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October 21, 2019


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Please put one above the other, placing the material harder and less flexible at the top. Save socks (socks) on shoes and / or corners of the suitcase, plus additional pockets available. Underwear place it in plastic bags, cloth bags that sell for this or in the pockets of the side that usually have a few suitcases. Click Gary Kelly to learn more. Accommodate each pair of shoes so heels are aligned so that the heel of one is in the fingers rather than another. You might consider wrapping each pair of shoes in different bags and place them on the edges of the bags. Pack only those things necessary, such as toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup base, medicines and other important elements. In relation to perfume, it only takes a travel size or sample, and preferably be spray (spray), you can consider scented cream to apply on your skin.

Before you put things in the suitcase, put them on the bed in groups so you can see what you’re going to organize in the suitcase, and you can check with your inventory list. If you do not have enough space in your bag, then place the shoes in another, but if you reach space, put them in plastic bags and in the corners of the suitcase.