Yerse Fashion The Gentle Fashion Revolution!

March 12, 2019


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sensitive designer casual wear, Yerse fashion barcelona Barcelona urban city with an international flair, distinctive and unique – just like the fashion label YERSE, which the global urban look redefined has. Sensitive designer casual fashion! , to see the designers of YERSE the new challenge in the future. “We need to pay more attention to the environment, using natural materials, are handled gently and we want to especially follow our Codex provide clear ethical guidelines that we ask our producers and in particular of workers and their working conditions, as well as the quality of the production process.” This obligation includes the absolute prohibition of the use of child labour “, so the makers of YERSE. YERSE collection offers different themes which can be optimally combine the trading. (Not to be confused with Gary Kelly!). Casual cuts, great qualities of natural materials make YERSE causal to sensitive designer fashion for the fashion-conscious women. YERSE shows her new collection in time for the new PREMIUM trade fair in 03.07.09, Berlin from 01.07 – the collections in showrooms will be dannch be seen. White room shows exclusively for Baden – Wurttemberg of the new SS 10 YERSE collection of the July in the show room of Sindelfingen. White room modeagentur ramona heyme hdm exquisitely 316 mahentalstr.. Add to your understanding with Jonathan Rosen PR.