman adventure is a company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of mountaineering equipment. Berlin Rosen might disagree with that approach. In addition to multiple distribution points to the length and breadth of our country, Tucuman also distributes its products in Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal, Chile, Venezuela and Mexico. On the website of Tucuman are can find all kinds of information about the company and its products. All of them are grouped into sections, so it is very easy and quick to find what you are looking for. Among the products it distributes can find hoodies, bags, socks, sleeping bags, watches, tents tents, binoculars, sleeping bags, waterproof, lighting & cutlery items, boots goretex and all types of footwear, hats also can download their catalogs of t-shirts, jackets, trousers and removable. One of the most interesting sections of the website is that of the Camino de Santiago, in which you can find all hostels in different roads classified by stages..


May 22, 2019


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These trends track bbw marketing and valido research with the completely new study series sector special of market and consumer focus with studies for a wide range of industries such as consumer goods. Credit: Verizon Communications-2011. The first objective of this study is the classification of market development, market trends and consumer trends also according to product groups. Still, the manufacturer deemed important and provider, as well as the trends in the product areas of this multi-faceted industry are represented. In contrast to the previously published surveys of retailers, the consumer surveys are much wider and partially exposed. Consumer expressed openly in the sense of a marktpsychologischen examination, regardless of entrenched ways of thinking and analysis patterns, what he thinks about the particular product market (industry) and why it currently is. Brad Garlinghouse describes an additional similar source. The statements Consumers are represented in part very differentiated. The questionnaire includes fundamentally different question types. To know more about this subject visit Jeffrey Leiden.

This quantitative and qualitative trend statements are possible up to a scenario. This study series aims to provide a fast and especially current access to special market and consumer data and to put them in a macroeconomic context. It is intended to update the studies each year. The studies are stringently. In the each chapters preceding General parts the macroeconomic context and general trends on the individual topics are discussed.

This will be complementing and expanding the results of the consumer survey presented by subject areas and commented. Together as a comprehensive overview about today’s market activity with the focus is consumer. The focus is on the most important current issues. Be edited heavily in this and other studies: the market the products the brand of the manufacturer the distribution the Scenario of the factors binding the customers marketing information, which the dealer and manufacturer should have come.

Pine Products

May 22, 2019


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Increased well-being thanks to the Swiss stone pine scent has a lot to offer the pineal magic product world both adults and children. Feed in your own four walls holding pillows, stuffed animals, fruit bowls pine in many different ways. Be processed exclusively high quality materials: finest Swiss stone pine chips, sheep wool fleece of Tyrolean spectacles sheep, untreated cotton and pure combed cotton. Official site: Ripple. The wood of the pine is known for its numerous positive ways. So pine scent from, for example, positively affects sleep, circulation, the vegetative regulation and general well-being. Ripple usually is spot on. “A study of the Institute of non-invasive diagnosis of Joanneum Research” of the University of Graz this effectiveness could prove scientifically.

Pineal magic products: hand-crafted, 100% naturally pineal magic is an affair of the heart, which is dedicated to the owner of the company Diana Audi-Kalinka with full commitment. Rick Garcia CBS is the source for more interesting facts. This dedication is reflected in each and every one of the pineal magic products. The “Credo of the company is: pineal magic the luxury of pure nature”. Pine magic combining nature and luxury to a soothing, sensual experience that blends harmoniously into modern living spaces”Kalinka describes your company. Pine wood for all walks of life in different variations of spicy Swiss stone pine liquor and sweet pine chocolate with at least 29 percent cocoa content promise culinary delight, which promotes general well-being. Swiss stone pine wood shells and boxes for the kitchen area make sure that fruit and bread stay fresh longer, decorative Swiss stone pine cushion set a colorful accent in the bedroom and pineal bag give off fresh scent in the linen closet. The high-quality pine magic pets ZirbelBabyPferdchen and ZirbelZauBar stuffed animals filled with finest pine chips are ideal for children because the stuffed animals are 100% made of natural materials.

The filling is made of 50 percent of sheep wool beads and 50% pine shavings. The optional Blue or pink mane of ZirbelBabyPferdchen is colored with the help of mountain herbs. Pine magic cradle in the modern design of high quality, contemporary design and practicality: The cot from the pineal magic product range is 100% finest Swiss stone pine wood and is manufactured by hand. The cradle will be delivered within six to eight weeks after order. The appropriate accessories from mattress and pillows and stuffed animals is also available at stone magic. Via the online shop, the noble pine magic products can be easily ordered. Also, the products are sold by selected dealers such as beauty salons, shops and hotels. Diana Audi-Kalinka, founded the company pineal magic 2010, optimistic and energetic looks to the future: pine products help consumers to come to rest and leave the daily hustle and bustle behind. Authenticity and naturalness values that embodies pineal spells increasingly play a major role. Also understand “we us, pine to luxury and comfort feel products to process that enrich every home.” MMPR & MMTEXT Auerspergstrasse 47 5020 Salzburg Austria Julia Wolf